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Energy Update – Sadness, Anger, Grief Of The ‘Old’ Coming Up Through The Lions Gate

By on August 13, 2016 in Energy Updates

Energy Update - Sadness, Anger, Grief Of The 'Old' Coming Up Through The Lions Gate

by Anastacia,

Lots of interesting energies and insights ‘came through’ last night here in Australia.

With us and other souls, feeling into new and different spaces/bubbles of energy (BB post 10th August) that we have shifted into, is entailing much adjusting…with now surfacing sadness, anger and grief.

Sadness and anger revolving around and around…and then a break and one can breathe…and then around again it goes, like on a wheel.

Each time this comes ‘around’ feel into what this is for you, help yourself within this to ‘identify’ where these feelings and emotions are coming from or are about.

Bit by bit as the wheel turns, if we feel into these as they come around as to what this is relating to in one’s life, the next time it does, these feelings lessen.


Before recent energies and our amazing giant leap into a new freedom and so much more (within all we are each going through) we would have been ‘right in this’ and all the time…the energy was so much heavier…yet due to the lighter energies now and all we have done within ourselves consciously this has now altered/changed.

So as the sadness/anger comes around, feel into this and shift that layer that has presented itself…continue to do this and address or identify what this, as this allows one to receive ‘insight’ as to the bigger picture of something that is going on in one’s life.

When this has been done for as many times as needed, then one reaches the ‘base’ of this sadness/anger.


The base is to do with our old foundation and soul contracts that we have left behind…that we are no longer ‘in’.

As this is a form of grieving….yes we are in newer energies and ‘things’ feel different and lighter, yet there is still a grieving process that occurs that needs to be felt and released…for how ever long this may be or takes.

It is similar to when one leaves say a toxic relationship, there is a ‘grieving’ for the relationship, not necessarily for the other soul, but for the relationship itself.

And this is a form of a ‘relationship’…of the old life and connections we had not so long ago (refer BB post 10th August).

Life and ‘things’ are very different again from coming through the Lions Gate Energy and so part of us is ‘mourning’ the old life and we are needing to feel this to shift through this ‘process’.


Yet having the bigger picture into this and what is occurring makes all the difference…as we allow ourselves to feel this lightly and then continue and carry on…albeit we may be a little quieter than usual…and that is OK.

All is OK…as even though energies and life and things are feeling so much better and much freedom is being felt by many souls, we continue on in our bubbles separate from other souls and keep our protection and boundaries up.

We don’t allow our heads/spiritual ego to go into that we are ‘bullet-proof’…as this is a very easy state to go into when there is such a massive relief and change of so much for ourselves.

We need to breathe, balance and regroup and ‘walk the middle path’…in a balance and staying connected and not letting ourselves float off into the Astrals of how wonderful and amazing this is as in, detached and in a state of just bliss all the time…and I mean in our words and sharing as yes we are entitled to feel bliss YET we feel this WITHIN and quietly to and within ourselves…and then we share from our heart and soul in a balanced and genuine loving way and then this will be felt in realness and being ‘genuine’…and this will be felt by others.


As many now have their ‘BS monitors’ operating and souls will get ‘called’ on this more and more.

No longer will souls be able to bluff or ‘BS’ those who have really awakened.

Souls are looking or searching for authenticity and ‘realness’ and this my friends is such a welcome for relief for this soul.


Onwards and Upwards Spiritual Warriors as we cut through the spiritual ‘BS’ of other souls…as really, they do need to be ‘called’ on this…yet very importantly we need to remember to come from Unconditional Love (being honest, yet in a lighthearted way) in standing our ground and setting our boundaries..and not allow oneself to go into arrogance or ‘bullying’ with this…as there is a difference…as this in itself is another form of also being genuine…a lesson within a lesson.

As we continue to glide and carry on in a much lighter and new and different way of ‘being’…which is such a welcome relief to our past.

As we embrace the new energies, each and every way possible in all facets of our lives….as the new unfolds moment by moment.

Much Unconditional Love, Truth and Honesty…Peace, Joy and Freedom

About the author: Multi Dimensional Ancient Earth Master – First Wave Trailblazer Way/Seer-Rainbow Bridge in linking our Soul to our Spirit – through our Emotions of the Divine. All Anastacia shares is from experiencing energies herself, feeling the energies through her two souls (human and spirit) as they come to our planet. From 20years of personal experience in linking her soul to her spirit, through her emotions this lifetime and past lives – back to Source in service to Humanity and Gaia Guiding/Teaching Humanity. From the Ancient Ones, Shaman, Blue Ray Elder, Pleadean, Lemurian, Atlantean, Arcturian, Lyran.

Email if you feel you would like a one-on-one personal healing of the Divine (and what the exchange for this is).

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