2012 The TRUTH You're NOT being TOLD The clock runs out Sep 25th 2011

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2012 The TRUTH You're NOT being TOLD The clock runs out Sep 25th 20112012 The TRUTH You're NOT being TOLD The clock runs out Sep 25th 2011

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December 21 2012 or sooner? Yes much sooner, the clock runs out September 25th THIS YEAR. The truth the governments of the world are keeping from you. This seminar presented by Alex Retrov and Krystal Alexander-Hille will wake you up to the truth behind the 2012 doomsday prophecy. According to Retrov, the Mayan calendar end date of December 21st 2012 is a fake date created by the 'Illuminati' to catch us completely unprepared for the horrific events to come in September THIS YEAR . The clock runs out this year, NOT December 21, 2012. See the overwhelming evidence for yourself!

in5d commentary:

For the record, I think this guy if full of BS. I believe we're being protected by our galactic friends who won't allow a global cataclysm to occur. This is my belief, so use your own discernment. While I do firmly believe that we will take a step backwards before we take a huge leap forwards, this will also involve a period of time where things may get a little uncomfortable. Be sure to have plenty of fresh water and a 3+ month supply of food, just in case.

As for the idea of relocating, that's your decision as well. I live near the Gulf of Mexico and do not plan on going anywhere. I don't fear death. If a cataclysm takes my life, then I get to come back as a crystal child and will pick up where I left off, but with many more abilites! Besides, who really wants to live in a post-cataclysmic society? I don't!!! In the meanwhile, be at peace, help your neighbors and love everyone.

It's also quite possible that none of this will manifest, due to different timelines. Either way, there's nothing to worry about because we truly are spiritual beings having a human experience so enjoy the ride!

Remember this: we CHOSE to be here at this point in time. Some amazing things are in store for us. Stay tuned to in5d for more.

In Lak'ech,


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