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In5D Alternative News for April 25, 2017

By on April 25, 2017 in In5D Alternative News

In5D Alternative News for 2015

Welcome to In5D News, your source for Alternative News related to POSITIVE change in our society. Alternative news is the REAL news that is not being reported on the main stream media (MSM). It also reveals the propaganda that IS being reported by the MSM. If you’ve noticed, the main stream media promotes violence, fear, and terror in their attempt to control us through specific agendas. In5D does not advocate fear-mongering propaganda and views ALL news as a potential for awakening the masses in as many ways as possible. Some news, such as Earth changes, show us the balance that is needed in all areas of life, while some political news shows us how this current paradigm of corruption is collapsing from within, which is integral in becoming a Type 1 civilization.

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VIDEO: Benjamin Fulford: April 24, 2017

VIDEO: Gotham Shield CONFIRMED: New Jersey Stadium Is Staging Area for Helicopters

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VIDEO: Big Internet Outage Is Causing Problems from Coast to Coast

VIDEO: “Raising Eden” – Magenta Pixie interviews Daniel of Doriaa

VIDEO: The Entire Solar Disk Ejects Plasma; New Flaring During Solar Minimum!

VIDEO: Strong 7.1 Earthquake Strikes Off Chile’s Coast

VIDEO: 5 Things You Need To Know About The US Govt’s ‘Simulated Terror Attack’ On NYC

VIDEO: James Gilliland ~ Taking Calls; Trump, GCR, the Rebublic, Technologies

VIDEO: How To Handle Change & Make Friends With The Unknown

VIDEO: Power Outage Update/Solar Wind Speed 1.678 Million MPH

VIDEO: Heads Up! Incoming Solar Wind Could Effect Power Grids Across Earth

VIDEO: The Intuition Age – Penney Peirce

VIDEO: Operation Gotham Shield? Trump OK’s Wikileaks End, What Really Happened This Week!

VIDEO: NYT Calls for End to Google Monopoly

VIDEO: Elite Rituals You Need To Know, Child Drag Queen Hour & Giraffe Baby Live

VIDEO: Open Your Mind (OYM) Radio – Suzanne & Polly – April 23rd 2017

VIDEO: New Moon awakens all things love! Apr 23-29, 2017 Astrology Horoscope by Nadiya Shah

Big Pharma conspired to destroy supply of life-saving cancer drugs by putting profit before people

Effortlessly grow these ten plants in the shade with little to no sunlight

Don’t believe the fake news: No, President Trump is not shuttering the EPA’s data service

Trans fat ban linked to drastic drop in heart attacks and stroke, finds new study

Cops Detain Entire School, Illegally Search/Grope 900 Kids — Find NOTHING, Parents Furious

Panic Buying Hits Japan Ahead Of Possible War: “Nuke Shelters, Air Purifiers, Anti-Radiation Supplies…”

Schumann Resonance 8.21

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