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How To Create Your Galactic Code Of Discernment

By on February 10, 2015 in Spiritual Awakening

How To Create Your Galactic Code Of Discernment

by Michelle Walling, CHLC
Contributing Writer,

Why are there so many opinions of what is unfolding at this time, and how do I use discernment to decide what is best for me? Depending upon your level of awakening and vibration, your discernment can change based on your level of understanding. Therefore the human level of discernment may not be the same as the galactic level of discernment, and recognizing the difference will help reduce confusion and fear.

Why does the truth change?

Have you realized lately that today’s truth may not be tomorrow’s truth? As we expand our knowledge and raise our vibration, we grow. When we grow, we are able to reach different levels of discernment based on the ultimate goal we are moving toward. As spiritual beings, we are forever growing and expanding, therefore we will always be changing our level of discernment.

Although we may think that a Universal level of discernment is the ultimate, we could not use this level in our current world experience because it does not match vibrationally. Most people are stuck in a fight or flight level of human discernment based in fear because of the ever changing reality we are experiencing.

Why are there so many people saying different things?

There are many groups and races of beings on Planet Earth at this time. At our level of creation, there are groups of beings that the “Source” creator created and then there was a wave of beings called “souls” that were created. The waves of souls were created on different rays of light, and each vibrates at a certain density.

The beings that were created before the souls were created in order to help the souls experience, and the experience would be shared on a bigger level by the “Source” that sent forth the energy in the first place. Although our linear brains would like to translate this into a teacher and student scenario, we have to remember that all of these pieces of the source are just as important as the other pieces. They were all given different “jobs” and get true joy out of performing their jobs to the best of their ability.

Furthermore, the first beings as well as the souls split themselves up into many pieces as well and sent them forth to experience many different things at the same “time”. Therefore our souls or bigger “monads” of us are multidimensional as well as multivibrational.

Some of the groups of beings are incarnated into physical forms at this moment in time and some are existing right next to humans in a different vibrational density, experiencing this planet from a different perspective. This pattern is repeated on other planets as well. It gets really interesting when two densities begin to merge with each other and the two levels of beings begin to communicate with each other. Since they both view things from a different perspective, often one tries to convince the other that what they are viewing is the true reality, when in fact both exist for different reasons.

Depending upon how much you integrate your soul’s total mass into the human body depends on your overall understanding of the big picture. In order to incarnate into a human body, a very small piece of your soul splintered off because that is all that would fit into the denseness of the reality when you were born. But as the planet expands by raising her vibration, the human body also expands and this allows for more of your soul essence to be able to fit into your body. The natural progression is to be able to tap into more of your other lifetimes in order to have more knowledge and remembrance of who you truly are on a soul level and why you are here as a fractal of that soul.

Because of the variety of soul levels and the illusion of time that was created in order to have a variety of experiences, there would naturally be a variety of explanations of what is occurring on the planet at this time as well as a number of levels of discernment in order to follow the soul’s path of evolution.

The illusion of separation

The separation that has occurred within us and with other beings on the planet has been caused by the inability to move our consciousness from one reality to another outside of “time”. Our flexibility has been sanctioned off by incarnating into these physical bodies. The natural state of being is to be able to experience all of the groups and dimensions at will, moving from one understanding to another, while being able to be all-knowing that it is just a different perspective of things and being able to enjoy the differences.

Ironically in order to know that we are not separate from our souls, we had to experience being separate from our soul. In order to know that we are not separate from our creator, we had to be separated and long to return to that feeling of being whole again. When some aspect of our soul gets lost, other aspects of the soul will rally to the cause to help bring that soul chard back to a path that resonates more harmoniously. Sometimes in order to show the lost piece that it is lost, disharmony needs to be realized.

Galactic discernment

In order to develop your galactic level of discernment, you have to understand that we are truly infinite multidimensional beings that create our own reality, and that reality may be different than others but is ultimately still connected at a base level. Once you rejoin your group’s goals and do what you came here to do then you can begin to expand your experience and shift to many different realities at the same time.

A human will eventually grow out of local Earth discernment as they realize that they are existing within a lie that closed them off from the rest of the galaxy. By choosing to be a part of the galaxy, they will have to think and act like the rest of the galaxy, as well as vibrate at a comparative level. The Earth is beginning to vibrate at a galactic level which gives everyone and everything on her the capability of existing on a galactic level.

Examples of confusing realities

Keep this in mind when you are trying to decide whether Pleiadians are Greys posing as loving aliens or whether they are loving beings from the Pleiades that are communicating with us to help us realize who we are so that we can move to a new level of understanding. Every bit of truth also has its corresponding bit of untruth in this reality. Both beings exist and based on the level of vibrational polarity one is at decides what they will resonate more toward. Not only that, but some of those beings could actually be you from the “past” or the “future”!

Another example of confusion is that there are some people who say that we are going to leave the planet by raising out of the physical body in a light body in order to exit this reality through the “eye of the needle”. This way of thinking says that only the “good” can pass and the rest will be left to the “pit” in a lower density. Thus there will be a separation of people, ending the reign on the planet from the bad guys who have trapped us here. Then there is also the polarity that exists that says we need to stay with the planet in our physical body because we are made of the same material as the planet. They say that the planet is our mother, and we will ride out this chaos by raising our vibration within our physical bodies which will transform with her while she splits into different vibrational realities.

What if I told you that both realities exist at the same time and that neither one was more right than the other? Depending upon your level of awakening and your vibration, you could be experiencing one reality one day and the next day you could switch to experiencing the other reality.

Heart discernment and zero point

The truth may lie in the fact that what is happening simply cannot be understood by our human brains because they are split into polarity as well. While the right side of the brain may have a better chance at understanding, the left side is surely lost in logic and trying to marry the two sides creates confusion. When the heart steps in and tries to help both sides get along, it gives us the comfort that there is a bigger part of us that is like our parents, comforting and loving us unconditionally. To “go with the flow” of the heart allows for a more neutral perspective and keeps us from switching back and forth chaotically and randomly.

Eventually, like the rows of a slot machine, all rows will collectively and decisively line up and most people will see a match in their reality at least once in a lifetime. By using the heart discernment, an outcome will propel us into a new action which prompts us to pull the slot machine handle again. Ultimately different discernment will need to be used in order to get ahead in the game of slot machines. If one is constantly winning on the slot machine, it would be a good idea to stay with that machine in order to keep expanding in wealth. If one hits a losing streak and begins to shrink the stash of wealth, it might be a good idea to change slot machines, or to stop playing slot machines altogether and move to a blackjack table. However, if one realizes that the odds are stacked against them in gambling overall, they might decide to stop gambling altogether and move their concentration in energy somewhere else.

This suggests that all of the realities and plans that were created eventually merge into a singularity or zero point in which this whole creation and its multitude of realities become one reality that is created collectively. For example, when most of humanity realizes that gambling is no longer fun and has a history of stealing our energy, they will all stop using them and casinos would go out of business.

The timing or the way this shift in consciousness happens is all relative since time is an illusion, and in one way it has all already happened. Chaos and confusion will be present just like the game of musical chairs where everyone scrambles to get a chair when the music stops. The person who does not find a chair does not cease to exist, they simply do not get to play the game anymore in that round of play, and maybe they decide that game is no longer fun anyway!

Those of you who question everything may ask- why we are even here having to go through this experience if we have already merged all levels and groups into a singularity on another level? It is because it is all part of an experience of love, acceptance, forgiveness, compassion, and understanding, which is who we really are. As the one separated itself into pieces in order to experience and get to know what it truly is~ infinite creation with infinite experiences, we realize are the reflection of that experience.

By experiencing the chaos that comes with change in this lifetime, we learn to recognize on this denser level who we really are. This constantly pushes us into being something different in the now moment. When we do this on the lowest levels as a human on planet Earth, this will ultimately be reflected on higher levels of density throughout the solar system, galaxy, and Universe (and beyond!).

It is time to change the game, or to stop playing games altogether

There are those who speak of Oneness from a hierarchical level such as in the “Ra” material that wants everyone to conform to one creator’s creation under the guise that there is only one creator. This is a twist on the truth and is designed to keep those that understand true Oneness wondering if they truly understand. There are many “creators” of realities and we have experienced many of them. The creator of the reality that we are currently existing in will soon have a surprise as beings realize that they can create their own reality that is different from the one that they are experiencing. They simply have to decide to not play that game anymore and to move to a new game.

A reality will cease to exist if the players of the game leave the playing field. It is like a store that was wildly successful at one point in sales but one day has to close its doors if shoppers choose not to shop there anymore. However, that one store could be closing the doors to the store because the neighborhood no longer sustains the shop and by merely changing the location they can thrive once again.

On a bigger picture level, what if stores cease to exist altogether, because people could manifest whatever they wish? Eventually this is what will occur because all of the cycles upon cycles of experience and time are converging and collapsing. This can be a very confusing period and the main thing to realize is that not everyone is finished playing games. There are those that will manifest new playing fields and will continue their playing although the rules will have to change or else people will stop coming to play with them. There will be those who are tired of playing and will decide that they want to rest for a while, risk free.

We are feeling the urge to change experiences

Galactic discernment gives us the feeling from an expanded galactic viewpoint that our soul wants to experience something other than what we are experiencing in the “now” moment. We feel and see that this is not working for us. Some may have to leave the physical body in order to make this change. Some may experience this in a different way like bilocating and moving their consciousness to other densities and other planets while simultaneously existing in a physical body.

You can learn what your soul has chosen to experience by listening to your heart, which is where you soul rests within your physical body. This will make you happier than listening to what other people say will happen, or to what other people have chosen. With the comfort of the heart you will learn how to experience what your heart truly desires in order to make your soul complete.

Heart discernment leads to galactic discernment. This is the next step in human evolution. Some people will choose to experience the galaxy and some people will choose to integrate back into their wholeness of being as a soul. One thing is for sure, this game has become boring and most of us will choose something different. The exciting thing is that the possibilities are as endless and as creative as you make them.

About the author: Michelle Walling, CHLC is a Holistic Life Coach, international public speaker, writer, webmaster, and radio show host. In 2013, Michelle started her public career as a spiritual, metaphysical, and esoteric guest writer for Michelle is the webmaster for five websites including,,, and Michelle is the host of In5d’s Cosmic Awakening Show. Her personal Facebook page can be found here.

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