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Is Fate Predetermined?

By on September 24, 2015 in Spiritual Awakening
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Is Fate Predetermined?

by PL Chang

Some people say fate is like destiny, because we cannot change it. I say people who believe that they cannot change fate lack the knowledge and wisdom to understand what life and reality are.

Let us explore the difference between fate and destiny, so that we can come to an understanding of what fate is and if fate is predetermined.

The definition of fate is that you can change it through perseverance and hard work whereas destiny is predetermined; therefore, it cannot be altered.

Is there such a thing as fate or destiny?

To answer this question that concerns the meaning of fate and destiny, I will need to explain to you how the future works.

Through many years of studying spirituality and science (I’m not talking about religion-based spirituality and dogmatic science), I have found many secrets about how reality works, which have allowed me to find answers to some of life’s most fundamental questions. If you want to understand how reality works at the most fundamental levels, read my earlier article titled Understanding the Magic of Nature and Embracing It to Make Life Fun, Happy and Enjoyable Again.

The future is fluid-like, not stone-like. In other words, the future is not written in stone. However, there is an exception. I will explain that exception in the last section of this article.

The past, present and future are all happening simultaneously or at the same time. From our perspective, the past is something that has already happened. The present is something that is happening as you read this article. Like the past, the future is something that has already happened too. However, the future has infinite possibilities. Remember, the past, present and future are all happening at the same time. For you to understand how reality and fate work, you need to understand that the true nature of time is simultaneous.

How is this possible, you may ask? Because time behaves more like an illusion. It can speed up or slow down. More importantly, time is not linear. This is what most modern scientists fail to understand, which is why they have such a hard time understanding how reality works.

Here is a video that does a great job explaining how reality works. I do not agree with everything in this video, but I do agree with its claim that matter behaves like an illusion.

The Secret Beyond Matter

Scientific studies have concluded that when you travel very fast, you age slower. As you approach near the speed of light, the slower you age. This proves that time is not constant. Have you ever had a dramatic experience, such as a car accident, where time slowed down and you see your life flash before your eyes? Time slows down because your senses become hyper-sensitive during a dramatic experience, which allows you to process information faster than normal, causing time to slow down.

It is important to understand that time is not linear but simultaneous. The reason why we experience time in a linear fashion is due to the fact that we have not evolved enough to the point where we can experience time in a simultaneous state. At our current level of evolution, experiencing time in a simultaneous state would be very chaotic to us. We, as human beings, still have a lot of evolving to do. By experiencing time in a linear fashion, it allows us to experience life in a way that we can understand, so that we can evolve and one day become creators ourselves!

The three forces of Creation (God) inside you are proof that you are a creator yourself

Creation gave you Its most precious gifts when It created you. Those priceless gifts are love, thought and consciousness.

What is love?

Love is not just a feeling. At the deeper levels, love is a harmonic conscious energy that attracts everything into oneness. It is a form of energy that is always vibrating toward balance and harmony. When people are attracted to each other, it is mostly because their energy resonates. When their energy does not resonate, they lack the chemistry to attract. Love is the energy that holds the Cosmos together and is one of the fundamental things that motivates Creation to create things.

What is thought?

One of the most powerful energy forces in the Cosmos is thought. This force is so powerful that it has the power to manifest energy into matter. Physical manifestation is nothing more than an end result of focused thought. Here is an excerpt from my book Staradigm about the power of thought.

Thought is a conscious energy that has the potential of thinking within and upon itself, giving us the ability of free will. It is needed to focus everything into existence. Most of us do not realize that when we use our thoughts, we are preparing energy to be manifested into matter. In other words, we are creating our reality. We cannot see our creation being instantaneously manifested in front of our eyes because of the restriction of linear time. The idea of time being linear is an illusion and is only true from our perspective. As human beings, we have not yet evolved enough to handle the amount of data that comes with experiencing time in a simultaneous state. In our current state of evolution, experiencing time simultaneously would feel very chaotic to us. The fact that we have thought is an indication that we are very powerful beings who have the power to create.

For more information about the power of thought, read my empowering article titled How to Manifest Your Desires With the Power of Thought.

What is consciousness?

Consciousness is a creative energy force that exists in all things. In essence, consciousness is an informational field of awareness and feedback that gives you a sense of self. This informational field is conscious of itself and is made of subtle energy. It is a field of pure potentiality; thus, it has infinite possibility and creativity. Through the power of consciousness, vibration and frequency are achieved.

Consciousness uses vibration and frequency to create light, which is why light has vibration and frequency. Vibration and frequency give characteristics to what is being expressed through consciousness. Vibration and frequency are very important for your well-being, because your body and soul depend on them to function. Two of the most important things to know about consciousness are that it has infinite potential and it is found in everything, even in the four elements (fire, earth, air and water).

The fact that you have love, thought and consciousness is proof that you can change your fate

The fact that you have love, thought and consciousness is proof that you are a spiritual being with infinite potential, and you have the power to become a creator yourself; therefore, you have the power to change your fate. Do not ever forget this. Otherwise, you become vulnerable to the dark forces who only want to enslave your soul.

If you want to be happy in life, take responsibility and be in charge of your life so that you can take control of your fate. Study and try to understand the knowledge and wisdom in this article, because I wrote it for the purpose of helping you take control of your fate. It would be wise to not allow people and society to brainwash you into believing that you are destined to suffer. The idea that you are destined to suffer or cannot change your fate is a tool that certain rich, spiritual leaders, shamans, psychics and elders use to control you, whether they realize it or not.

The future behaves like a magical tree

The future has infinite possibilities. Think of the future like it is a magical tree with billions of leaves and branches that keep on multiplying for eternity. The branches act like the paths that you take in life, and the leaves are like events or destination points in time. The free will choices that you make in life are what are going to determine which leaf or leaves you end up on. In other words, your future is determined by your free will choices. You are exactly where you are in life because of the choices you made, not because of fate or destiny.

The one thing that can determine your future is when you pass the critical mass point. For example, imagine walking on an old thin bridge on top of two high cliffs. You know that the bridge may not hold your weight, but you decided to take the risk and walk on it since it is the shortest route. As you walk across the bridge, you hear the bridge snap and you fall to your death. The exact moment when the bridge snaps is known as the critical mass point. Once you reach this point, your fate is determined and nothing you do will save you from falling to your death or change your fate.

Some people may say this means that fate is predetermined. What they do not realize is that you made the free will choice to take the shortest route. If you had gone around it, or went back the way you came from and found another path, you could have prevented this tragedy from occurring. In our version of reality, everyone is destined to die. However, we do have great control over this destiny, because we can choose how to live our lives before our last breath. Even when we die, our soul and spirit will live on; therefore, death is another illusion. Your soul/spirit is who you truly are, not your physical body.

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are your unalienable rights (God given rights)

The concept of destiny and fate is society’s way of controlling you and preventing you from ever evolving to the spiritual being that you are capable of becoming. Remember, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are your unalienable rights (God given rights). Do not allow destiny or fate to give you the illusion of taking away your unalienable rights.

So, live your life with dreams, passion, inspiration and laughter, and live it the way you want to, instead of allowing people to tell you that your fate is predetermined and that you should therefore accept it and suffer. Creation gave you the precious power of free will; use it wisely so that you can change your fate and be happy in life.

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