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Riding The New Energies

By on March 15, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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Riding The New Energies

by Monica-Maria,
Contributing Writer,

There are signs all over the world that the Earth is going through some kind of transformation and this is visible in the way people act and nature reacts. A great awakening is underway which has been foreseen by many before us. And now we’re in the middle of the mentioned times. Great, amazing times where everything is manifested at a much higher rate and at a much larger scale. The best way to ride the new powerful energies is by raising one’s vibration.

One can raise their vibration through:

1. Meditation

It calms one down and elicits in one’s brain, the waves which allow one to get in tune with themselves in a matter of minutes;

2. Keeping a gratitude journal

By being very specific in describing the topics one is grateful for, this exercise helps them to “climb” the high juicy vibes in minutes which enables them to go through the day in a joyful, contented manner;

3. Enrolling in a self-development course

…can do wonders as regards one’s self-esteem and ability to transform by applying certain tools in order to be more prepared in leading one’s everyday life.

4. Going after one’s dreams

…can be the difference between actually living and surviving

5. Honor yourself

Learn to say no when you feel like saying it and yes as well – honor your feelings (they are always right)

6. Affirmations

Dedicate 21 days to create a new habit by affirming 21 times/day a certain truth (“I am light”, “I am vitality” etc. – everyone can create their own affirmations). It has been proven that it takes our brain 21 days for a baby neuron to grow so that it creates its own neural pathways and thus the habit is born. Another reason for it is that by introducing in your field certain affirmations which elicit emotions they have the power to change our DNA and such we wake up as different, more powerful human beings.

7. Visualization and Ho’oponopono

Visualize yourself as strong, happy, joyous etc. and feel it in your body as happening right now. For whatever counter-thought use the four phrases of Ho’oponopono (“I love you”, “I’m sorry”, “Please forgive me”, “Thank you”) to take it out of your field.

8. Monitor your limiting beliefs

Whenever doubt and insecurity creep in just when you’re contemplating a new idea, a new way to improve your life, know that this is part of the self-sabotaging system that wants to keep you small, in the survival mode. The solution? Just being aware of what’s going on is enough for one to see past these beliefs and to move on towards the desired manifestation. Also applying the 4 Ho’oponopono phrases to each limiting belief causes it to be removed from the system.

9. Do what feels light

Whenever you’re considering a decision in your life and you’re not sure what to do, consider from the list of possibilities how they actually feel. Focus on those which stir enthusiasm in your heart, those that feel light in your gut. The one(s) that feels light is the decision which is aligned with your soul vibration, which will propel you forward and will align you with synchronicities that will lead you to fulfill your dreams.

10. Play

Do all these steps with a light heart and as if by playing – our psyche responds to playfulness and is happy to adopt new habits more easily this way. Remember we are all just visitors on this planet and our contribution is valuable so our time here should be a joyous one. Playfulness and relaxation are also factors which trigger our DNA coils to relax – which ensures health and well-being to our bodies and minds.

For people with a high empathy level these ways of raising one’s vibration can be the difference between thriving and just getting by.

Yes, riding the new energies can be pretty challenging but if one listens to their intuition and/or the messages coming from around, one is definitely going to make it!

May you benefit from these shared ideas to ride the new energies in peace and truth within yourself!

Blessings from Above,

About the author: Teacher of French and English, IT specialist but also an empath, gate-keeper, way shower to name just a few of her abilities. For the last 12 years Monica-Maria showed a propensity to journeying inward where she found answers to the existential questions (“Who are we?”, “What are we doing here?”, “What happens when we leave?”) and now she’s fulfilling her dream of sharing with the world what she has found/is finding out about herself and the world at large. She hopes that her findings will assist the world with ascending into their full power as enlightened humans. Namaste.

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