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Gemstones Will Rock Your World With Love And Healing

By on February 20, 2015 in Meditation
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Gemstones Will Rock Your World With Love And Healing

by Kim Caldwell,
Contributing Writer,

One, who wears gems possesses wealth.”
Sam Veda

Got bling? Crystals have long been known to have healing properties and radiate harmonious frequencies, especially when handled. For men and women alike, gemstones are an invaluable tool during this time of transformation. They help us to raise our vibration and feel better than ever.

Men and women alike may wear these gemstones, put them in their pocket or decorate their homes with these energy chargers and cleaners.

Gemstones are widely available to the masses at this time in history. Many are unaware of how powerful, Divine and alive gemstones are. Gemstones grow in the earth and are in essence alive and here to help us.

Gold is also a powerful conductor of Divine energy and intelligence. In Unveiled Mysteries a St. Germain book. It is explained that gold has been made easily available to the masses during periods of higher and rising consciousness. “Gold is placed upon this planet for a variety of uses, two of its most trivial and unimportant ones being that of using gold as a means of exchange and ornamentation. The far greater activity and purpose of it within and upon the earth is the release of its own inherent quality and energy to purify, vitalize and balance the atomic structure of the world.” It goes on to explain how mountains that have gold running through them give off great energy and that is why people feel so good when they spend time there. So be aware that your gold and silver are enhancing your gemstone benefits.

The question often arises, how do I pick a gemstone? The good news is, they will pick you. You will be given a signal that says to you, “wow that gemstone is attractive, I want to touch it”. This is how the gemstones call to us telepathically and offers us their immense healing gifts. With this understanding, the same holds true if we lose a precious gemstone, the stone has done its work and is no longer necessary. Whenever we lose or break a gemstone, please know that Divine Intelligence is at work and do not worry. The perfect replacement will come along at the right time. Also, we do not want to become immune to the powerful qualities of a particular stone, so it is wise to take breaks and trade around your gemstones. Get creative, play and have fun with them. They are so affordable at this time; we should all have many different choices in our gem “toolbox” to choose from.

Each stone carries Divine Frequencies to assist and shift us. When I see someone in an aquamarine, for instance I know the person in possession of the stone is getting many benefits. Aquamarine, a beryl stone, is known to lift moods, soothe fears and helps one find truth and courage in hard situations. Keep this stone on during any emotional challenges to help ease through.  Aquamarine is known to strengthen the body by reinforcing the immune system, stimulating circulation and healing swollen glands.

Divine energies are at work during this transformative time in history, helping to ensure gemstones are widespread and available to help raise the collective consciousness. A perfect example of this is the mass availability and minimal cost of rose quartz. Rose quartz, known as the “love stone” creates a wonderful loving energy field around anyone carrying this stone. Rose quartz is great for activating and enhancing the heart chakra, as it radiates unconditional love. The beautiful pink glowing stones are thought to attract love from those around us and restore harmony and trust to existing relationships. One may dedicate any piece of rose quartz to enhancing all the loving relationships in their life.

For those that would like more success and abundance, citrine is a great gemstone to have in your collection. Citrine is one of the only stones that does not need cleaning, as its does not hold negative energy. Carrying citrine invites good things into your life. Citrine is a crystal and has strong amplification abilities. We may hold a citrine crystal in our hands and charge it with all the prosperity and success we now and will experience. I say now because you are perfect where you are and only bringing more good to you. The sky is the limit, so use the full force of your imagination when preforming this abundance ritual. Neville Goddard, an amazing old school prosperity teacher, always taught that we create our reality through pictures we feed the subconscious.  So we intend to feed it desirable pictures now. One of citrines gifts is it offers us  the ability to soothe fear and anxiety. As we carry this stone we may feel safe and protected, knowing much good is coming to us.

For creativity and inspiration, garnet is a great choice. Garnet encourages the gift of imagination and the ability to take action. Garnet is a stone that was carried for centuries to ensure safe journeys. Garnet also helps to dispel anger and negativity. So this is a great stone when we are feeling a bit negative or out of sorts.
The list of gemstones is endless and each person will benefit from different stones at different times in their lives. One thing is for sure, if you are very attracted to a stone, be it the color, shape or feel. You can rest assured that this stone has something to offer you and will help on many levels when we listen to our guidance and carry or keep this stone around.

If you want more smarts, sapphire is a sure bet. Hildegard Von Bingen, a 12th century nun, revered as a healer, author and Saint, said that if we licked a sapphire gemstone we will become smarter. When you want clarity of mind and more intelligence wear or carry Sapphire.

Labradorite gemstone gives off an iridescent glow and looks as if the moon and sun are running through it. When one wears labradorite, it feels magic. The stone is also great for helping with depression. It is calming, helps with focus, stimulates intuition, boosts self- confidence and relieves hopelessness. When one is feeling down they may put this stone on or in their pocket with the intention of feeling better at the perfect moment, understanding that it is alright to feel down sometimes.

As you start to play with your gemstones, just have fun and realize you cannot make a mistake. You will come to realize the powerful creating tools you have at your fingertips and help yourself and the planet on new levels.  Welcome to your power, this is deliberate creating at its best.

In video we will discuss the alchemy of gemstones and the power of mixing and matching them for increased benefits. We will also talk about making essential oil sprays with gemstones.

Kim Caldwell author of How Green Smoothies Saved My Life, Activate Your Abundance and The Abundance Meditions

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Kim Caldwell author of Activate Your Abundance Book and audio program, How Green Smoothies Saved My Life and the Solfeggio Switchwords Meditation Programs. Learn More at

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