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Five Things Twin Flames Are Not

By on June 18, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening, Twin Flames
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Five Things Twin Flames Are Not

by Tamara Maat,
Contributing Writer, In5D.com

I never wanted to meet my twin flame

The idea was scary and intimidating; I had just broken up with someone I was thinking might be the one, but later turned out to be a false twin.  In no way was I prepared to bring myself the pain that comes along with such a relationship, or so I thought.

March 20, 2015, I met him despite all my resistance. It was new moon, solar eclipse, and one day before spring equinox. I should’ve known that day wasn’t going to bring me “just” a new acquaintance.

Fast forward and it has been more than two years now. It has been a tough ride for my ego that is now truly dying, mainly because of my sacred twin-flame (TF) journey.

I did not choose the path of being a Twin Flame coach, but I have obviously signed up to it on soul level. Through talking about and reading a lot on TFs, I have come to know that many have a desperate need for the fairy tale from such a surface level that, I can’t put it in a pretty way, ruins everything. When a person is still looking outside themself for happiness, they become blinded by the need. Without learning well, people simplify the sacred relationship and subconsciously give the title to anyone they are emotionally attached to.

From my readings and bombardments of spiritual evidence that this aforementioned man is my Twin Flame, I have come to learn what TFs are and what they are not. This can be summed up in the following five points:

They Don’t Manifest Out of Egoistic Need.

TFs do not manifest when we look for them consciously and out of ego. The timing of this relationship is purely and utterly divine, calculated carefully according to the twins’ spiritual-growth journey. If one thinks their TF is the only person to make them happy, they are totally off track. On the contrary, initially, that person gains the biggest power over them, making them their most miserable self. TFs trigger the deepest wounds within ourselves that we have had no idea existed. Our only hope is in knowing we are our own savior and happiness. Once connected to this idea, we truly call for our twin.

No meditation or visualization helps unless they are for us to better ourselves.

A manifest TF is for an old soul that has become mature enough to understand and be able to deal with such experience. Only once we have grown enough, truly, does our Twin Flame come into our life.

They Are Not Multiple.

Simply, such a divine relationship can’t be an orgy. Some might become a bit defensive, so let’s resort to a little logic. Knowing that twins share the same soul, and building on Person A‘s belief that B, C, D and E are all his/her twins:

Let’s see…

A=B, A=C, A=D, A=E



We have got five twins! This opposes all the mythology and all the ancient sources on TFs. It is always only Isis and Osiris, Hathor and Horus, Adam and Eve, etc.

Recalling the concept of Trinity, we know it is only Feminine and Masculine on the base of the triangle, reaching up to God on top.

It is again the egoistic need that creates such a mess, a result of attempting to validate being attached to more than one soul mate or karmic partner, making excuses for all those person that they are just doing their mirroring job.

They Don’t Separate, Not Really.

TFs never separate since they are created, and once they have met physically, any separation is mere illusion on earthly level. They are always together spiritually, if not also mentally and emotionally. They have an unbreakable connection; there is no “cord” that can be cut.

This person is the manifested reflection of ourselves. How does one break up with or disconnect to themself? We can use that energy of running away from the perceived pain to heal ourselves instead.

They Cannot Be Replaced.

If the “mirror” is showing us something ugly, we need to realize that this is a reflection of the self. I was stunned a while ago when I found an alleged twin-flame guru post that. She claimed she had grown beyond her TF who now gave her an ugly image of herself, and she said the universe would give her a “cooler,” “prettier” one to reflect “all the work” she believed she had done.

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How can we change our self? Our own self does not change. It cannot be replaced. Should we reach a difficult place with our Twin Flame (God knows I’ve been there, several times!) and they show us the worst version of themselves, we need to use such seemingly dreadful experience to find and heal the mirrored aspects within ourselves. Self victimization is never the solution and I contend it is why many TFs remain separated for ages.

They Cannot Not Unite.

Last but not least, many circulate the claim that TFs only exist to mirror each other and that they don’t have to eventually unite. This cannot be true, for two reasons. First, once a person has tried a TF connection, they can’t settle for less. It is such an upgrade that leaves one unsatisfied on all levels if they attempt to connect to a different human being. I know of many who have closed up sexually after having been with their TF, no matter how highly-sexed they had been before or still were. Second, and more importantly, this relationship is the biggest mission for the couple on Earth, and being it is not just for the sake of making a romantic story succeed, but for all humanity to heal and transcend.

This relationship is Holy Trinity on Earth. That day is bound to come.

Overall, discernment is required at every moment living in this relationship till finally united and stable. False Twin Flame concepts only makes the couple hindered from their individual growth, and accordingly from the magic of the most sacred human relationship.

Tamara Maat is an Egyptian shamanic healer who was initiated into Sekhem and Arcturian Healing systems during her meditations in the temples of Luxor, Egypt. To connect with her and learn about her story and services, contact her on her Facebook page @tamaramaat2015 or check her website www.tamaramaat.com

Image: Pixabay

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