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5 Signs You Are A Hardcore Seeker Of Light

By on October 26, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

5 Signs You Are A Hardcore Seeker Of Light

by Klem Kaan,
Contributing Writer,

You’re a Renegade: Lack of Interest To Learn the left brain Oriented educational system.

Educational system in the west is all about propaganda and separation. It currently gives the illusion of favoring mostly the people of Europe, you know the “great” Napoleon Bonaparte, Christopher Columbus and all that nonsense, so that the people of Europe can live in denial of the fact that their basic supplies such as water and food, cotton are all poisoned (chemtrailed) to dumb you down by the rulers most think in arrogance would be on their side if there would ever be a holy war against other nations. Like I said in an earlier article, it has gone so out of hand that Hollywood makes movies like Gods of Egypt and Exodus: Gods and kings starring with European actors so that all of a sudden Europeans are the only kings who build the great pyramids, invented science, astrology, spirituality and art. A definition of self hatred.

When you tell this to some of the older European generation about their foods being chemtrailed or poisoned by the same people they worship, they get very aggressive and defensive about these statements. Many spiritual hippies are passively doing the same thing. They have a fake sense of superiority and do not want to acknowledge they were tricked. However, these people have ruined their lives already and many younger ones too are not going to make it. We are talking about everybody in all countries, not just Europe. Everybody has been programmed to separate. That is what cultures are for and today I’m talking more about the European manifestation of a culture that has made peoples mind wicked and self hating to a point the need to see hate on others has become chronic. All nations are doing the same.

Quantum physics and quantum entanglement has shown us that when you separate two electrons, basically super macro bits of matter, when these two electrons are separated from another, even if they are light years away from one another, their communication is instant. It is telepathic. If you shake one electron the other one light years away reacts instantly so if you have any national pride of your seeming ancestor who murdered and enslaved other people, then the energy of pride to separate (murder, judgment, sarcasm, prejudice etc) will all come back to you due to putting so much energy or focus on to it and since there is nobody really out there, we are all one or as Einstein’s relativity says we are interconnected, your subconscious mind that rules 90% of your life will interpret all that pride and hate towards others as you. It interprets you wanting to be an embodiment of conflict thus you fall sick mentally, physically, basically creating hell on earth for yourself rather than heaven. As it is happening.

There are older generations that did not get it who are going through serious physical pains and are dying now as earth is going through its ascension. The old generation lived by the sword (aggression) and died by the sword. The elites know this and have done a good job to reduce the population in Europe without too many false flag events and man made natural disasters. They inject the so called Europeans with a mentality that sneakily leads them to ruin their lives. This is why the suicide rate is so big here. The food you eat, the water you eat, and the sex driven pop culture has made people to hate and shame their bodies, thus they need to find some form of way to escape themselves, usually through projections such as passively finding themselves superior to others. Is it financial, race, location oriented its all the same.

When it comes to the individuals who are potential, hardcore seekers of light, they simply know something is off with schools and their brains and will not be able to find any interest to learn, or even continue, school once they reach a certain age where parents consent is not needed anymore. Our educational system wants you to think in a certain way, so that you make the same old ancient fear based decisions, just like our dumb down ancestors that were abused by rulers of their time did as well.

Not able to tolerate authorities.

Similar to the first sign, you face adversities with curiosity and the best way to face adversity is to be around people who think they have power over you. I am talking about teachers, lawyers, psychologist, doctors, social workers, parents and so forth. Authorities have not found their atomic selves, their spiritual selves, and are ruled by the same linear thinking, fear and slave based DNA that their enslaved ancestors had. Remember, you are an extension of your ancestors, basically a reborn version of them. You literally carry all the cellular memories, traumatized memories of humanity sodomized since the beginning of man when we, the Adams and Eves, were abandoned by false gods the Anunnakis.

The Adam and Eve story in the bible, although a metaphor, is ultimately our limited understanding of what the Sumerians and ancient Africans were trying to tell us. We were once, and most still are, primitive beings that were not able to handle higher dimensional thinking and planes due to not having the ability to see ourselves as equal with all the rest of the humanoids in other planets. Since the Anunnaki have a more tranquil, balanced mind with natural abilities such as telepathy, telekinesis and so forth, we gave the Anunnakis the credit of being gods and limited our selves to be their worshipers. Monotheism serves the original creator of homo sapiens, Enki while polytheism serves all Anunnakis as god. Dumbed down homo sapiens started to make their own tribes and started to fight about who is god and who is not, same stuff many do today.

It’s all a deja vu in a new form when we started to argue as Neanderthals about who is god and who is not. It’s all in our cellular memory, so we repeat the same mistake. Seeing that homo sapiens are to excited to stay primitive, the Anunnaki left us to our own grace and are waiting for us to destroy ourselves or raise our consciousness so that we can mentally receive them into our lives once the astrological alignments is set without freaking out. This is why dreams become so vivid when you start to ascend. You are being prepared for a lost ancient life by remembering your multidimensionality.

You are not attached to anyone or anything. You are alright being alone.

Being alone comes from many years of experience where you notice that majority of people around you do not have visions, dreams, and desires to know who they are. It is mostly primitive desires, intelligence hijacked by hormones, to find a mate and to get noticed by others to feel worthy (usually by the mate and children if they have one). This experience of being okay to be alone does come with a price, something that can lead you to be humiliated, abused, and betrayed by others, basically to get crucified/ shamanically killed in a modern world setup. The “Catch 22” is that in majority of cases, you asked for it! If you want to become God dependent, then you must organically, in a soulful level, learn not to expect anything from anybody. This only comes by experience, not reading. The experience to trust yourself will ultimately give you confidence to also stand for yourself when it comes to what we call higher dimensional beings like Pleiadians, the Anunnakis, and so forth. We are now more able to discern, even with humanoids we have been fixed since our times of Neanderthals to think as gods, although they are not.

In order to reverse time space experience and go back to before big bang, you must have the mental ability to discern all symbols within this simulation of life because there are also beings that do not want humanity to evolve. Ultimately, all of this is all a dream but you will still need to learn to use ALL symbolism of this universe as a means to go beyond physical universe. This is why forgiveness and letting it go is so so so important. Without forgiveness, none of the yoga practices, kundalini activations, or psychedelic experiences will last. You will always come down from the high and be miserable just like the rest!

You experiment with forgiveness, celibacy, meditation, and psychedelics.

Forgiveness, in a quantum sense, is the key to get out from the cycle of birth and death. Since we live in a telepathic hologram of a universe that is very much like a dream, what you give is what you get. When you get angry at something, what you essentially have done is that you have established that sin is real, in your mind. If you have established that sin real in your mind, then so is guilt (wanting to be punished) real in your mind. If guilt is real, then so is pain, which means the body and death are real. Learning to reverse this spiritual cycle of suicide requires you to have an INTENT to reverse your judgment and just understand that the people in your life who hurt you really do not know what they are doing. Ultimately, they are treating you that way because that is the way they treat themselves.

Celibacy for men is a great way to enhance motivation, creativity, and confidence. Many professional athletes do not have sex the day before their game so just think about that. You do not have to become completely celibate. Experiment once in a while and be amazed!

Psychedelics, if used correctly, give a temporary expansion of consciousness and gives you glimpses of what to expect as you raise your vibration through forgiveness. Forgiveness is same as ego death because you are more able to see from other peoples perspective now. Psychedelics, such as cannabis and mushrooms, are experiences of temporary ego death where many realize new things about themselves. The good and the bad. The bad trip comes from the fact that the individual has been so numb to all the pain gathered from ancestors and daily life and handling them during the psychedelic experience is too much. Many people who come out from a bad trip have however experienced healing due to discovering that this is the case. Psychedelics are not for everyone, but I will leave that explanation to the people who have not done this stuff. In my personal life, it was a catalyst.

You are willing to be “crucified to the cross”.

This is where many will go back to their comfort zone and will fail once they leave this plane of existence. If you have lived in a man made system, gained materials, gained a sense of self and relationships that are based on this gained sense of self, then all of that will be torn down once you become curious and serious of seeking your divine light. The tearing down of the life you thought you loved is so that you can experience an everlasting ego death that so many pot heads and psychonauts want to experience, but they can’t since they are still in the system, attracted to the hedonistic way of living and surrounded by people who are miserable. Psychedelics will not erase ego and will keep you in an never ending loop of being dependent on substances to gain a sense of expansion of consciousness or awakening.

Crucifixion, also known as the shamanic journey, is where the matrix and its entities will not like you anymore and will continue to attack all beings of light. When I say “beings of light”, I am simply talking about beings that are having a different awareness and knowing that in order to sustain this awareness, you have to be balanced and make smart choices. These choices are beneficial for everyone, which means, on a physical level, that you may have to let people go from your life and allow them to do their own mistakes. People are telepathic in nature and will sense your detachment, which is why in most cases, they will perceive you as being selfish for deciding to become your own creator.

What I am sharing is my truth. Everyone should share their truth so that we can come to the conclusion about how identical they are, regardless of the time frame in this space/time experience. You have the potential for an amazing life, but the few years of the awakening process may come with a cost.

You can do it!

In the end, there’s no need to be scared, we are eternal beings and everything is light and love. The point is we are defining what it truly means to live in a world of love and light. It is the process of everyone connecting to manifest a reality where we remember we are in control. We are the creators and we need to remember this before life on earth- within the third dimension is not possible.

In the end, there’s no need to be scared, we are eternal beings and everything is light and love. The point is we are defining what it truly means to live in a world of love and light. It is the process of everyone connecting to manifest a reality where we remember we are in control. We are the creators and we need to remember this before life on earth- within the third dimension is not possible.

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