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On The Cusp Of Change – I Have Loved For Thousands Of Lifetimes

By on December 12, 2016 in Spiritual Awakening

On The Cusp Of Change - I Have Loved For Thousands Of Lifetimes

by Victoria Trinity,
Contributing Writer,In5D.com

Usually when I begin one of my pieces, I start with the title first. Tonight though, I have no idea what to call this piece.




I am sitting here by the fire, the air outside is chilled by winter’s calling, and as I was reflecting, the song below comes on the music channel I listen to.  It always moves me to tears.  It brings out thousands of lifetimes of pain, celebrations, disappointments, hello’s and good-bye’s.

We are in amazing times and I do not say that lightly.  We sit on the cusp of something huge.  The “IT” moment.  And if my body is telling me the truth, we have made this attempt before, only this time we are crossing the finish line.

If you are reading this, chances are you have been on this journey with me – perhaps in the metaphoric sense, perhaps in the literal sense.  We each have had thousands of lifetimes, each one a spark in our awakening.  Our Amazing Souls have spoken to us, lifetime after lifetime, calling us to Remember so that we may escape this dark matrix of control. The light has spoken to us through our connections with others as well as the dark.  A tug-of-war you can say.

Do we go with what we feel in our bodies and in our hearts?  Do we listen to the skepticism and doubt of the mind?  We have all had thousands of lifetimes where we are faced with this decision.

It’s all energy and it comes down to Love.  Does it make us feel alive?  Go with that.  Everything else is an illusion – illusion in that there is something more – something more awesome and wonderful.

I have loved for thousands of lifetimes.  And so have you.  Let’s pull up all of that love throughout those experiences and feel it and share it.  And then let’s all go experience thousands of lifetimes of loving one another in the higher dimensional frequencies, away from control, away from those who have sought to keep us in the dark as to Who We Really Are.


About the author: Victoria Trinity is the owner/editor of loveinactionnow.com, a new website dedicated to the Truth of new technologies, healing modalities, new earth, ascension, restoring our environment, our true history, alternative news, alternative healing, aliens and the paranormal and our galactic families. Her original pieces can be found under the Daily Notes section. She is also a published author and her book, Live To Impress Yourself: An Interactive Journal, can be found at this link. You can also find her on facebook;facebook.com/creativeangel

Image: Pixabay

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