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Controlling Fear And Anxiety

By on October 31, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

Controlling Fear And Anxiety

by Angel V. Ornedo Jr.,
Guest writer,

The moment anxiety or fear strikes, feelings of rumbling or boiling, ‘butterflies’ in our stomach or our hearts pounding like an onrushing train hounds us. This feeling connects with our heart or brain causing accumulation of various disorders to our bodily system/s. It affects all ages of people all over the world, a large percentage of which are common in North America and Asia. Alcohol, drug abuse, depression, stress and hypertension are the common diseases or aftermath associated to this malaise. Very advanced countries like Japan and Germany are no exception creating endless numbers of suicide from depression and anxiety for they think they do not meet the expectations of parents and peers. Man-made pollution is a major disease contributor including diabetes per medical studies, in the end another anxiety tormentor as we think of the aftermath of climate change that will affect our lives and families.

The normal approach of cure includes depression and anxiety medications, inhibitors which can have reverse effects according to Uppsala University study. Studies done at Universities of Science and Technology in Europe revealed that patients are taught to accept their fears and shift their attention to what they want to say at their individual specific fear situations. My personal approach to this problem is acceptance of my fear and confront the situation directly, a technical term is cognitive therapy. If you are afraid of the dark when alone, go to the dark and directly confront the situation and in 3-5 encounters, the fear is gone. This is true with heights, spiders or phobias of men. Confront fear, or make fear an excitement, the results are better than the use of drugs that will be too bad for the pharmaceutical industry.

Turn one energy form to another. In a University of Zurich study, patients are asked to turn anxiety to excitement and results turn better than drugs. To turn it to a higher spiritual understanding, it is now an accepted truth that you simply change one form of energy into another. Take it from Einstein and Georgi Stankov, even Hawkings and regular engineers, acknowledged scientists confirm this fact.

University of Houston and Monash University after more than a decade of research found a combination of cognitive and trans-diagnostic treatment approach as the best way to date to treat anxiety and depression. “Norton finds cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), a type of treatment with a specific time frame and goals, helps patients understand the thoughts and feelings that influence behaviors to be the most effective treatment. The twist for him was using CBT in conjunction with the transdiagnostic approach, the patients receiving the transdiagnostic treatment showed considerable improvement, especially with treating comorbid diagnoses, a disease or condition that co-exists with a primary disease and can stand on its own as a specific disease, like depression.”

Turn fear and anxiety to excitement and you combine science and spirituality.

Those who took private or government competitive examinations succeeded as we faced the situation, studied, prepared for whatever our intention and desires are and anxiety is gone. Always remember, one energy form to another energy form. It is only the attitude that differs between conquering fear and anxiety. Develop that confidence within you, get prepared and learn in depth intention, visualization and action and you will succeed or almost totally eliminating fear and anxiety. Again, my approach is act directly, recognize it and you will be in the side of the Consciousness of Source and consciousness of Christ of unconditional love.

University studies confirm above-mentioned treatments in various doctorate thesis in Unites States and Europe. The plus factor is abundance comes effortlessly as you conquer your fears and anxieties as you have the extra energy to pursue your desires and dreams. This is the beginning of the connection of your right and left brain, required light body process, a prelude to ascension.

Light from ANGEL V. ORNEDO JR.

About the authorANGEL JR. shares acts of love, light and unity consciousness. With Capitalist, he had provided livelihood to where he can at PH, SEAsia-Middle East, a concept that a “full stomach learn new ideas.” Healthy body is best. Read Knowing the Infinite Creator by author at Xlibris, or link with him at or listen to you tube,

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