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In5D Alternative News for November 3, 2016

By on November 3, 2016 in In5D Alternative News

In5D Alternative News for 2015

Welcome to in5d News, your source for Alternative News related to POSITIVE change in our society. Alternative news is the REAL news that is not being reported on the main stream media (MSM). It also reveals the propaganda that IS being reported by the MSM. If you’ve noticed, the main stream media promotes violence, fear and terror in their attempt to control us through specific agendas. in5d does not advocate fear-mongering propaganda and views ALL news as a potential for awakening the masses in as many ways as possible. Some news, such as Earth changes, show us the balance that is needed in all areas of life, while some political news shows us how this current paradigm of corruption is collapsing from within, which is integral in becoming a Type 1 civilization.

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New articles and videos from around the internet

VIDEO: Coronal Hole, Major Flooding, Ground Movement | S0 News Nov.3.2016

VIDEO: Massive Chemtrailing, Up Close On A Few Chemtrail Planes – Kentucky

VIDEO: Mini Ice Age Beginning/ Solar Minimum/ Dna Change

VIDEO: Interview with the Pleiadians through Wes Annac by Matt Muckleroy Galactic Federation of Light

VIDEO: State Dept Official Announces Coup Against Hillary… Cia, Fbi Involved

VIDEO: Gold Is Hyperinflation Protection | Bruce Bragagnolo

VIDEO: November 2, 0004 Hank & Krista’s First Regression Meeting Orion Council in Person #1

VIDEO: Reading by Solreta For November 2016

VIDEO: Sirian Star Language Message For November 2016 Ep54

VIDEO: David Icke “Trump V Clinton Is Just A Circus Designed To Hide The Reality Of The System!”

VIDEO: MSM Refuses To Cover Wikileaks Revelations

VIDEO: Not Just Hillary, Entire Obama Administration Exposed for Using Private Email to Avoid FOIA Requests

VIDEO: Senator NUKES Clinton Foundation, Calls it “Largest Money Laundering…Operation in the World”

VIDEO: Jeff Rense & Jim Fetzer – Clinton Campaign in Full Panic Mode

VIDEO: Mary Rodwell : The New Human

VIDEO: Wikileak Proof: Brazile Tips Off Hillary Team… It’s All Rigged!

VIDEO: Democrats Just Turned On Hillary Clinton Big Time

Is Open-Eye Sungazing Safe?

Pesticides found in majority of drinking water tested; EPA warns consumers need water upgrades

BREAKING: Racketeering indictment of Hillary Clinton now ‘likely’ as FOIA for Datto backup device reveals FBI possesses ALL the incriminating emails

See Real Voting System Rigged For Election Theft – Bev Harris

Regardless Of Who Wins The Election, Confidence In Washington DC Is ALREADY Shattered

Iraqis In Mosul Find US Missiles At Captured Islamic State Base

Schumann Resonance 8.30

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