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As We Return To Our Higher Dimensional Realms

By on February 17, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening
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As We Return To Our Higher Dimensional Realms

by Gabriel F. Duran,
Contributing Writer,

The freedom “gained” or in essence recalled when we “allow” ourselves to delve into experience in the 3rd dimensional realm, is a true freedom many mistakenly dismiss. Entering this realm teaches us the attributes of cause and effect. Thus, providing the “ultimate” playing ground for discovery of self. Through all manner of expressions of light and dark. For in this realm, all that we experience is totally redeemable.

And yet, throughout our many lives that we live, we’ve opportunity to experience and view the consequences of our actions. Both from the within, and the without. We delve into experiences that are not had in other dimensional realms. For here, we play everything out, through free will. In the perceptions of light and dark.

And by seeing and being around the extremes of dark and light, we gain a very clear perspective on our own likes, dislikes and beliefs. We’ve no choice but to witness, partake and ponder over all manner of expressions. Some, very much not to our liking.

Although, we must appreciate the fact that in this realm we can and did indeed choose to have these extremes in expression, to help teach us. Realize that it is the perception of “other than” that we experience, as we perceive the reality is that of being one that allows/is an experience as “separation.” We experience ourselves as “outside of or separate from God.”

And we do/did purposefully “narrow” our ability to perceive, so that we would indeed have the “full” experience of “separation.” Which is truly an impossibility. We are One with All. And it is truly impossible to be separate from the All That Is, Source, God; or any other name that resonates.

From the “higher” dimensional realms such as the 4th and higher, we return to the knowledge of who we are. And we realize the impossibility of truly being separate from the One. We return to our inherent Divine knowing, of All that We are.

And yet, from these “higher” realms, they/we speak of the freedom we have while experiencing the 3rd dimensional realm. For when we/they are in the “higher” dimensional realms, we/they operate more in resonance with our truth. So, we naturally choose not to “directly” experience these rather extreme states of “darkness,” if you will. And this may be construed as “narrowing” our experience, by “bounding” our freedoms to that of only Light.

Thus, they/we view our experiences in 3D as being of “greater freedom,” if you will, by “allowing” the experience/consequence or (cause and affect) of “more” darkness. That we ourselves Create, as well as experience being “inflicted” upon us. For in the “higher” dimensional realms, the victim/victimizer “state of being” is not expressed. Whereas, in 3D, these “freedoms” of expression are explored, greatly. Would you not agree?

Thus, our perceptions/insights that stem from that “higher” level of reality do realize the “freedoms” of expression we have while here in the “lower” dimensional realms. We “allow” much more perceptions of “darkness” or “other than.” We truly delve into the extremes of expression.

In our chosen sojourn, here on Earth, we chose to have an experience of 50/50 for our 3D experience. Fifty percent darkness and fifty percent light. And since the “light” is so strong, we had to “diminish” this Divine Light to 30%. For there to be an equal 50/50. And we have seen times when this has increased more towards the light. As well as we have seen times when this light gets greatly diminished. All in freedom of expression.

However, this sojourn has come to its conclusion, on Gaia. And individuals, at their own pace, are “waking up” to their inherent truth. And recognizing these experiences and expressions they have experienced and/or witnessed/witnessing, to not be their truth.

This awakening begins an automatic process that occurs to us, both consciously, subconsciously and unconsciously. Our bodies and brains begin to change. And we begin a natural process of “activation” that increases our Divine Light. That increases our spiritual awareness. That increases our returning memories of this Oneness. And we bring about activations of more of our DNA and crystalline/light bodies. We start to realize that we are not “separate” individuals, and in fact, truly we are multidimensional expressions of Spirit Sparks of Divinity, individuated.

Unbeknownst to most of us, we begin slowly recognizing that we “attend” schools and other dimensional/astral realms at night. Our consciousness slowly becomes more involved in recognition of these experiences we all have, at night. And our process in these realms begins changing as well. For we become more, formally, enrolled in “higher” classes. And our stellar families along with our extra/intra-dimensional friends/family begin working with us. Recalling our memories as to the whole of our experiences/expressions we chose to embody. They assist in “awakening” us from the “dream/illusion” of our chosen sojourn.

They begin at this level so as not to “shock” us out of the experience. As we have been ensconced in this reality, greatly. For the transition, in and of itself, is a major process. Of much significance. We/they all say that when we “look back” at where we were and where we have “arrived” we will be amazed.

Through consciousness and right-heart, we easily transmute and transcend our experiences and beliefs that are disharmonious. When we are “truly” done with the experiences we’ve come to experience, we naturally begin this process of ascension.

And this ascension process is a removing of the veils, if you will, and a returning to recalling that we have created this experience/expression and we are ready to integrate, transmute and transcend all that we have been experiencing. All through balance, as we integrate and expand our awareness.

For this brings us to the recognition that we are a spiritual being, having a physical experience. And we recognize that as an inherent quality of our spirituality, we are multidimensional Beings. So, our “communing” with these aspects of ourselves begins in earnest, if it has not already begun; though at times, we “tend” to doubt.

We begin, consciously recognizing that we have “families” from our stellar roots. And we have “family” from the “inner” realms. We begin the process of establishing more of our “truths” and we start to change our focus to that of service to others. As we recognize that we must also honor ourselves with as much kind and loving service as we give others. And our relationships with all of these other familes, returns. And this we “crave” more and more. For we have “missed” each other.

Then, eventually in Divine timing, we become the “Golden Ones” as we merge into our multidimensional aspect of ourselves that is “already” ascended. As we turn within, we become more and more assured that we truly are the embodiment of our desires. And our focus turns “inward” as we recognize that we must “re-establish” this relationship that is more of who we are.

As we become our “truth” we embody this aspect of ourselves and we release and ”let go” of all that has not been our truth in this 3rd dimensional realm/memory/experience. As we recognize that we have been having the wonderous and beautiful expressions of experiencing freedom at ALL of these various levels of Creation, and this has been most illuminating.

We recognize that we truly are free, even in the 3rd dimensional realm. For as we return to our higher dimensional realms, we “restrict” these freedoms. Purposefully, as we have learned/remembered the consequences of our actions. Thus, mastering the cause and effect, realm. We no longer desire to bring about disharmonious expressions/experiences. As we’ve experienced their Creations, greatly. As we’ve sojourned within the freedom of 3D. We have truly discovered our likes and dislikes. And we begin choosing only experiences that are of our “true” liking. Bringing about the harmony, peace and power of love Divine.

Our integration of the experience is the acceptance that ALL is necessary. We go from an experience/belief in “this or that” to one of “this and that.” For we recognize that we need/allow the whole, of both light and dark. We become “inclusive” not “exclusive.” For Source is All That Is. As above, so below. And as below, so above.

We Created and Needed a reality that allowed us to be reflections, of the whole. And through ALL of the various reflections, we recognize/learn of ourselves. For the whole of the process is to “know thyself.”

And our empathy/compassion truly expands for our brothers and sisters that are still within the “illusions” of 3D. This aspect/attribute of compassion within ourselves is truly expressed more “freely” from our realm, than from the “higher” frequencies. As we truly do realize and understood their current situation/understanding, from a more visceral level. Whereas, the “higher realms” are beyond these “direct” emotional expressions. Thus, they realize and commend us for our service of bringing forth a “freer” expression of compassion, than is possible from their realms.

For “key” to this whole experience, is the absolute “allowance” for free will to be expressed. Even if this free will keeps these ones from recognizing their own Divinity. Though their own, Higher Self, as well as those of us that have “awakened” are ever attempting to bring forth “hints” of their inherent, grander expressions, they already have/are. If only “allowed” and accepted. All in Divine timing.

For now, remember…

We came from expressions of “great freedom” to enter what “appears” to be a “limited” experience. And we discovered that “great freedom” abounds here as well. Even in the sojourns of 3D reality, freedom abounds. And we experience “greater” polarities, while believing the “illusion” that we are “separate” from the Creator/Creation.

Only to discover the freedom we have, even in the “illusion.” For everywhere is Divinity. Infinitely within and without. Through all dimensional planes/realms. From Source throughout the entirety of Creation. All, from our eternal, here and now. With our Being already in ALL of these realms. All accessed from the within.

For ours is an expression and experience that is eternal. Infinitely expanding. Even through a “perception/illusion” of “separation/forgetfulness”. Ever a part of the never-ending fractals of Creation, both within and without. From above to below, from below to above; freedom always abounds.

Choose the freedom that is “truly” free, and expansive. Not an expression of freedom that “allows” us to freely express the shackles of limitation. Choice of freedom matters. Even, as freedom always abounds.

Much Blessings, Love, Light and Life

Gabriel F. Duran &

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