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The Initial Key Stages Of The Awakening Process

By on October 21, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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The Initial Key Stages Of The Awakening Process

by Olga Star,
Contributing writer,

When talking about a such continuous and complex process as awakening a lot of misunderstanding and confusion is floating amidst many people’s minds. What is the process, how do we get there, and why do we even need it?

Let’s start with why do we need it. Consider this, we talk a lot about our ecosystem nowadays, we discuss the pollution, we feel threatened by increasing temperatures. We have an ecosystem.

As scientists have proven already, there are other ecosystems out there, similar to Mother earth. We may not have (at least it’s not publicly acknowledged) a contact per-se established with them, nevertheless those ecosystems exist. Put simply, we have a planetary ecosystem and we have a universe ecosystem. Some planetary systems with their population are more advanced than ours and some are less.

Let’s agree, awakening, or the process of enlightenment as many call, is sort of an evolutionary process. First, we walk, then we speak, now… we embrace our normally dormant abilities of other senses. Our spiritual abilities. Often people refer to these abilities as psychic abilities, as sixth sense abilities or even intuition.

Let’s simplify this even further. First, we exist, then we form tribes. Then we learn we can stand alone and embrace individuality, and now awakening: Where each individual becomes one with the whole ecosystem, while sustaining the individuality (Aha! No wonder your author, i.e. me, wrote that book on ‘How to be selfish’)!
In simple terms, once you’ve mastered your individuality, you can contribute more fully to the society unit, or our ecosystem if you like. First, we build an ecosystem with our community, then our town or city and then our whole earth and then… but that’s the next stage, with our universe ecosystem.

Our ‘other senses’ are always present but somewhat dormant. The beauty of the awakening process is it’s reminiscent of a vortex. Once it starts, others will be drawn into it and eventually the whole process may even come to completion. But before that, let’s start with the first initial key stages that will help us to get there. As it doesn’t just mean connecting, but connecting with one another on a deeper level. Which, in itself, IS a complex step that consists of several stages:

Acknowledge you have abilities.

No matter what anyone says, you don’t have to be an old woman, living in a forest and talking to your dead relatives while looking into a crystal ball.
Those days are over. No more witch hunting (except for some countries) and no more naming and shaming for ‘crazy talk’ about how you knew exactly what will happen. Some call it de javu, some intuition, some say ‘spooky stuff.’
Acknowledgement alone goes a long way.

Train your mind.

Mind training is underrated. Un-respected, and generally dismissed under the notion ‘If I don’t see immediate results, perhaps it doesn’t work’.
Start with simple meditation: even 5 minutes of trying to silence your mind, DAILY, will work in the beginning.

Recognise there is more to your existence than what you see in front of you.

Or speaking in the language of quantum physics- our experience is limited to the way we observe reality. That does not mean however there is no other reality, that we have not observed yet.

Join likeminded individuals.

Practicing your abilities is best done in a group. That is the first principle of oneness, the awakening requires more than one participant.
On a side-note, there are many records of physical mediumship that was especially popular during the 19th and early 20th century, what many don’t know, in order to master the energy necessary to manifest physical ‘proof’ the groups energy was required! Not just of the medium who was performing (often devastatingly exhausting on medium’s health) task.

Stat practicing your abilities.

How do you know you are ready to move on to the next stage? It may take time, although I’ve seen some of my students progressing within only a few group sessions! It is when you can connect with the others to the point of knowing how they feel, what their issues are and so on that you are ready to progress to the next stage, that I’ll be sure to write about.

For now, start practicing and keep me posted on your progress.

Lots of love and light,

Olga Star
Spiritual teacher

Olga Star is a founder of Starseeds School & Sanctuary in England and is a practicing Spiritual Teacher for the last ten years.

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