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How to Find Your Light Amidst the Darkness

By on October 9, 2016 in Spiritual Awakening

How to Find Your Light Amidst the Darkness

by Nadine Oakley,
Contributing Writer,

In this day and age of Love and Light, everyone is focused on positivity and goodness. This is definitely a place where most of us should be, but what if you find yourself surrounded by darkness? How did you get there? And how do you find your way back to the light? This post, inspired by a personal journey through the darkness, may shed some light on this subject.

In our efforts to walk in the light, we may find ourselves walking through darkness. It is drawn to you as all things are drawn to the light…like the moth to the flame. It sees your light and wishes to extinguish the flame that you carry. But do not be afraid, it is the fear itself that lowers your vibration. No outside force may bring you down, unless you allow it to enter into your subconscious. Finding a personal mantra or affirmation can help to dispel any fear that may appear.

I must not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.
Litany Against Fear
Frank Herbert, Dune

Your light is a beacon. It guides others on their path and illuminates the way. It inspires others to ignite their own flame and begin their own journey. As each flame ignites, the light will multiply and become brighter. This is the reason darkness will try to bring you down. It cannot put out your light, but it will try to influence you to extinguish it yourself.

You may find yourself surrounded with negative thoughts, emotions, or people trying to bring you down. You must realize in these situations, that these things come from outside of you. Nothing outside of you can affect you, for you are always in control of yourself. Do not let these lower frequencies enter your heart. This is the only way negativity can influence you.

Where there is light, no darkness may enter. So cling to your flame no matter how small it is. Know that you are strong, and can face any obstacle in your way. If a negative experience comes your way, find the lesson it contains. Learn from it. This is how you can turn a negative into a positive. This is how the alchemist turns lead into gold. If others treat you badly, do not condemn or get even. That will only bring you down to their level, which was the intent all along. Negative feelings lower your vibration, which will bring you lower vibrational experiences. Instead, rise above these actions and dispel all anger.

Your vibration will match the experiences that come to you. If you wish to find your way out of the darkness, cultivate a vibration of Love instead. Surrender to the love in your heart and let it flow outwards in every situation that you encounter. Release the need to control, take a step back, and a deep breath. Ask what is needed and connect to your higher self to find the answers you seek.

Do not let fear control you or influence your reactions. Instead, let love guide you. Ask yourself, how can I react to this situation with love instead of fear? When you cultivate love, your flame will grow brighter. When your light grows, the darkness will diminish. Darkness cannot exist where there is light, so keep the fire of Hope alive inside of you. No matter how hopeless things may seem, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. All you need to do is keep walking, one step at a time. Namaste.

Find Your Light

by Nadine Oakley

Find your light amidst the darkness
And let it shine
When others try to bring you down
Do not give in
And don’t you frown
For darkness can only exist down low
So rise above
And let your goodness show
When you fly high
No evil can touch you
Although they may try
With all their might to reach you
Even if they walk beside you
And try to block your way
Just keep your head up high
And know that soon will come a day
When your light will be reflected back
And there will no longer be thoughts of fear or lack
But until that day comes
Stay strong and keep Hope alive
You must be the change
You must endeavor to strive
To show all Mankind
How to live with Love in their hearts
To treat all with love and kindness
To teach compassion, honesty and respect.

About the author: I am a poet, a writer, free thinker, and artist. I am a seeker of light and truth. I am not afraid to stand up for what is right. Connect with me at

Image: Pixabay

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