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Ascension Signs: Are We in the Void?

By on September 21, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

Ascension Signs: Are We in the Void?

by Kim Hutchinson,
Contributing Writer,

Signs of the Shift?

Between mega storms, fires, droughts and huge solar flares, I think we all can agree that something big is happening. On a perhaps more subtle level, exciting esoteric things are also happening. When you put them together, what do they point to? For me, it’s the shift into 5D. So much has happened on the ascension front recently that I am starting to suspect that timelines and worlds have bifurcated, and that we are now traversing the void between realities.

Good Vibrations

We have been talking for years about raising one’s vibration. Up until now, that vibration was subtle. This year, however, the vibration has really amped up.

In his many meditations with the trees, Steve has connected with Gaia on a very deep level, and what he discovered was profound. Her vibration is so high and strong that she feels like a rocket ship, fired up and ready to launch. The trees also are radiating a powerful vibration that resonates with joy.

Similarly, we have noticed that our vibration has increased. Many nights as we’re falling asleep our bodies start to vibrate. This subtle, rapid shaking of the body is similar to the feel of a rumbling engine, yet the energy is peaceful. Sometimes my arms or legs will even rise up. The same thing happens when Steve gives me a healing.
Blips in the Matrix

I’ve been noticing odd little anomalies lately that feel like glitches in the old 3D matrix.

Erratic Time

For the past decade, time has felt like it was accelerating. Now, I feel it most when I am sleeping. An hour’s rest feels like a full eight hour night. Sometimes though, time drags, or even feels like it’s moving backwards. The other day I was sure it was suppertime, but I was shocked to see it was only noon.

Shifting Objects

Sometimes when I look at an object, it appears to flicker or jump. One second it’s there; then it’s gone, or it’s in another location.
Lightness of Being

I received a message during a meditation with Source that told me to concentrate on transformation rather than healing. I was also guided to stop being a workaholic, and to bring more joy and peace into my life in preparation for 5D living. I took this message to heart. Since then I have noticed the following:

Zoned Out

I am so ‘otherworldly’ now that I miss whole chunks of time. Honestly, some days I think a bulldozer could drive through my living room, and I wouldn’t notice. (This is a refreshing change from being hyperaware of everything.)


Steve and I have laughed more in the past month than probably since we were kids.

Healthy Weight Loss

I am getting lighter in terms of weight. After struggling to lose for decades, I started losing inches a couple months ago. My diet is primarily raw vegan because that’s what my body now craves.


I’ve been craving sun, and have sat out in my yard every sunny day this summer. I am also noticing an increase in the amount of light, as well as the rosy quality of the sunlight.

The Void

Now I find myself in what I’m terming the void. It feels like the space that separates the dimensions except it still looks like 3D. I feel like I’m no longer on Earth; well, at least not on the old Earth. I am aware of the old Earth but it feels like no one there is aware of me. It’s like being in peaceful suspension. For instance:


I haven’t received any work-related email since August. On the surface that may not sound like a big deal, but I have never gone so long without any contact. I’ve tested all my email accounts, and my website, and they are operational.


Every day it seems I hear of unexpected endings, such as people quickly transitioning Home; friends suddenly moving away; relationships abruptly ending, and new age mentors disavowing themselves of their prior teachings.


People are suddenly not there. Friends seem distant or hard to reach. I’m more acutely aware of being alone. (Thank goodness for Steve!)


I have also been dreaming of departed people, and of being invisible. In my vivid dreams, I am with people who have transitioned Home and they’re asking me to help the people they left behind. I struggle to be seen and heard. I even comment about feeling invisible. I can walk through people’s houses without them seeing me. All of this feels very real.
Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

Whether or not timelines have bifurcated, or are in the process of doing so, one thing is for sure: things are changing rapidly. As I was contemplating what to write here by way of a closing, a car drove past the house with Queen’s wonderful Bohemian Rhapsody blasting. I knew it was a sign for me, for I distinctly heard the following phrase, “Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?” Indeed.

About the Author: Kim Hutchinson of is a Mystical Guiding Star whose soul journeys through time, space and dimensions to offer Multidimensional Guidance to people worldwide.

Image: Pixabay

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