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Did Your Spiritual Awakening Cause Drastic Changes In Your Life?

By on January 24, 2015 in Spiritual Awakening

Did Your Spiritual Awakening Cause Drastic Changes In Your Life?

by Jim Koury
Contributing Writer,

As a new born child we enter the world with a clean slate.  We are not wired to believe one way or another.  We have no preconceived notions about life or those people around us and are often times adaptable to any situation that may arise.

It does not take long for our parents, siblings and peers to begin to plant ideas in our heads to try to sway us, both intentionally and unintentionally, toward their point of view on a particular topic, person, or group of people.  It is because of this natural desire to adapt to situations impacting us that we are somewhat vulnerable and open to both good and bad influences shaping our world view and how we will treat others that are different from us.

Due to our varying personality traits some of us will be more accepting and embrace concepts and ideas that may not necessarily be those we were brought up with as a child.  Alternatively, there are those people that have become entrenched in a worldview that is an excessive adaption to the belief of the opinions of others.

Great movements in our history that rallied the populace around the common good and beneficially impacted great numbers of people are the result of the actions of someone that can adapt to and be more accepting of others and their differences.  The ability to adapt to other ways of looking at situations and solutions to a challenge creates a better environment for positive change to evolve forward.  Not being open-minded impedes that change and often times is dominated by an outlook that pays heed and preference to a particular interest group.

The same two approaches also impact our spiritual adaptability.  Those people who are more adaptable and accepting of others beliefs will have a much healthier spiritual worldview dominated by a philosophy of bettering the common good.  Alternatively, many spiritual worldviews can be very rigid and non accepting of the differences in others and how they see the world.  They are much less open to alternative approaches that focus on the common good and yet embrace those that will benefit a particular interest group or ideology.

We have the ability to choose which outlook is to be nurtured and developed over time that will intimately shape our spiritual worldview.  The speed by which that happens and which alternative is chosen is determined by the power of external forces and other individuals around us that may be influencing us.

We are all inherent spiritual beings that possess the potential to discover what lays deep inside all of us; our higher selves.   That journey to unearth our higher selves can only commence when we allow our destinies to find us and we are fully adaptable to whatever may be presented to us.  The spark that ignites our evolution forward toward what our higher selves has planned for us can only happen by being open to personal change and by embracing our destinies fully and without question despite any trepidations we may have about our personal futures.

Don’t delay in embracing your adaptability!  Your higher self is waiting for you to unleash its power to transform you into the person you were destined to be.

Did your spiritual awakening cause drastic changes in your life?  Comment below!

About the author: Jim Koury is a seeker of inspirational forces. His spiritual journey of self-discovery has revealed many secrets hidden within him related to the very essence of who he is. He has unleashed the power of divine energy that is within us all and shares this on his website, Eyes Wide Open. He embraces opportunities that enable him to learn about his higher self and the inspirational forces that prod him forward to new plateaus of enlightenment and self-revelation.

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