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Inuit Elders – The Earth Has Shifted

By on April 26, 2015 in Science

Inuit Elders The Earth Has Shifted

by Muneeb Kazi

A new warning has come to NASA from the Inuits. They are warning that the change in climate is not due to global warming but rather, because of the Earth shifting a bit.

The Inuits are local people that live in the Arctic regions of Canada, the United States and Greenland. They are excellent weather forecasters and so were their ancestors. Presently they are warning NASA that the cause of change in weather, earthquakes etc, are not due to global warming as the world thinks

They state that the earth has shifted or “wobbled”. “Their sky has changed!”

The elders declare that the sun rises at a different position now, not where it used to previously. They also have longer daylight to hunt now, the sun is much higher than earlier, and it gets warmer much quickly. Other elders across the north also confirmed the same thing about the sky changing when interviewed.

They also alleged that the position of sun, moon and stars have all changed causing changes in the temperature. This has also affected the wind and it is very difficult to predict the weather now and according to them predicting weather is necessary on Arctic.

All the elders confirmed that the Earth has shifted, wobbled or tilted toward the North.

This information provided by the Inuit Elders has caused a great concern in the NASA scientists.

In5D Addendum

Gregg Prescott, M.S.

A recent video provides tangible proof of what the Intuit Elders have been saying all along.  Our magnetic north and south poles have been moving along very swiftly, especially in recent years.  It is hypothesized that one of these poles will end up somewhere near the Bermuda Triangle and the South Atlantic anomaly when the flip occurs.

“Earth Has Shifted”-Inuit Elders Issue Warning To Nasa And The World (Video)

It is not yet understood what this means for humanity, but I’m quite sure this would, at the very least, affect all migratory animals and insects, along with all compasses and GPS systems and satellites, thus affecting all airlines, cars, and maps that rely on that technology.

Magnetic records have revealed that the last magnetic pole shift occurred approximately 780,000 years ago while a magnetic pole shift, on average, occurs once every 200,000 to 300,000 years.

When any animal or insect is affected by a major change or mass die off, we’re ALL affected.

One of the lessons we came here to experience is how to learn from the cycles of time. Unfortunately, we don’t have any records of what happened 780,000 years ago and how it affected mankind, along with all other living species on this planet.

It’s quite possible that we’re receiving extraterrestrial assistance in preventing a catastrophe from happening because the last pole shift should have occurred over 400,000 years ago.  As evidenced by numerous paintings throughout history, our planet has been visited by extraterrestrials for thousands of years, if not longer.

I live near the Gulf of Mexico and have no fear about a magnetic pole shift and what will happen.  I also have no plans on moving anytime in the near future.  We are all spiritual beings having a human experience, so once you realize that you never truly die, there’s nothing left to fear.

Image: Pixabay

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