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In The Near Future

By on July 25, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

In The Near Future

by Marco Lopor,
Contributing writer,

In the near future everyone will be surprised to discover that reality is more fantastic than fiction itself.

In the same way as there are real demons in positions of power, there are guardians and protectors walking on earth right now, those that people have called angels are just old souls with experience coming from different dimensions where only love exists, which are here only with one purpose: to be a living example of 5th dimensional beings and show how they have dealt with their ego in order to awaken their higher self.

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The collective consciousness needs examples to rise, needs to see if it’s true, if it’s possible, so they bring order into confusion, as they are masters of the divine expansion and evolution, they understand how to use the mental power to detach from everything and be pure.

They cleanse the quantum field from negative charge every time they walk on the ley lines which are the places where darkness during eons has placed events to commit atrocities against humanity and affect the energetic points with negative polarity.

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Doing this they accomplish something that helps to raise the global frequency of the world and to clean the energetic field of every human being.

Their job is silent and, yet not recognized, is the most important one.

~Marco Lopor

Image: Pixabay

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