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Multidimensional You; Timeline Traveler Extraordinaire

By on June 5, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening
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by Christa Reeves,
Contributing Writer,In5D.com

Over the course of our lifetime, we have seen the field of Quantum physics grow exponentially pushing us to the very limits of Classical Physics and beyond. The multidimensional aspects of our existence, that this field of study brings to light, are quite eye-opening and mind-boggling.

Whether we are consciously aware of it or not, it is very likely that we have been multidimensional beings since birth. While it may seem a little far-fetched for some, we may have not only possessed this ability, but also have been utilizing it to change, merge and collapse timelines the entirety of our lives.

It feels as though we are currently at the precipice of one of the most exciting times to be alive.

As always, please take what resonates for you, the in-divide-dual, and leave the rest.

By now, I know many are aware and have heard of the term Mandela effect. This phrase was coined by a lady by the name of Fionna Broom back in 2008-2009. The story behind this phenomenon stemmed from a conversation that Fionna had with several friends and colleagues revolving around their conflicting memories of the life and legacy of Nelson Mandela. It seems that some of them remembered Mandela dying while imprisoned back in the 80’s along with large riots in the streets following his death.

In our current timeline, Nelson Mandela was released from prison in 1989 and became the president of South Africa. In this reality, he was laid to rest in 2013.

This phenomenon does not end with Nelson Mandela, it seems that it was just the beginning of an acknowledgement and conversation about many conflicting memories for many people, myself included.This multidimensional phenomenon has more occurrences added to its list daily.

The following are just a hand full of examples:

  • Sex In the City/Sex and the City
  • Berenstain bears/Berenstein bears
  • Froot Loops/Fruit Loops
  • Cap’n Crunch/Captain Crunch
  • Febreze/Febreeze
  • The Jackson Five 5 or 6 members and who’s the youngest brother?
  • The ending of “We are the Champions ” by Queen
  • What island does the Statue of Liberty sit upon Liberty or Ellis?

…and the list goes on and on.

Human memory is an autonomous strange beast and this subject may very well be tied to our innate ability to shift timelines. There are large groups of people who recall completely opposing memories of these topics and many more. I would venture to guess that it is close to an even split.

Another odd aspect of this phenomenon, is that when it’s brought to someone’s attention, that what is currently known to be an opposing reality to what they vividly recall as their own memory, it has a very rubbery effect. Often, it can cause what they may feel was their original opposing memory to merge/melt into the current reality. This feels very similar to the way we feel as we awaken from a dream state  and start to get further away from the dream details the more awake that we become. It can make an individual feel as though they are in some sort of time warp.  It’s definitely not what most would consider a pleasant feeling and honesty it can be quite disturbing.

How might this phenomenon be attached to multidimensional timeline manipulation? Have you ever heard the saying “Time is but an illusion”? Quantum physics is revealing more and more about this subject daily.  Time, as we know it, may very well not be the linear structure that we have come to be-lie-ve that it is. The further we venture down this rabbit hole, the more the pieces of the puzzle begin to morph as they unfold.

The last article, that I crafted, was about the doorway of the timeless Now moment. The more that this subject is brought to light, the more clear this paradox becomes. The Now moment may be both timeless and also where Time resides. Where the past, present and future Now moment calls home. Learning to see our experiences, from the viewpoint of the neutral observer, is an energetic key that unlocks the door to the power that resides in capturing the Now moment. Every single moment that has ever occurred in this reality is a Now moment. Take a minute  and allow that to sink in.

When we engage our memories of moments past, it can be  similar to sticking our hand in the running water of a river or stream. No matter how many times we stick our hand in the exact same spot, we can never touch the same water more than once. Likewise, no matter how good our ability to recall our past is, we can never call forth a memory from our memory banks the exact same way. We can only see the perspective of the present Now moment at the time it occurs through the lens of the experiences that we have had up to that point in our lives. After that initial moment passes, we will never see it through those same eyes again.  This is due to our vision being affected by the sum total of all of our experiences in life at any given moment added to the amount of healing that we have accomplished.  As we move past the present Now moment, we accrue additional perspectives that forever tilt our looking-glass and we are never able to see it the same way again. With that being said, I would like to touch on another aspect of this current perspective, Quantum Healing.  The ability to correct the course of the journey of our past, present and future Now moments.

If the past , present and  future all truly reside within the timeless Now moment, then we should be able to access all three from this doorway. When we are engaging the emotion of regret, we are most likely within the doorway of a past Now moment. When we are engaging with the emotion of anxiety, we are most likely standing at the doorway of a future Now moment.  When we find ourself at the peaceful place of neutrality, we are currently in a present Now moment. We can learn to become the neutral observer while standing at the door of all three. By choosing to allow ourselves to utilize the power of daydreaming/vision boarding to create a different outcome in our minds eye, we thereby craft the doors to endless possibilities/perspectives where we once be-lie-ved there was only one…….our own.

Through these exercises, we can and do alter timelines and shift our realities. We have been accomplishing this beautiful feat throughout our entire lives. Every time we make a choice in life, we are literally choosing an alternate timeline. The more we learn the art of practicing and becoming choiceless, the more we are allowing all timelines to coexist within our autonomous worlds. The doors to all possibilities are then available and we become the holder of the master/matter key.  We can then consciously match the vibration of the reality that we desire, align ourselves with our preferred  timeline that we wish to experience and use our energetic master-key to open the  door to our authentic destiny.

Blessed are We

About the author: My name is Christa “Khilla” Reeves and I’m a creative supernova currently expressing itself in the form of a hue-man being, in this 3rd dimensional reality & beyond, on this beautiful blue planet called Earth. My Path of Purpose includes reaching out to as many souls as needed along The Way by living my most authentic heart centered self and being a Way seer.  My creative endeavors are bound in the pages of my website Magickmirror.net.

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