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By on November 18, 2018 in Energy Updates
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by Amanda Lorence,
via Facebook


It’s hard to convey this stage, without reams of writing, which I mentally can’t do just now. So to sum up and hopefully assist with this stage:

“WE ARE BEING PREPARED”. It’s a preparatory period, instigated by the 11:11:11 energies, Gateway and subsequent activations.

Everything can be viewed at our different levels of perception available, so here’s three perceptions of this ONE stage:

AT VERY HUMAN LEVEL: we find it harder now to engage in any linear conversation. Whether hearing it, or speaking it. Very hard, to give energy to anything we can label as “human beingness” of the Third Dimensional frequencies outside of us. We feel an inner resistance to give our energy to any “third dimensional” frequency.

AT HIGHER SELF LEVEL: our HS is encouraging the release of all “human beingness”. Encouraging the detachment to the frequency bandwidth of what we label as “Third Dimensional”. Your HS does not operate at Third Dimensional frequency, and it is your HS that will become the new human experience/perception in the physical body. Therefore a detachment to lower energetic frequencies will occur. Yes we have already detached to great degree, but this STAGE is very different. We witness as the observer of the WHOLE planet and it’s inhabitants that are experiencing the third dimensional frequencies. So the detachment is compassionate and loving, yet it’s an observational mode only. (Just to be clear as many read these posts, all detachment on an ascending path is a detachment based in pure compassion and love. Any detachment that is experienced by fear, anger, resentment etc or ‘lack of love’ is simply a “third/lower fourth” dimensional experiential perception, that is still containing the being to the Third Dimensional frequency of experience).

AT AN ENERGY LEVEL: the Higher Self is being magnetically drawn by the overall energies of the 26,000 cycle and the changes that will take place. It is a dance of light.

To put this into context of the “Ascension”…for human awareness, in order to leave the Third Dimensional bandwidth we perceive by, we have to detach from it. We can’t be immersed in this self created reality, if we are to leave the illusionary experience. Because when the “Shift” occurs, some will NEVER perceive via Third Dimensional frequency again. They will perceive and experience only by fifth dimensional frequency and higher.

Up to this point, we have fluctuated in frequency and therefore fluctuated in our perception and all experiences, experiencing 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and higher. Yet after the “Shift”, some will not experience ever again the frequencies of what is categorized as “Third Dimensional” perceptions. The “Shift” will take our consciousness OUT of the frequency hertz of Third, completely. Some will remain in body for this new conscious perception and experience (experiencing 5d Gaia), some may leave body as is their choice, some will continue the Third Dimensional trajectory with the Third Dimensional version of Gaia.

So for some, since 11:11:11, their physical body is experiencing upgrades at cellular level as they are now being PREPARED. Mentally they will feel aloof, needing silence from the noise and human chatter that runs with a Third Dimensional human experience. Their perceptions right now will be a mix of:

1] Needing silence to be only energy (non human).

2] Pulling away from linear to be only energy (non human).

3] OBSERVER of all that is 3D, outside of themselves.

For these people, this is a preparation stage. Making the mind and all that entails, the body physical and our soul ready for the incoming wave labeled the Event. But something is also significant just to share…about three weeks ago I was shown entry to New Earth. But I was shown just TWO trajectories this time (3D earth trajectory and 5d earth trajectory). So the higher fourth trajectory timeline I was shown last year in September 2017 was not there. This week, very briefly, I was shown the Solar Flash. I have had a gap of approx four years between being given the physical simulation of the upcoming Solar Flash, and this week’s very brief sight of it. There’s no reason to give me this awareness again this week, after the 11:11:11, after a gap of four years of the Solar Flash simulation, without an underlying reason. But I do not know when the Solar Flash/Event will occur. Only that some are NOW in PREPARATORY STAGE since 11:11:11 to exit 3D consciousness at the “time” of the Event.

Also significant on 11:11:11, the convergence of “time” occurred. It was felt by a few people I was with. When I personally went to ‘see’ a past timeline to check, all I saw was white light only. So I feel again for some, that the containment that is “time” has also dissolved.

I hope this update makes sense and helps. It’s very hard to put these energies into a context.

Love to all hearts,

Amanda Lorence

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