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11/11 Gateway

By on November 20, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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11/11 Gateway

by Ostariena,
Guest writers,

The Angels had been telling, without mentioning made me feel, what the Gateway of 11/11 would bring. Some will receive certain minor tweaks in their light body through the Spinal Cord, the Crown Chakra will get new Expansion and the Powerhouse of the Solar Plexus will be Amplified.

What it is all about? Let’s begin!

The Spinal Cord is not only a useful component of your physical body, but the 33 vertebras also act like a cosmic energy antenna, each of them are linked to a sound, a frequency in itself that is liken to a musical note which mostly have been called a higher octave of energy. This new sound/energy can download itself through our spinal cord; we would receive some minor tweaks throughout our spine as we are getting fine-tuned like a musical instrument so that we could finally be ready to vibrate on a higher frequencies stream. We will welcome more light within us, having a lighter physical body that will be more crystalline in its essence than carbon based. Each vertebra is linked to an emotion, if your spinal cord hurts in some place, then it’s telling you that there’s something resurfacing that haven’t been yet healed. It will ask you to look within and connect through your cosmic antenna, the more energies we will be able to handle, the more vertebrae will be aligned vertically, which could trigger Soul Memory Banks to open, or Chakras Shake-up or simply deep emotional emergence.

This is where the Crown Expansion comes forth, as it blooms like a flower, or like how I see in visions which looks like a gigantic cosmic cup that’s pouring a lot of white-lilac light downwards, which can be expressed through the physical body as strong headaches. It’s also doing minor tweaks within your brain synapses as new current of energies are getting downloaded through your Crown Chakra, it’s being upgraded to be in alignment with a portal that being directed at us from Sirius. This would allow you to get very vibrant dreams, more powerful meditations but also be able to get a better sense of Clairvoyance as new Soul Memories will be unlocked. It would then be accessible to all that would be in accordance with your highest good. As always, your Guides, the Angels and your Higher Self watching over you knowing exactly what it is you can handle. They’ve got your back.

The Solar Plexus Chakra signal will be amplified; it’s your core center of power. It is like having your own SUN as it holds the knowledge of which Cosmic Rays your soul serve, what your Galactic Cosmic Origins are and also holds many memories that belong to past lifetimes or alternate realities which is deeply connected with the Womb/Hara Center. Many think that Chakras are just wheels of energies or useless, but within these you can find your powerhouse, the fire from which your Soul is coming from and also your cosmic memories that are deeply embedded within each and every one of them. My Higher Consciousness shared with me Ancient Mystery School Teachings throughout the years, and she told me once that if you aligned your Spinal Cord with your Chakras System, meaning both vertically aligned as One, then you open yourself to channel what we call Stellar Energies.

This brings outstanding enlightenment, but also illuminates the light body in such graceful light that it activates within your very core the dormant Stellar Energies. Yet, this process is complex and shall be under the guidance of Guides or Higher Self because if you absorb too much stellar light in the physical temple that is not ready for this initiation, it can be felt as a real shock. Fortunately, the good news is that this mastery would be taught only to the reincarnated Higher Priestess that is still devoted to fulfilling their soul mission to serve the Earth. The training would be allowed to be transmitted during dream time or through Clairvoyant visions, each soul is on a different level of awareness therefore the process could take many months or years to understand, always depending on what the soul can handle in this now.

Exciting time is in store for us all!

Enjoy this process and don’t forget to allow yourself to rest, to surrender to what may resurface and to get the nap you needed when your body ask for it. This is the time of very great and challenging energies that will push us to our very limit but remember, this is what we had signed up for.

About the authors: Ostariena (Aiena & Ostarel) is in a divine professional partnership since 2014, as Kindred Souls, they have a golden link that bonds them together. They are a team that offers a unique combination of Spiritual Insight, Intuitive Healing, Clairvoyance, Claircognizance, Clairaudience and Inner Guidance to provide you with the highest possible direction to reach Empowerment. They are Soul Guides that had helped countless others to find their own inner callings. ( &

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