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Scott Mandelker – A Brief History of ET – Earth Contact

By on December 29, 2014 in Extraterrestrials

Scott Mandelker - A Brief History of ET - Earth Contact

by Scott Mandelker

All information recorded from all volumes of The Ra Material


BP = Before Present

D = Density/Dimension

A. Pre-Human Civilization

705,000 BP — Extensive Maldek Wars (creates Maldek soul’s metaphysical-astral — knot of fear)

600,000 BP — Confederation spiritual healing of Maldek population souls on inner 3D planes

500,000 BP — Destruction of 3D Maldek (current “asteroid belt”), soul-transfer to Earth (Bigfoot)

Earth hosting only 2D life (mineral, plant, animal kingdoms); no native 3D human soul-groups.  Eventually, highest 2D animal groups become bi-pedal 3D H0mo-Sapiens (become ensouled)

B. Early Human Civilization (75,000 – 25,000 BP)

75,000 BP — Final destruction of Mars civilization / atmosphere, soul-transfer into 3D Earth bodies

Beginning of human civilization / Earth 3D evolution: 50% Martian, 25% native, 25% other 3D
Confederation / Yahweh aid to Martian souls (genetic cloning to sharpen senses/strengthen mind)
Light-Quarantine intensified around Earth (re. Yahweh action) / Human life-span — 900 years

60,000 BP — Orion group influence: (a) telepathic contact / (b) power-charged stone-formations in Central America/Pacific Oceana (Nazca, Easter Island; unsuccessful attempt, no negativity achieved)

58,000 BP — Confederation initial direct aid to early Lemurian/Mu civilization (prolonged contact)

53,000 BP — Lemurian civilization fully established (primitive group-mentality, spiritually advanced)

Later destroyed by Earth tectonic-plate readjustment / flooding; survivors, Russia, North / South America (current indigenous’ groups; originally from 2D Deneb star planet)

50,000 BP — END OF 3D MAJOR CYCLE I / No harvest of Earth 3D souls; life-span — 700 years

46,000 BP — Spiritual calling from Earth Maldek souls (Bigfoot) Confederation aid (love/light)

31,000 BP — Atlantean civilization begins development (slow-growing, agrarian, conglomerate)

25,000 BP — END OF 3D MAJOR CYCLE II / No harvest; life-span 35-100 years. (pop. — 345,000)

S. American group (Elder Race; pop. 150; life-span 900 years.) all 4D+ harvestable yet remain in 3D human bodies (world service)

C. Later Human Civilization (18,000 – 2,300 BP)

18,000 BP — RA contact w/Egyptians (crystal-powered bell-shaped craft); UFO-sightings only

15,000 BP — Beginning of rapid, intensified Atlantean technological development in society

13,000 BP — Confederation aid to Atlantis (pyramids, crystals, healing); life-span greatly reduced

Initial usage of intelligent energy for negative polarization (cloning for genetic superiority)

11,000 BP — RA contact w/Egyptians (direct landings for teaching Law of One); meaning distorted

First major Atlantean wars, approx. 40% population death, partial migration to North Africa

10,840 BP — Final destruction of Atlantis by nuclear/crystal-energy warfare, civilization ends

Triple migration to safe, mountainous regions: Tibet, Peru, Turkey: root of mystery schools

9,600 BP — Final Earth Changes and sinking of Atlantean land-masses; direct result of warfare

8,500 BP — RA enters/returns to Earth inner planes, begins thought-construction of Great Pyramid

7,500 BP — Confederation aid to S. America: Amazon landings/teaching, pyramids/hidden cities

6,000 BP — Great Pyramid completed (by RA/thought, instant appearance); Ikhnaton contacted

4,500 BP — Additional pyramids constructed from physical, Earth – based materials

Orion distorts previous Yahweh intervention (builds upon elite-group biases); replaces/co-opts Yahweh telepathic contact (sends negative philosophy to Hebrews); reveals itself as UFO/fiery cloud (suggest “wrathful God” philosophy).
Confederation/Yahweh sexual/genetic intervention: strengthening Anak-group physical bodies

3,000 BP — Orion group leaves Earth 3D skies; Confederation completes S. America aid / contact

Armageddon 4D “thought-war” of light continues/intensifies (reduces 3D negative influence)

2,600 BP — Greek calling, Confederation aid leads to + philosophy (Heraclitus, Thales, Pericles)

2,300 BP — Confederation aid to Egypt only (telepathic contact, love/light)

D. Modern Times (1700 – 2000 AD)

1784 AD — Increased influx of harvestable 3D souls and Wanderers, increased Confederation aid

Primarily telepathic info, love/light sent; no major UFO landings or direct contact-teaching
Positive free will philosophy (freedom, liberty, justice, democracy, human rights) developed; most teaching expresses 4D+ quality (love/compassion); Wanderers include B. Franklin, T. Jefferson

1945 AD — Increased Confederation UFO thought-form appearance, coincides w/ nuclear age

Confederation aid to humans killed in Hiroshima/Nagasaki atomic blasts (spirit-complex healing)
Increased influx of Wanderers and 4D+ “double-bodied” children to assist Harvest/New Age

2010 – 2013 AD — Final Earth 3D-cycle Harvest: planetary Logos/surface humanity fully 4D+

All Earth Changes complete; all electro-magnetic planetary grids readjusted; humanity 4D+ only; major influx expected of additional inter-galactic 4D+ ETs for planet-balance / support

Slow development of telepathic group interplay, Earth acceptance into local ET Confederation.

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