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Rudolf Steiner: The Invention Of God And Religion

By on March 27, 2015 in Awareness

Rudolf Steiner: The Invention Of God And Religion in5d in 5d

Is ‘God’ a Christian? Muslim? Roman Catholic? Buddhist? Does he or she prefer one religion over another? If a UFO landed in your backyard, would the extraterrestrial be religious? Would the ET pray to the same ‘god’? Why do all religions basically follow a similar story? Is it possible that they were all created to keep us living in subservience, control and conformity?

While a strong religious influence has entered today’s “anthroposophy”, it is good to listen to what Steiner really thought. After he began his public mission he tried to upgrade many paths, including theosophy and religion. A free spirit isn’t a religious believer, but rather the one who invents religion for the believers.

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