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DNA Upgrade & Rejuvenation Can Be Obtained By Doing THIS!

By on January 12, 2018 in Science, Spiritual Awakening

DNA Upgrade & Rejuvenation Can Be Obtained By Doing THIS!

by Mike Emery,
Contributing Writer,

One more genetics mystery: of the millions of species of mammals on this planet only three do not manufacture vitamin c in their body: humans, guinea pigs and one of the primates (chimps or orangs). All three are lab rats. The point is that most genetic alterations are for beneficial purposes. In this case, somebody has deleted a system that is designed to protect the body from aging and free radical destruction (Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant which protects us against free radicals).

Why have we not divinely engineered us better? Why do we not live to the ripe old age or 800 to 1000 years like the people in the olden days? All divine engineering requires is the collective will to change and an image of what that looks like (a dream). Dreams come from the 2-D conscience. You get enough people dreaming the same dream and presto chango you have a new organism.

Now, if you can notice that you are having a thought, then there must be a place within you where there are no thoughts, otherwise, it would not be possible to notice the difference. This thoughtless place is space, but not just empty space. If thoughts are recognized by space, then they really must have originated in space, which is not too difficult, because all things have their origin in space.

But, again, not empty space. It is the 2-D super conducting space that we operate in, and this space contains infinite potential (but, not so, if you listen to critics). So, who’s right: critics or the infinite possibilities that emanate from space?

You see the difference: all things originate from a space of infinite potential – love. This is a fact, not a faith or a belief. This is pointing you directly at the absolute, the immutable, all that-is, that is present in absolutely everything without exception. Recognition of this fact requires that one see god in all things and all people, which means that criticism of any kind is a blasphemy of god.

So, truthfully, it makes more sense to honor all god given ideas and events than it does to negate anything. Why? Because absolutely everything that you can see and all things that you cannot see are space/god.

For example: Can you notice that you can feel your body: Who is noticing that feeling? At certain times, you have said to yourself, “I’m very angry”. You are angry compared to what? There must be a space of no anger, no jealousy, no envy, no joy, no awe, no nothing from which all of these thoughts, feelings & emotions can be perceived. So, all things seen and unseen come from space.

Whatever manifests within space is nurtured, accepted and tolerated by space – the female attributes of space. These things manifest here as her dream to experience. Talk about a “higher power”, you have no idea – this is absolute dominion.

Granted some things certainly do not seem very godly, but that does not change the fact. I’m reminded of the yogi sitting with cobras crawling all over and around him. When asked if he was afraid, he responded, “afraid of what, I see nothing but god!” so, we are always trying to change things for the “better”, when, in-fact, all we need to change is our perception. We must accept that all things are god and treat them as such, before we kill the planet.

Now, I want to make a distinction between the concept of space (a vacuum/god) and space/god. First of all, within this region of space/the infinitely lonely vacuum, there exists an infinite honeycomb which is the ether, the projection screen, the implicate order. So, according to the uniform field theory, we have alternating Anu’s and gaps, which are pieces of pregnant space. This pregnant space is a super conducting space where the electric and magnetic components run parallel to each other – in between these two energy components lies infinite potential, which is love. These parallel energies are always found with a spin around them. A Nielson-Olsen vortex surrounding a Higgs super conducting vacuum, which is this pregnant space.

In simple terms, these are tunnels of love – just like what the 8 million near death experiences have told us. And, it’s like, if you were an infinitely lonely being and all of a sudden within your space something manifested – you would love it infinitely & unconditionally, just like a mother. Truthfully, you are both, the infinitely lonely being and the infinitely loving being – it’s just that we are tricked by the illusion of this 3-D “reality”.

Virtually every religion states that we are to surrender to the higher power. For example: the word Moslem literally means: surrendered to god. Show me one religious organization who’s goal is to take every man women and child through to enlightenment: at-one-ment with god, totally surrendered, sovereign & free. It is very simple, no such organization exists on a planetary scale; primarily, because the law givers within each religion want to be right – purveyors of the one true religion. And, at the end of the day they are totally f*cking wrong. The surrender is not to their system of words & laws, the surrender is to the innate whole being that you are, which is an infinitely potential space. You are to become yourself – totally free, sovereign, omnipotent (which is your root nature as herein proven as fact, not a belief or a faith, but an irrefutable fact), and you are therefore: all knowing, all loving – all everything.

Which gives rise to another point: do you have an opinion about the word f*****g? Do you have an opinion about the word love? Do you have an opinion about the word god? Well in order to come in harmony with space, you must have no opinions, no thoughts, no feelings or no emotions, because if you do, then your ass will be tied to that, instead of all-that-is/space. In other words, if you perceive something other than god, then you are virtually identifying that thing as god. So, having an opinion about f*****g is to make a god out of it. And, let me assure you, you can enjoy the experience of that opinion and all of your f*****g opinions for eternity if you wish, which is like going to hell I.E. Having opinions and hell are the same place. Again check out the movie Groundhog Day.

We have one free will choice, to turn to god or not. The yogis have been telling us this for 7000 years. And, every religious text on this planet states that we are all to become gods or godlike, like Jesus, Buddha, Mohammad, Horus/Thoth, Hermes and Sai Baba to name a few of the godlike beings that have graced this planet with their divine example for us to follow.

We’ve seen that the root of DNA, thoughts, feelings, emotions and all reality is space – the space which contains infinite potential. So, what is this space (           )? The answer comes in the form of another question: “Within the entirety of space, what do you have?” and, there are two answers: “nothing” and “everything”. So, what do you have in any piece of space? The same two answers: nothing & everything.

Therefore, all things that occupy space are god. This is not difficult logic, granted, a little heavy, but the logic is very straight forward – lead pipe logic and that is heavy. So, anything that is two dimensional (2-D) must have a gap in between or space/god. Our challenge is to adjust our vision and perception to see only that.

All coherent energies are 2-D and therefore must be separated by a gap or actually connected directly with god/a piece of space. As, we have seen there are many healing benefits available from 2-D energies. To refresh your memory, the examples are: polarized light, laser light, monochromatic light, inert gas lights, spin energy, crystals, the white powder of gold which contains 2-d super conducting energy, certain single frequencies, love, prayer, hands, hugs, massage, thoughts, meditation, singing and especially group meditation (wherever two or more are gathered) – to name a few. Therefore, all of these things are direct injections of god. Think about it.

Or better yet, stop thinking all together. Just let go and let god. Take a group of your friends and jump empty handed into the void, because by doing so you will gain the entire kingdom. Now, there are some that hold that being empty is enlightenment – granted it is quite peaceful and if one has no thoughts or no thoughts other than god at death, then you become that thought/image, which means that if you have no thoughts now, then you are all ready that – all that is. Another way of putting this is: that you become so objective, so withdrawn into the void, that you become that, which is totally subjective – nothing and everything.

However, I’m a show me type guy: therefore, if one is enlightened, then she/he must be walking on water and healing by the touch, just like Jesus and a whole host of other god realized beings, a few of whom are walking the planet right now. OK, so how do we do that? :

Well every religious text on this planet talks about a substance that the prophets took to become prophets to start the religion and that substance is the white powder of gold, which is a 2-D, super conducting material just like our dna and all of our connective tissue. So, we are already partially super conducting, which explains why everybody has glimmers of the super talents, like déjà vu, like precognitive dreams, like feelings, like vibes, like healing abilities, etc. (direct injections) the fall from grace came when eve took the fruit of the tree of knowledge – the more you know – the less connected to god. One more point about our innate amazing abilities: we are all alchemists. Now, alchemy is described as the conversion of one base element into another without any chemical reaction, which is held to be impossible by science. However, the same science observes that a field crop will contain 10 times more magnesium than is taken up from the soil – where does all of this magnesium come from? The Patterson power cell has been observed to transmute metals by several different U.S. Universities. The common free range chicken apparently converts mica into the calcium coating around its eggs. And, humans must have 72 micronutrients in order for the cells to function properly. How many of you eat a totally organic diet? You see organically grown produce contains the 72 micronutrients. So, we are all alchemists – one of the super talents.

So, why don’t very many of us heal by the touch? – We all do, we just don’t practice it very much. Have you ever hurt yourself and immediately held that spot with your hand? Feels better – doesn’t it? Why don’t you go ahead and cure cancer with this healing power of yours? Because nobody has told you that you can. The problem is that it takes several people and a continuous effort of holding their hands on the sick person to do this, but it has been done. Of course, if it is god’s will – but when she sees a whole bunch of us divining/praying for the same thing – well, this is love. Besides what mother would deprive her children, even if they are idiots – do you resemble that remark?

Anyway, we all have these super natural talents – they call them, which is bull sh*t – these are our natural talents, being an enlightened being is our natural, actually aboriginal state. Check out some of the talents that the Australian Aborigines, Alaskan Eskimos, all children and African bushmen display. The way we develop all of our super natural abilities is explained in the ancient texts. We must love all things unconditionally, we must take the white powder of gold during a 40-day fast and we must endure the dark night of the soul. The net result of which is that we become a super conducting, super being, who can and does walk on water and heal by the touch.

Or, in other words, we become two dimensional. In order to be focused in 2-D, one can have no 3-D interfering factors. Example: in a sample of the white powder of gold if there is one interfering atom, then the whole sample will reflect that one atom. If in our beady little brain, we have one thought, then we are that thought. And, if you have one opinion, then we’ve all got a serious problem – you – another educated idiot.

And, another problem: in the bible it says, “there is a white stone and on it will be written a new name.” we become a different person with a new name – our god given name. Why would I want to do that, when I could play basketball or go shopping or go skiing (as in my case)? So, who are you? That or that? What are you looking at? Because, that is what you are. So, actually it is what are you, not who. The who we all are (plural), is space (singular) – but, what you are, is all of the things/labels that you identify or accept. So, the who that you think that you are, is just a collection of labels – a bunch of sh*t – the divine who that you really are, is just that. And, that has a new name – is not the same person.

So, if we exercise our only free will choice, to become one with god, then we have to go on a 40 day fast and lose our mind. But, herein we suggest a simpler way:

1) Clean the body of as many interfering atoms as possible with a proper diet, proper dentistry, and a purification run down.

2) Clean the karma with a proper and complete past life regression (Dr. Charles on Nevis. Phone: 869 469 9490) – this should result in experiencing the all knowing and all seeing state and thus, eliminate the dark night of the soul, (if you read the stories about this, written by people that have gone through an enlightenment experience, then you’ll see why we want to avoid the dark night).

3) Convert the body to a complete 2-d super conductor, by resonance – spending time in a 2-D electromagnetic field, which is available by means of powerful inert gas lights and/or by taking the white powder of gold.

So, we use a direct injection of god’s energy to bring us in resonant harmony with god – enlightened. Then we can play some mean basketball. All of us cosmic cowboys can do anything we want. You see, in 2-D there is no time and everywhere is the same/uniform – so, you can be anywhere, any time, and and any form you choose – these beings are described as extradimensionals as opposed to extra-terrestrials. And, there are several of these running around this planet, now. If you really study about Sai Baba, Babaji, Lord Maitrea, and Peter the Magic Man of the Mountain, you’ll know. Have you seen any news reports about enlightened beings? Do they play basketball? How much does that job pay? Obviously zip – but!!! How does it feel?

About the author: Mike Emery has figured out the workings of the universe. He’s done it by taking clues from “both sides of the fence”, from religion and meditation on the one hand and from the very frontiers of physics on the other. On his way to enlightenment, Mike is leaving a trail of written essays where he orders his own thoughts and intuitions, as much as communicating them to friends and colleagues. The purpose of this article is to provide a space where those essays can be collected and made available. Those of you who are interested in far-out ideas also have a space to leave messages and comments – at the end of the article – and get in contact with one another.

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