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FREE mp3: Past Life Regression Self Hypnosis

By on January 2, 2015 in Meditation, Spiritual Awakening
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FREE mp3: Past Life Regression Self Hypnosis

This free past life regression mp3 really works! Listen to this when you are about to fall asleep. Your past life regression will come to you in your dreams.

   press pause to stop

Unfortunately, this template doesn’t allow me to fully upload this mp3, so it will probably stop after a minute or so.

This is a 30 minute mp3. If the mp3 does not fully play in its entirety, then download it to your hard drive:

To download, right click HERE and choose, “Save Target As”

You may need to upload the plugin to hear the audio.

Do not listen to this while driving!!!

Please note: If you are having problems hearing the audio, you might want to install the plugin directly from QuickTime by clicking HERE (opens in a new browser window).

Here is mine:

I was a Mayan elder who was being forced into Christianity after the Spanish Inquisition. There was a Christian celebration going on in my homeland, which looked similar to an area around Belize…very tropical with beautiful blue waters. There were Mayan glyphs all around that were worn and tattered. I wanted the Christians to include these glyphs in their celebration but they were only focused on transforming the remainder of my people to Christianity.  They threatened to kill me if I didn’t convert to Christianity.  The only reason I didn’t fight the Christians was because I knew the children needed to preserve our traditions without the Christians knowing about it, so I lied about agreeing to convert. Without the Christians knowing, I planned on teaching the children of our clan our traditions and values, not the Christian ones.

There are a lot of good scripts and inductions at Hypnotic World .  I used to have a subscription there and I definitely recommend checking it out if you’re into this type of stuff.  They have all sorts of inductions and scripts you can use either as either a template to create your own, or to use as they are.

If you have success with this mp3, then please share your experience below!


* disclaimer: I found this mp3 on the internet a few years ago and saved it to my hard drive. I am not sure who created this mp3, but if anyone knows who it is, I’d love to give him credit for it!

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