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Ley Lines In Need Of Healing

By on August 30, 2013 in Awareness
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Ley Lines In Need Of Healing

The following article is reflective of the ley lines that are in need of healing. By healing one area’s ley lines, you create a positive affect on all ley lines. This particular ley line is by the Mississippi River which, by no coincidence, has cities named after cities in Egypt, such as Memphis and Cairo. The Mississippi River is viewed by those in the esoteric circles as America’s version of the Nile River.

Unknowingly, another visitor in the area was there to help in the healing process and recorded his experience via his Kauilepele YouTube channel.


by Yolanda Arenas

For the first time in a very long time I took some time to re-visit the good old US of A. The reason for my visit was an Electronics Convention that my partner planned to attend in Tunica, Mississippi. Tunica is a very small town way out near the Mississippi River with a population of 1,132 inhabitants, according to the United States Bureau of Statistics, and is just a short 20 minute ride from Memphis, Tennessee. In the many years of my travels I’ve never took the time to visit any other state than those located on the eastern part of the United States and though I’d be a long ways from Puerto Rico, I thought it to be a good time to visit the South.

So, on Friday, July 26, 2013 my partner and I took a plane to Memphis, Tennessee. We arrived just two days ahead of the Convention so that we could spend some time in downtown Memphis.

Friday, July 26th

We arrived at about 6:30 p.m. in the afternoon. The city was lovelier than I imagined. Although, I did not know much of South, I wanted to blend in as best I could and make my experience with the South a warm adventure. We picked up our rental and headed toward the Sleep Inn hotel. Upon our arrival we were greeted by the hotel’s staff and their southern hospitality. The Sleep is located right in the middle of downtown Memphis across the Mississippi River. The ride from the airport was pleasant. I was entertained by the beauty of the streets and though I desired to settle in and relax I stood amused by the huge green trees and the tall buildings that gave Memphis a look to be alive and well. We arrived at our hotel between 7:30 and 8:00 p.m. and to my surprise the sun was still shining! I welcomed the sun’s longevity. Our island is known for its sunshine year round, but it never stays out that long and it felt really good to be on the ground after such a long flight. The two layovers had turned out to be bit of a nightmare. So, once we got into our room, we dropped our bags and headed for the city. I was starving!

We stopped at the front desk clerk to ask for directions and when the gentleman on shift spoke, he replied in a southern manner, “Yes, mam!” “You can walk on over to the next block and you will find the Blue Plate Café, best food in town, mam”. It felt nice to hear people talk different to our native language. We walked several blocks along the streets admiring the historical railway Trolleys. As we headed further in to town I felt my energies drop from total excitement to restlessness to sadness in almost nothing. I wanted to head back, but my partner encouraged me to stay. At the time, I couldn’t pinpoint the uneasiness. I was so upset I could not enjoy the lovely sunset that was on the horizon. My intuitiveness confirmed Memphis streets were secure and there were officers riding horseback and bikes, but there was an imbalance. The air was dense and I felt consumed with sadness. When I looked at the pass-a-byers on the streets they were unaware. The ground felt heavy and the energies felt heavier than those on the island. I have always been spiritually connected and tremendously sensitive to the environment as well as other people’s energy vibrations, but I was not prepared for that drastic change. When I walked the streets I had a mental image of a time that was no more that reminded me of a movie I had seen called, “Roots”, where the African Americans had been shamefully abused. I believed that these energies would interfere with my stay in Memphis.

We never found The Blue Plate Café. At least not till the next day on our visit to Beal Street. Instead we found a charming little Pub called the Brass Door. The Brass Door is an Irish pub/restaurant with two level floors. The first and second levels are for dining. Although we didn’t go to the basement, the busy staircase and the loud music indicated that it was where all the young kids hung out. The second level had a cozy wood balcony where customers enjoyed the activities down below. The bar looked like an Irish Vintage pub and the Victrola that sat on one of the shelves gave it the look. While there, I felt back in time. We sat at a small corner table away from the noise. I had the BLT with eggs and my partner the roast beef. It was the Best BLT I’ve ever.

On the walk back I enjoyed the scenery. The hotel was centered right across the street from a beautiful park. I noticed Cinderella like Coaches brightly adorned with purple and green lights that road through the park on a historical horse trail ride of the city and on the right side of the park hung high above the Mississippi waters was the Hernando De Soto Bridge beautifully illuminated with a spectacular breathtaking view. The Trolleys road back and forth like mass transit buses and drove through town without any friction to the coach riders. There were no tourists on streets, just a few who stood on the corner stop to Beal Street. Beal Street is loved by all the party goers at Memphis. We ended the night early and I sensed the energies would not subside.

Saturday, July 27

The next day we set out to exchange our rental. It swayed back and forth after the 45mph mark. So, we made a trip back to the airport and got another car. Since it was our only day off, we made an effort to visit as many places as we could on that day. Our first visit was Graceland. We took the VIP tour which included the entire mansion and the outside mansion. I hear a lot that “Elvis is the King”, and I agree. Elvis has quite a story. In addition to the land, the cars, the planes, the clothes, the awards and all his #1 hits, I learned Elvis knew a lot more than just music. Lisa Marie Presley, Elvis’s daughter has a video interview that is aired in one of the sections of the Mansion. She shares details of her father’s knowledge on Esoteric. She says he owned a collection of books that she often reads and that these books brought her closer to her father and gave her a better understanding of her father’s state of mind. She shares illustrations on the different sections of these books that were underlined by her father. She said that the books proclaimed the New Age of Aquarius and that she thought her father was on the path of Enlightenment. Some of the piles of books illustrated were from Tibet and India. It was mind blowing! Elvis was on the path to Enlightenment and confirmed by his own daughter! There is always a story behind the story. I imagine how difficult it might have been for Elvis at that time. Imagine the scrutiny he might have been exposed to!

Our next stop was Riverside Drive. On our way back to town we took the Riverside Drive. I had a déjà vu. Some weeks before I had woken from a dream that stood with me for days. In my dream I lived in this beautiful pointed rooftop home. These homes were laid over a green grass hill that extended into a park. There was a road that stretched between the park and it extended along the lake. There were boats floating on the waters, big beautiful trees and wood benches on the sidewalks along the lake.

My daughter of about 3 or 4 years held my hand tightly. She was pint-sized and had a soft smile. She had long black hair, oriental eyes with a small button nose and the tiniest lips. We walked through the house and out the door towards a stairway that led us to the park and then I awoke.

The dream inspired me to draw an image of the place and share it with my partner and his daughter. I told my partner on that day that I had lived in that place. Imagine my astonishment when I realized that I was driving alongside that very road! Tears rolled down my cheeks, chills ran down my spine and my partner smiled at me in recognition. It was a confirmation of some sort. I had been brought to this place for a purpose. My drawing confirmed that. Spirit has a way of connecting us in the most oddest of ways. We drove silent until we reached our next stop.

We boarded a site-seeing tour of the Mississippi River. As we sailed along the river, we passed the hill top homes for a second time. It was then that I learned from tour guide that there was an Indian Cemetery to the left side of the homes where the Indian’s Ancestors still laid. I also learned that Memphis had been owned by the Chickasaw Tribe and that the lands were sold to the “white folks”, as said in the South, for a thousand dollars in the early 1800’s. The sum might be higher, but no one really knows. I also learned that the Piggly-Wiggly had been born in the town of Memphis to a man called Clarence Saunders that by the year 1922 he had 1,200 locations and by the year 1923, Clarence lost the Piggly-Wiggly and went from riches to rags. How sad…

After the site-seeing tour we stopped at the Spaghetti Warehouse to have dinner. The Spaghetti Warehouse is located on 40 West Huling Street in downtown Memphis. We had pasta and sangria! This place is good for the Vintage aficionados. The building’s décor has an old world charm with Vintage memorabilia hung on most of the walls. There are toys, bubble gum machines and even a trolley station with a giant Trolley parked inside. The trolley has booths to accommodate a sit down meal. Although we did not sit in this particular area, we saw it on our way out. The building keeps its old structure and by the looks of the ceiling’s old airway shafts of the air conditioning system it is left exposed to give the place a feel of the past. The food was excellent! There was enough leftovers for another meal! We even took a doggie bag. Back on the road we took a turn to enjoy a strip of Colonial houses that still maintained their traditional décor. It reminded me of a street I use to travel when I was a little girl in New Jersey.

Beal Street

Beal Street had more people walking down the streets than a Thanksgiving Day parade. The strip was well patrolled and they had officers who searched all of the people that entered and left the Beal Street Strip. Some people were padded and others just showed their ID’s. One thing struck at me and that was that there were no Hispanics in Memphis nor Mississippi for that matter. I don’t recall that I saw one, so my olive skin and Latina look stuck out like a sore thumb! When I walked into many of the establishments I felt strong glares that made me uncomfortable. We were frequently asked where we were from and when we mentioned the island I felt that many of the people changed. What might compel some people to discriminate is beyond me, I assume the immigration issue in politics has lots to do with it. Maybe they feel threatened? Maybe it’s the negative news media, I don’t know, but it’s unjustifiable and it really put a damper on our tour at times. I for one felt compelled to call upon my sprit guides for protection and found myself chanting the Nam-miojo-rengue-kio often to liberate the tension around us and achieve a more quiet and harmonious environment. It really worked!

It saddens me to think that discrimination can and still exists today. I still cherish the happy times I lived as a child in the state of New Jersey. Was I ever exposed to discrimination? Well, maybe some, but nothing compared to what people experienced in the South. I left the U.S. many years ago and I do live in a commonwealth which is very much tied to the U.S. and I still carry a strong bond to the United States as it is where my father served as a military officer and is a veteran of the Korean War. It is where my parents chose to raise their family and the place where my brothers and sisters were educated, including myself and learned to be loving, responsible adults. It is where my brothers and sisters still live and chose to raise and educate their own families.

Sadder is the thought that people still harbor these feelings of division in 2013. With all the attention that the word “discrimination” gets today, you’d think some people would consciously deviate from any involvement that word may entail, but not so. Discrimination is an injustice to us all. The way I define it, it is an act of treason to mankind. When someone harbors selfishness and hatred and only tolerates that which is in their own interest, it can only serve that person and no one else. It is simply a misconstrued perception of life and only serves to limit mankind’s evolutionary growth. I hate to admit that this is the energy that is strongly tied to the South. How could I ignore it? I won’t say that my trip was a total loss, but rather a learning experience.

Moving on, we stopped at one of the first clubs on the corner street named after BB King. It had the loudest music and the longest line to get in. We were charged $5.00 dollars and had a color coded wrist bands tied to our wrists. We enjoyed the show and quickly moved on out to the streets. We stopped to photograph a vintage window display with mannequins all dressed in hats and accessories of the 1940’s. The crowds were overwhelming. There was a cart parked on a corner street that had two women selling Jello-shot and they shouted, “Get your jello shots!” to the passer-byers who’d stop to buy them as if it were cotton candy! Like them, there were many people who attempted to lure the crowds into their own establishments. This street is for adults only. Our last stop was the Hard Rock Café. We enjoyed the artists on stage, but we didn’t stay long. The entire day’s walk had fallen upon both of us so, we headed back, but not before boarding a coach that took us on a historical trail ride that dropped us straight in front of our hotel. The evening ended with a quick story from our tour guide. I learned that many hears ago the Mayor of Memphis had been used the park to celebrate a special occasion that included using the beautiful giant water fountain that adorns the park which was filled with champagne to accommodate the mayor’s guests and that has never been repeated again

Sunday, July 28

Sunday morning we checked out and left Memphis. We drove off to Tunica, Mississippi. A bit teary eyed I left the city. Even with all the uneasiness I had experienced. I felt my trip had become more of a journey and one of life lessons…

The drive to Tunica felt different and it was different because I was different. I adapt rather quickly to situations and the environment, but on this occasion I felt I was being challenged. It’s hard when faced with resistance especially if they are strong negative energies that invade your space. That’s exactly how I felt on my way to Tunica.

Through my spiritual awareness I have learned to discern and identify the positive and negative energies. I can differentiate between simple common sense too! Spirit is in all things. How some manage to ignore that I can’t say. I learned to do just that at a very young age. My mother was a medium and had abilities that others did not. She could speak with people who had passed and channeled energies from another dimension. With Spirit you just know. My upbringing was different, but simple. The ability to help others is in our bloodline. My mother did just that and for a very long time. She is passed now.

The drive out from Tunica painted a different picture. The lovely scenery that was part of downtown Memphis had changed from one that thrived to one desolate. It went from one extreme to another! The back neighborhoods were deteriorated and spoke for themselves. I wondered about the caretakers of the city and how much effort was placed to the main part of the city and the rest ignored. We took the old 61 Road instead of the Highway Road into Tunica. There were many abandoned homes, convenient stores closed, huge businesses boarded up with signs that read “out of business” and no open gasoline stations. It kind of reminded me of an old news reel from the 70’s. It was like riding into a ghost town. A long road and more abandoned homes, there was land, but no people. The land was green, and I wondered, “Where were the people?” It was eerie.

As we got closer to Tunica, my stress level rose. I could not handle the overwhelming surge of emotions that overpowered my serenity. My heart felt sorrowed, suffering, resentment, anger and fear all at once. I wept out lout and began to speak to my partner of all the horrible things that had happened on and around the grounds. One of the things that my partner later pointed out that I had said while under this trance was that, “you can cover the land with beauty, but you can never hide what is engraved on the lands for the energies exhume and cry the truth.” I don’t know if my partner understood what had happened to me or the message that Sprit conveyed, but I felt really bad for him because he had never seen me that way. I wanted to go home!

The hotel was centered in a town called Robinsville, at least that’s what the GPS read when we got to Tunica. Both cell phones were a bit crazy. The GPS system could not locate the correct roads that led us to the hotel and we kept going round in circles. There were signs, but we were confused. The roads were named after the Casinos like, Casino Parkway, Casino Road, and so on and so on. We took a wrong turn that led us to a place called “Riverpark”. The road leading into Riverpark was curvy and forest like with bugs everywhere! The bugs stuck to our windshield and wouldn‘t budge. I refused to step out of the car! There were about three cars parked and I saw two people on the dock boarding a steamboat. We followed the road around the parking lot to the exit.

We finally made it to the Harrah’s Veranda Hotel. The hotel was an exquisite golf course resort with lakeside grounds. We even saw a beautiful Sunflower patch along the way. The road had huge billboards side to side advertising the main attraction of course, the Casinos! A lot of renowned artists perform at these Casinos and their billboards were advertised as well. I harbor nothing against Casinos and know there a lot of people who love to gamble, but I’m just not one of them. I felt like George Baily from “It’s a Wonderful Life”.

The hotel room turned out to be absolutely gorgeous! Our room was on the sixth floor and it had a lovely view to the lake, to the trees and the greenest grass that extended all the way out as far as into the golf course. My partner and I spent the rest of our afternoon in and we relaxed. The evening ended early.

That night I woke up at about 12:45 a.m. drenched in sweat and cried. I had had nightmare. I dreamt that I had been sequestered by a group of men and was approached by a woman in a crowd that looked lost and needed help. She came close and I was absorbed by the crowd and ended up lost and chained to her and a group of other women that were held captive. They all looked abused. Suddenly I found myself in the center of a house sitting at a table still chained with rooms that circled our table. In these rooms the women were obligated to perform sex for money, but the women never saw the money because the men paid a custodian. Suddenly, the woman I had been tied to got close to me once again and showed me the exits to make an escape and when the custodians learned of her betrayal, they shot her on her forehead. I saw how these people transported humans on trains! The leader of the group was a man of his sixties. He sent me to another area and I was transported, but I escaped. The authorities knew, but did nothing unless they felt threatened to be exposed. I heard someone shout my name and I woke up.

The dream sounds like a scene from a TV movie, but it was a dream. I share this experience because I believe I should. I don’t know if people around the globe understand how serious the impact of slavery and bondage was caused to the South. And so much is so, that the energies engraved on these lands still cry out in pain. I wept for all those who had experienced injustices and I didn’t stop until 5:00 a.m. when I felt a sudden release from all the pain. At that moment I knew I was free and would continue my stay in peace in Mississippi.

To summarize I‘d say that each of us has a spiritual purpose. Whether we accept it or not our life lessons are played out. Was I brought to the South for a simple convention? I think not. I came to the South to release karma from a past life and quite possibly my spiritual energies were used somehow to cleanse the lands.

On the evening of July 31st I read this post on Kauilepele’s blog:

Kp Message… Soon to Leave… and Next Steps…

I’m about to leave Mississippi, and can only say that the two missions here have been a strong success. The healing mission at Vicksburg, and the “detachment from slavery paradigm” for the planet, performed yesterday, have definitely allowed the planet to proceed to Higher Levels.

Those two paradigms (Civil War (North vs. South) and the slavery paradigm) have been so deeply ingrained here, particularly in the South, that they have essentially held the North American continent in their bondage for centuries. Of course the slavery paradigm is much older, and has held the world in bondage for millenia.

As a result of the last two missions, they have both been successfully detached from their roots, and this allow the planetary Ascension process to proceed. This was major. Very major.

Thanks to Tracy, who has grown up here and done “Light Work” here for years, who was the lead… These were her missions, and I was her support.

I felt so “drained” today that I’ve done almost nothing, and that includes posting anything. But I am sure that I’ll be reporting more as the next part of the journey begins. Tomorrow.

Thank you all for your energetic assistance and support.

This is the original link to his blog

Saturday, August 21, 2013

Let it be known that neither Kauilapele nor I have ever met or connected during our stay in Tennessee. Nor did we know of any previous engagements that either had in that area. Upon my return home from this trip my partner and I have enjoyed positive results from our visit to the Convention.

Spirit works that way…

A Personal Message to Humanity

It is important that Humanity take a leap forward to release these preconceived thought forms that only serve to stagnate growth. Until we do, we will be held captives. What will it take to let go? It is our responsibility as a collective to assure that our past errors are not repeated. We are creators of our own destiny. Can we really live in total harmony under the present guise? Will you dare to step out of your comfort zone?

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