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21 Essential Angels Of The Highest Angelic Realm

By on May 10, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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21 Essential Angels Of The Highest Angelic Realm

Do you have a guardian angel who looks out for you?  Did you know there are MANY types of angels in the angelic realms?

by Rosie Neal,
Contributing Writer,

On both occasions that I physically passed and went to the angel realm, I observed many types of angelic’s. Today I will speak of the angel’s.

There are more types of angel’s than we ever were told. Each carry their own specific frequency and light. Each group can vary vastly for the next in size, shape, and color.

Second, they did not have actual wings but they had a divine angelic bright and powerful aura which could be if seen thought of as wings by way of perception.

I’m going to list 21 Essential Angels that sit to the right hand of god to be called on when you know no other place to turn to turn too. These are the highest and among the angelic realm.

1. Angel of Mercy: By far the most powerful angel to call on upon your darkest hour more powerful than even the archangels. She is the one of the strongest angels in god’s angelic realm. God has summoned her many times to battle darkness.

2. Angel of Faith: Call upon her whatever way suits you. If you make this a daily practice the rhythm will help you transition to have it into full-blown conviction. Tell the angel that you are finally ready.

3. Angel of Trust: For help when you’re struggling to recover from betrayal.

4. Angel of healing: To provide temporary relief and/or to heal a loved one for l long-term healing you must call another angels to help build you up to a point where you can heal yourself.

5. Angel of restitution: She understands how the spirit and soul can be beaten down and she can help you recover from emotional trauma this angel will help you resolve deep-seated issues.

6. Angel of Deliverance: This angel provides relief to someone who’s going through an earthly judgement for example one spouse filing for divorce or a school-board unjustly firing the teacher. She can also help free yourself from the imprisonment of fear and anger and from injury of deception.

My personal favorite:

7. Angel of the Sun: Call for her while you’re in the sun to open your body cell so they fully take in the healing power of the rays.

8. Angel of Light: Name her in order to be bathed in restorative angelic light given to her by god. The angel of light is more powerful than any light on earth and more powerful even than the light of the sun.

9. Angel of Water: You asked her to change the frequency of the water you bathe in to make it more cleansing nourishing and grounding if your soaking a wound you can call upon her too quicken it’s healing.

10. Angel of Air: Right after a frustrating encounter, such as an argument, ask for the angel of air to cleanse a negative vibration that person passed on to you. Her special purifying energy will change the frequency of the ground around you to promote harmony. This is a powerful technique to change your frame of mind.

11. Angel of Purity: When you want to rid yourself of an addiction this angel can help you break free from the poisonous change of habit.

12. Angel of Fertility: For aid in conception and carrying a baby to term.

13. Angel of Birth: For health of mother and child during delivery.

14. Angel of Peace: To help heal your mental distress and bring new seeds of hope and positivity.

15. Angel of Beauty: If you feel closed off to the beauty of nature that surrounds you the sun the trees the hills or rivers summon the angel of beauty. Will open you up to appreciate and absorb your surrounding and powerful ways you didn’t think possible. This angel is also your alley when a romantic partner is obsessed with talking about people’s physical appearance when a co-worker good looks have turned him down when a sibling is physical beauty and her all the attention and adoration. Ask the angel beauty to shift people’s mindset to recognize true beauty the beauty of a shining soul.

16. Angel of purpose: Call upon her if you’re struggling with your purpose here on earth if you’re numb or confused or worried you’re not useful to others or even yourself if you’ve lost confidence and something or everything the angel of purpose will be by your side.

17. Angel of Knowledge: When a loved one needs advice and you’re at loss or you want to give more than just a pat on the back you’d be surprised at the healing smoothing words that come out of your mouth when you call up on this angel. You can also ask her for help when you need information or advice for yourself and don’t know where to find it.

18. Angel of Wisdom: For guidance when you’re about to make an important decision.

19. Angel of Awareness: People are always trying to be more present and mindful. It’s critical to summon the angel of awareness to make this intention complete only then will you be fully in the moment. Also if you want the people around you to be less judgemental and better communicators call upon this angel to help open their minds.

20. Angels of Relationships: If you’re having a problem with your spouse or someone you’re dating or if you’re single and looking for a good match.

21. Angels of Dreams: You can pray to her to enter your dreams and help you sort out and resolve emotional turmoil. So many have experienced the angel of dreams when they were younger she was the one who would make them fly when they were asleep. Even if your waking life is troubled you can call upon her to help you reexperienced that soul freedom in your dreams.

BONUS: Unknown Angels: No one knows there’s another category of angels. I will say they are that of the most powerful. These angels don’t have names they’re referred to as the “Unknown Angels”.

There are exactly 144,000 of these “Unknown Angels” in existence. This is a sacred and holy number that God revered.

Because they are unnamed they have no notoriety or acclaim and therefore very little temptation to develop an ego. The “Unknown Angels” are some of the most powerful of all and the least in demand, and if you have faith in them, they can perform miracles.

They do their work on you while your asleep restoring both your body and your soul.

This group of angels can be so powerful because life instills a fear of the unknown in us. On Earth, everyone and everything is named. It takes some rewiring for us to see the value of anything not known and to tap in the deep reserves of faith required to believe in these angels. When we get in touch with the utmost form of trust so again have a radical impact on our lives.

While you might call upon the angel of light to restore your soul while you are awake, when you go to bed, you can call upon the unknown angels to aid in your healing and rejuvenation as you slumber.

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In calling upon the unknown angels, while dealing with chronic illness, can be life-changing. You can ask for just one unknown angel or you can ask for a group of them, say three or four together. The unknown angels are eager for the chance to work on us.

If you summon the unknown angels. you’ll find yourself tapping into a resource of profound power for healing your body, mind, heart, soul and spirit. The key is you have to ask for the help out loud.

You can’t just think it, unless you are unable to speak.

Rosie Neal

Image: Pixabay

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