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Awakening To The Twin Flame Experience

By on February 18, 2016 in Spiritual Awakening, Twin Flames with 0 Comments
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Awakening To The Twin Flame Experience

by Jamie Crume,
Contributing Writer,

Ascension has brought many ideas forth, one of the more popular ideas to date is the idea or concept of twin flames. Are twin flames metaphors for the divine Feminine and the divine Masculine merging?

One of the earliest accounts of where this concept was actually first referenced was the Greek philosopher Plato, here is an excerpt from his writings:

“When one of them meets the other half, the actual half of himself, the pair are lost in an amazement of love and friendship and intimacy and one will not be out of the other’s sight even for a moment”.

Now for a moment lets examine this: Is this meant to be taken literal word for word, or does this mean something entirely different?  My personal view point on this is that almost everything that is channeled or written from the feeling of inspiration, has to be interpreted by the conscious mind in order to understand it in a literal fashion.

That being said let’s dive into it this controversial concept further.

So many of us have always looked outside ourselves for fulfillment, not realizing that everything in the physical world is but a manifestation and or Creation of the inner world.  The outside world has and can be referred to as the masculine world or like the song from James Brown’s hit , “It’s A Man’s World”.


The feminine would be described as the inner world (or the Soul)/Mother. Here we can see countless examples of words used to describe polarity, that exits in Duality.  Another example would be light and dark and or positive/negative.

Apparently we each have a counterpart that we will eventually reunite with, which in my opinion would be fantastic. Some say they have reunited with their twin in the physical, but have they or have they just encountered a predestined soulmate in which they share similar vibrations? Are these soul contracts and or agreements established long before we incarnated on this planet of the flesh?

I am not contesting the ones that are absolutely living their truth. I just see it differently.

Some articles I have read on this subject state that the twin flame doesn’t always incarnate with the person, or does it? Could the twin flame be our Soul and until this point we have been cut off from full communication, perhaps awareness of it?

I also read that 2012 was the date we all return home, it also states that the closer you get to your twin flame the more it feels like home. Is this because we get closer to like vibrations, attracting more of what we are and less of what we pretended to be, doesn’t home resemble familiarity?  Maybe the ego was just keeping us from being our true selves, locking us in a vibration of fear and non acceptance.

Those that have studied the law of attraction might agree with this explanation. It has been said that all relationships are mirrors and that we attract people with similar vibrations, I agree totally and understand that we fall in love with people that mirror back the qualities we love about ourselves.

11:11 and twin flames

What is the correlation between twin flames and 11:11? My interpretation is 11-Masculine 11- Feminine – two pillars of a whole uniting as one or the journey to Oneness.

Is this what is meant by the story of Adam and Eve or are they metaphorical archetypes as well for something greater?

It has been said that Adam and Eve is its representation of the splitting of an (atom) not Adam. So basically all life began with the spitting of an atom. Masculine and feminine two pillars of a whole.

11:11 has also been called the awakening code, awakening from what? A nap, a hibernated vacation, or what?

So if 11:11 is both an awakening code, activation code, then what is being awakened or activated?

Jesus has been quoted in the bible saying “The kingdom of heaven is within”; sometimes people refer to heaven as home.  So, maybe the closer we get to heaven the more at home we feel because we are actually emitting a vibration that is authentic.

For me the twin flame journey was exactly that, I met several people that hurt me in every way, the pain from these situations lead me on the path to Oneness, what I found there, was that I am my twin flame and nothing is more satisfying then loving myself and fully living an authentic life.

My experiences have shown me that I needed people to hurt me in order to teach me that the great soulmate that love I was looking for was the divine feminine, the source of all creation.

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Through the realization of this, I will eventually attract the perfect soulmate externally because I have already found that the greatest perfection lies within me as it does for everyone.

About the author: Jamie Crume is the webmaster of and is a spiritual counselor and information analyst. Jamie can be found on Facebook and his website has a Facebook page as well. Jamie has also created Orgonite pieces of his own.

Image: Pixabay

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