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How To Balance Yourself In The Physical Plane Of Existence

By on January 25, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening
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How To Balance Yourself In The Physical Plane Of Existence

by Casey Francis,
Contributing Writer,

The physical plane of existence is often harsh and subject to many difficulties to those involved or living on its plane. The physical plane is a dense area of matter, which some of you will find hard to adjust to after living various lives in a lighter, or higher vibrational state of being. Some of you will find that the bodies they are incarnated within are uncomfortable, heavy, rigid, and difficult to maneuver within. This is something you must learn to adapt to; as you need to be here in this life to achieve the goals that were set out to you by your oversoul prior to incarnation.

These goals and ambitions are of the utmost importance; for your mission, in essence, is to help both yourself and others see that there is more than just the physical self and therefore realize your connectedness to the All through spiritual subjugation – which will help many to understand the reason for their existence is more than just for material wealth, fame or gain, and help to promote activities which benefit the many, over just one.

In doing so, many of you will realize that the fulfillment of your physical desires do not provide happiness, nor do they provide a means for escaping the pitfalls of a human existence; as represented by negative emotions and mental afflictions such as sadness, anger, frustration, depression, anxiety and addictions. These manifestations of thoughts and emotions cannot be helped by attempting to fix them with a physical object or item, which cannot replace the solution that is offered by a more spiritually wholesome approach to solving it.

These issues can be resolved by entering a quiet state of mind through meditation, yoga, tai chi, energy work or other modalities of healing so that the individual who is suffering from negative thought waves or emotions can be healed through the power of the Source’s white light.

This white light is all encompassing; it surrounds us all and is there to help us to heal ourselves from the darkness within; for these dark patches, once identified and brought to the light, are able to be cleared from our consciousness and from our vehicles, so that we may be free of torment from their vibrations.

Once cleared, these densities are turned into a lighter vibration, and are freed from our physical vessel, where they may have once been stuck. It can be seen that our physical vessel holds these dark patches of vibration within joint capsules, within bones, within muscles and within other tissues of the body i.e the lymphatic system and other bodily systems. These vibrations, once cleared, allows the individual to be freed from the pain they may have been suffering; which would be attached to those vibrations. For example, someone with liver issues may also experience bitterness, anger and depressive tendencies, due to the vibrational link between these emotions and that physical organ. Another example is of the kidneys, the excretory tract and drainage systems attached to this organ; for these, when blocked or affected by lower vibrations of disharmony, can cause anxiety, pain and suffering through an uneasy or overactive mind. Because these things are inherently linked, from the kidneys, to the liver, to the mind, through the meridians which hold the energetic flow of our body, this allows our body to be seen more so as light formations which travel from the higher to the lower systems i.e from the brain, through the lymphatic system and into the lower organs.

Because light is what forms us, light is what travels within us, light is what we consume, what we drink, what we breathe and what we output, in an excretory sense, it is clear that light is also what can solve these issues. If there is density within our light body, or physical vehicle, is it clear that pure white light can overtake or expunge a dark section of light within the body and in doing so one will find that they are instantly healthier, happier and readier to perform what needs to be done for their souls’ journey in this Earth plane.

Another note on this subject is of the need for protection from these negative influences within ourselves. Because our bodies contain millions of microbial bacteria and other parasites, making up a large proportion of our physical being, it is clear that these beings – forming their own consciousness – can have an effect on our consciousness, which is why it is imperative that we maintain a healthy system of gut bacteria and a healthy microbial presence within our bodies. This can be achieved through various means; it can be as simple as eating a healthy diet, free from the dead flesh of animals that sits in our guts long after being consumed, such as cows, chickens, geese and goats, along with their other mammalian counterparts.

The vibrations of these deceased beings within our bodies causes disharmony to our being, which is why many spiritual seekers, teachers and gurus profess a life of veganism or vegetarianism, as its effects on the physical body are profoundly positive when compared to a diet that includes the consumption of meat. This may be confronting to many, as meat is inherently a part of your day to day diet and existence, but upon studying the effects of these substrates upon your physical vehicle, as well as documenting your health and well-being after stopping the consumption of these items; you will find that you are generally a more happy, healthy and positive being – and will also find that you may become free from many ailments which you once thought incurable such as heart disease, thyroid disease, respiratory issues and kidney issues, which are all highly connected by the consumption of meat and other animal byproducts.

Of course, it is hard for some to completely stop eating or consuming these foods, however it is suggested that over time you limit your consumption of these products and try to move to a diet which is healthier and more beneficial to yourself. You will find that your life will become freer, easier and more beneficial to yourself, your friends your family and your colleagues.

The microbial health of your system is dependent upon other factors, too; for instance, the consumption of healthy greens and vegetables helps to promote the culture of live and healthy bacteria in the gut, because these consumables are energetically bio-available for the good bacteria that can be found within our bodies’ systems.

In simple terms; a healthy diet of fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds and grains will help to promote a healthy gut for all those that partake in a diet of this manner. Of course, this does not suggest that you avoid all foods which bring you pleasure, as a purpose of being on this Earth plane is to partake in things which are satisfying to the palate, to the mind, and to your emotions. For example – chocolate, ice cream and donuts – these things have been designed to ensure that they have a delicate balance of fat and carbohydrate content which is delightful for human consumption, and it is recommended by those on the higher planes that we enjoy these from time to time.

However, the over-consumption of these products leads to an interruption of the delicate balance of your energetic systems, and this is why it is not sufficient to live on a diet of junk or fast food, in addition to soft drinks, lollies, chips, chocolate and other sweet or fatty items.

This message was passed through by my Arcturian guide to help us to remember and understand that our bodies’ systems are highly affected by the foods that we eat, the thoughts we think, the emotions we feel and the energetic impacts of the external presences on our physical vessels such as through the microbial influences, which are external and yet internally within us; all adding up to create our entire conscious experience.

About the author: Casey is a 24 year old who experienced an abrupt awakening and has had to learn and adapt through numerous world-twisting experiences in the last 12 months; now spending his time writing, creating art, creating music and performing healings amongst various spiritual and galactic encounters. Please visit Casey at | Instragram: Caseyandhoney

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