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Angel Message For The Week #14

By on April 23, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening

by Elise Cantrell,
Contributing Writer,In5D.com

We wish to talk to you today about manifestation, or having the things and experiences you desire show up in your life. We see how perplexed you are about why your desires do not always manifest the way you want or seem to get hung up in time and space. We wish to clarify for you how this happens and how to remedy this situation.

Why aren’t my dreams and desires showing up in my life. What is holding them up? What is stopping them?

From our perspective, what we see is that your dreams and desires are NOT only yours. Other people have their own powerful dreams and desires that involve you too. Anytime your dreams and desires for yourself conflict in anyway with the dreams and desires of others for you, this situation creates a hang up with momentum. Their manifestation energy can jam-up yours if they are working in opposition. For example. You desire a career change, but your partner feels more secure with your maintaining your present job situation for his or her own reasons, they may stagnate the energy of your forward momentum of career change if they aren’t on the same page, and particularly if they are a strong manifestor and have a strong energetic influence. (Many folks are powerful energy workers and don’t even know the realm of influence they have on a person or situation.)

If you have a very strong desire, it is important to be conscious of who you are sharing your desire with. Some people will work with you energetically and help you manifest it, and other people who don’t want what you are wanting will energetically work against you whether they are conscious of it or not. Do not share your desires with people you know who will not be in support of your dreams and desires. It is important to be very mindful of who you are sharing your intentions with. Most of you share your own intentions with little thought about the possibility that someone will counter your own energy in ways that can delay and detour your results.

Manifestations are increased, multiplied and energized by each and every person who is in alignment with your intention. If your intention requires others to be on board such as friends and family, it is important to get them in alignment with your desire so you do not have to overcome their opposing energy. Do not share your desires with anyone who would not want to see you succeed in them, including someone who would be envious, or competitive, or someone who wants you to fall rather than rise.

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How to be a powerful manifestor. Some of this is actually a gift. Some of you are born creators and builders who turn thoughts and ideas into things with ease. Everyone have their own strengths and gifts and everyone has the power to create and manifest. Those of you who have a way of always getting what you want are more energetically aligned at manifesting your energy into things. If you manifest with such ease it is important for you to be careful what you create for and in the lives of those around you. You do not want to force your own choices on them if they do not choose it. Do not override their freewill or there will be a price to pay for your doing so for your own selfish reasons.

Manifesting for the greater good is most often about alignment. Your desire must be in alignment with God/Creator/Source/Universe, The more pure you are about your intent, the less it is ego driven, the more you are a force for good. It is always right to use manifestation principles on that which is in alignment with the highest good of yourself and others, (This is not a selfish endeavor.) When you become excited about your desires…even passionate about them, there is great forward momentum. We do not mean becoming obsessed with your manifestation, but to decide what you would like to come forward for you in your life and then get busy doing something else and let the universe decide how it will come to be. When you become too preoccupied with your manifestation, and try too hard, you get int the way of the momentum already in place.

Be careful you aren’t someone who gets in a pattern of sabotaging your own desires. Some of you are afraid of having your dreams come true! You must believe you are worthy and deserving and be willing to receive. Stop second guessing your desire and doubting its validity.

This is the basic framework or operating mode of manifestation. This perhaps sounds complicated, but when you are in alignment with desire, it moves forward like a well aimed arrow making its way towards the target.

Elise CantrellAbout the author: Elise Cantrell is an author, teacher, healer, wife and mother. She has authored 6 books in the mind, body, spirit wellness genre including her award winning book 40 Days to Enlightened Eating. Elise has a master’s degree in education, is a ERYT 500 yoga instructor, Ayurveda Practitioner, and owner of Shining Lotus Yoga and Wellness in Kohler, WI. Elise has communicated with angels telepathically and through automatic writing since she was a child. She passionately strives to inspire everyone towards their best and highest self through living and teaching a variety of lifestyle and healing practices.

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