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In5D Alternative News for February 20, 2017

By on March 20, 2017 in In5D Alternative News

In5D Alternative News for 2015

Welcome to in5d News, your source for Alternative News related to POSITIVE change in our society. Alternative news is the REAL news that is not being reported on the main stream media (MSM). It also reveals the propaganda that IS being reported by the MSM. If you’ve noticed, the main stream media promotes violence, fear and terror in their attempt to control us through specific agendas. in5d does not advocate fear-mongering propaganda and views ALL news as a potential for awakening the masses in as many ways as possible. Some news, such as Earth changes, show us the balance that is needed in all areas of life, while some political news shows us how this current paradigm of corruption is collapsing from within, which is integral in becoming a Type 1 civilization.

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VIDEO: Billionaire David Rockefeller Dead at Age 101 he went back home to be with his father, Satan….lol

VIDEO: Benjamin Fulford: March 20, 2017

VIDEO: Psychologist Speaks Out – Psychiatry Profits From Lying To Public About Mental Disorders

VIDEO: Space Weather Health Warning, Earthquake | S0 News Mar.20.2017

VIDEO: Open Your Mind (OYM) Radio – John White – March 19th 2017

VIDEO: Leaked Clip Of Alien Satellite Being Shot Down?

VIDEO: Flashback 1994 My has the World Changed!

VIDEO: Dollar Collapse Or Gold Standard? | Rob Kirby

VIDEO: Classified! Fbi To Reveal Obama Wiretapping Evidence To Congress In Closed Door Meeting

VIDEO: Universal Unity – New Earth Consciousness ~ Seeds of Loving Success ~ Show #69

VIDEO: GoldFish Report No. 84 Week 9 POTUS Update with Kent Dunn   …fwiw

VIDEO: Magic Spirits: Occult Imagery Hidden Within Snoop’s New Music Video

VIDEO: Freeman Fly: CIA Targeted Individuals – Dr. Eric Karlstrom

VIDEO: Another Rouge Planet

VIDEO: Another Senior Russian Official Is Dead

VIDEO: Documents Show Obama Surveiled Entire Trump Family For 8 Years

Study Shows Evidence Supporting The Idea Of A Holographic Universe

Indoctrination: Canadian schools are teaching children that GMOs are safe

EPA scientist warns that glyphosate (RoundUp) herbicide strips minerals out of food, leaving the body deficient in Zinc and Magnesium

ACTION: “National Call-In Day” announced for vaccine safety and reform: March 30th

Truly A New Manhattan Project VIDEO

For The First Time Ever, The Federal Government Is Referring To Marijuana As Medicine

Second State In Less Than A Month Challenges Fed, Passes Bill To Treat Gold And Silver As Money

Schumann Resonance 8.30

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