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Retrograde Planets On Your Birth Chart

By on January 13, 2015 in Astrology, Enlightening Articles with 0 Comments
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Retrograde Planets On Your Birth Chart

Have you ever wondered about the meaning of retrograde planets on your birth chart? To find out how many planets are retrograde on your birth chart, click the link below,, then read on!

Basic instructions: Go to . Under the “Free Horoscope” tab, select ” Short Report – Forecast”. From there, click the link that says ” For guest users” and enter your birth date. 

by Nic Gaudette

A planet is said to be retrograde when it appears to be moving backwards from our vantage point here on Earth. It’s not actually moving backwards and just appears that way, but the energy of a retrograde planet versus one in forward motion is different, not only with transits, but in your natal chart as well. If you have any planets in your natal chart that are retrograde, that planet’s energy is expressed differently for you. Note that the Sun and Moon never turn retrograde.

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Pluto Retrograde

If you were born with Pluto retrograde, you tend to keep quiet about the major problems you’re going through, and seem like you’re such a trooper on the outside even if you’re completely falling apart on the inside. You try to hide the way things impact you so people don’t really see how much you’re hurting. To use a retrograde Pluto positively, you want to be open to transformation whenever it’s necessary, especially in the areas of life ruled by the house Pluto is located in and rules.

Neptune Retrograde

With Neptune retrograde in your natal chart, you tend to think that you’re responsible for the things that go wrong, no matter how much that isn’t the case. You’re easily wounded, but you try to hide it, acting tough with others. You look for an escape anywhere you can get it, especially when you’re running from dealing with issues related to the areas of life ruled by the houses your natal Neptune is in and rules. Positively, you can use your retrograde Neptune creatively and to have greater compassion for others.

Uranus Retrograde

If Uranus was retrograde when you were born, you can hold yourself back from being unconventional and different, but feel quite different yourself and keep that inside. The areas of life ruled by the house Uranus is in and rules in your chart tend to experience constant change or extreme shifts that can happen suddenly. Used positively, you can become someone who is unique and a true individual who can lead the way to positive change and growth.

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Saturn Retrograde

Saturn retrograde in your natal chart can show that you don’t feel like you’re worthy of anything, and that insecurity leads you to act badly. You also keep your fears to yourself, wanting to appear strong, perhaps because someone in authority had too much power over you. You have to be patient and work hard to get what you want, but you may not be willing to dedicate yourself, especially in the areas of life ruled by the houses your Saturn is in and rules. You restrict yourself by being lazy and indulgent, which is the dark side of Jupiter, the planetary opposite of Saturn.

Jupiter Retrograde

With Jupiter retrograde, you can be too pessimistic and lack imagination, the dark side of Saturn. Usually, if you have both Saturn and Jupiter retrograde in your chart, the effects sort of cancel each other out. You generally feel them most when you only have one of these two planets retrograde. The personal planets in retrograde tend to have more of an influence on your personality.

Mars Retrograde

With Mars retrograde in your natal chart, you have a hard time showing anger and repress, and lack the drive you need when you want to act on something. You’ll need to learn to be assertive and realize that your actions show who you are.

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Venus Retrograde

With Venus retrograde, you have a hard time expressing love and affection towards others, and usually feel dissatisfied in your love relationships because of that. You need to learn to share equally with your loved ones and be open with them.

Mercury Retrograde

With Mercury retrograde, you have a hard time expressing your thoughts properly, so you feel misunderstood by others. You need to do a better job listening to others and build up some confidence so you’re not so afraid to speak up.

In5D Addendum

Gregg Prescott, M.S. 

Just a side note on the Jupiter retrograde: Jupiter, or “Jew Peter” as Santos Bonocci calls it, is all about religion and spirituality, so chances are, you’ve been on a quest to find the spiritual truths within.

According to the research of John McCormick, it is relatively rare to have zero, six or seven planets retrograde on your birth chart. McCormick studied retrograde planets during a period of 100 years and then applied his research finding to famous personalities. These are his results:

  • Born with 0 retrograde planets: 7.7 percent
  • Born with 1 retrograde planet: 18.7 percent
  • Born with 2 retrograde planets: 29.2 percent
  • Born with 3 retrograde planets: 26.7 percent
  • Born with 4 retrograde planets: 12.7 percent
  • Born with 5 retrograde planets: 4.15 percent
  • Born with 6 retrograde planets: 0.66 percent
  • Born with 7 retrograde planets: 0.005 percent

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If you have retrograde planets on your birthchart, use them as a positive learning tool about finding out what obstacles you’ll be facing (or have faced) and how to grow from those experiences. It really doesn’t matter how many you have. The most important thing that matters is how you can use them to evolve spiritually. <3

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