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Photon Belt And Null Zone

By on August 5, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening

Photon Belt And Null Zone

by Angel V. Ornedo Jr.,
Contributing Writer,

Intense energies are ongoing and we do not expect this phenomenon stopping as we are within the Photon Belt known to us, as announced by our astronomers and scientists, the first time in our lifetimes recorded in history. 26,000 years is too long to be understood by Herodotus nor Plato for them to understand its relevance to our present day ascension. Notice intense heat, volcanic eruptions, islands rising, Earth growing, thousands awakening….. Deep inside all planetary consciousness volunteers’ minds, we know that our brothers and sisters from higher frequencies are helping us out thru energies in this outer edge-Mu sector from suns and stars showering us blue, violet and golden pure white light. This cleansing and healing belt encompasses the Null Zone or what we know as the area of time travel, shifting of frequencies, fantastic for us.

These facts known despite higher beings (HBs) help in stopping nonsense throw-exchange of nuclear bombs to each other that started Mr. Truman’s presidency of USA. More or less than ten nations have nuclear arsenals. Help HBs stop these utter nonsense of destroying earth so ascension can proceed the way She is scheduled for humanity and Gaia. They have made dud some of these bombs.

Wormholes exist in this area where you can transfer or go to a higher vibrational frequency or go down, our choice as we are supplied with high intensity energies by Central Sun, stars and Stargates of SE lieutenants, HBs who are mandated by the Infinite Creator to assist us at ascension. At this period, we need not die, what we call death of the human body will be raised to a higher vibrational frequency-with our knowledge of the transformation and transmutation of mind-body-spirit complex (MBS). Source gave us an alternative to the fearful death that we try to forget.

We can surmise that with this environment, HBs from their abode and planetary consciousness can travel thru these wormholes and observe us humans ascend. They can descend to a lower frequency of 3d at their risk of getting stuck in our dense environment if they are foolhardy, otherwise they stay at the Jupiter or Saturn corridor and observe us do things beneficial or not. Master your multidimensionality, one of your inherent powers and you can visit them at the Jupiter corridor or at their temples and stargates in Pleiades or Arcturus. You visit them in your dreams, the astral world and forget as you wake up. Start maintaining a ledger or notebook and immediately write your dreams and analyze them. Start getting analytic, you have got to my friend.

HBs describe the process as similar to entering a black hole, what we learned from schools, Hawkings and Einstein theories, is a magnet of everything including light gobbled up and disappearing. HBs are learning if you can get out of this hole in outer space or travel to some universes or galaxies. Understand they still study like us, they learn as multi-universe has plenty of lessons to be learned even by lieutenants of Source of All That Is.

HBs- civilizations will definitely watch this event happen to us as this occurs in very selected planets-beings in the outer edge of the Milky Way Galaxy where several suns and planets Earth, Arcturus and Lyra …..belong. There are of course several planets undergoing this Ascension process but our experience is very unique as the love emotion- mental faculties development are simultaneously happening, an evolutionary concept for the Infinite Creator. That is the reason why unconditional love, free will, infinite wisdom and multidimensionality are very significant in our daily acts and deeds, all unique concepts in the thoughts of Infinity. Some of them has to be learned thru deep meditation.

Arcturians-Pleidians channels informed us that several of our ascended masters have performed the coming in and out of our Central Sun of several masters foremost of them is Sananda- Christ. This goes true during times of passing the Photon Belt where the null zone is part of this process. Sananda is a multi-dimensional being like all of us but we do not recognize it nor perform it. He visits the mile long crystals embedded in a lake in Arcturus planet to refresh and re-energize His planetary and cosmic consciousness. Concept? It is truth.

Earth have been sanitized and extraterrestrials have to ask or be invited by Sananda to participate in helping and assisting Earth and humanity raised to higher frequencies including a leap to 5D. My experience: “CC merges with us into a satellite sun, travel to the galaxies several times to explain to selected individuals what is happening to the planet and raise Mother Earth and humanity to higher consciousness”. We can make it our life’s purpose as again it is apparent it is our major life’s intention. Hundred years of consolidation, firming of energies and efforts of three groups of HBs energies can be part of this purpose. Sananda and ascended masters, Indigenous group and starseeds-volunteers, and Arcturian Stargate-higher beings-extraterrestrials should be assisted by us below, come to a full circle and connected, and Gaia within our circle of consciousness. HBs call it within their sacred triangle. Earth has climb, raised to a higher frequency and let us make it an intention and prayer to reach the higher 5D frequency. Feel it, the suns and stars are there showing their glory to the creation, Mother Earth and beings with it.

For us below, humanity, we have too many diversities to solve, from language, religion, beliefs, racial, purpose, desires….., too diverse that unifying all these diversities will take several lifetimes even for starseeds and ascended masters who forget past lives when they take a human vehicle to assist earth. Despite all these, let us unify, come to a full circle, assist the sacred group of Sananda, Stargate-ET and us indigenous humans and awakened ones raise vibrational frequency of Mother Earth. The fringe benefit is we go and join our Mother.

It is now your chance to be a part of this great awakening of a sentient being and h0m0o-sapiens. We will never miss this chance that happens every 26,000 years. Imagine some reported transformations of humans to crystalline light beings are happening right NOW. Some see them turn to pure crystalline white and shoot right up to higher consciousness. Some humans decide to stay behind and assist further awakening families, brothers and sisters, the world. Despite two weeks daily visits by Sananda and Mother Mary for me to enter the light corridor and walk the crystal staircase, I decided to stay and assist in my very small way of helping community and humanity thru these messages of love.

You would not want to be a lost sheep. Who cares about the manipulated wealth of DG13. You cannot carry a cross-eyed single cent with you to 4D, the ether or to the first light language world of IN5D, says brother Doming G, a lawyer talking of unconditional love.  Come, be a volunteer for unconditional love. Source Energy (SE), the light will shower you with infinite abundance of spiritual and emotional bliss. Material abundance follows Service To Other  (STO) people. You can do it, millions are doing it,you can, no doubt about it.

Love and light,

About the author: Angel seeks love, light and unity and we can start by organizing two or more groups of twenty- forty with a definite purpose of unifying our desires to a goal of raising Mother Earth and travelers-humanity to higher frequencies.

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