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Self Healing, Clearing, & Protection Techniques

By on April 7, 2019 in Health, Spiritual Awakening
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Self Healing, Clearing, & Protection Techniques

by Meashenu,
Contributing Writer, In5D.com

I’ve been getting asked a lot lately about self healing and clearing techniques and will be sharing what has worked for me. There are so many ways that come to us about how to heal and clear ourselves, so always remember to follow your intuition and go with what you feel is right. What I will share has been combinations of what I’ve come up with and what others have shared with me along my path.

We do progress at some point to just being able to stand in our power and bringing in our light and that’s more than enough. For myself I had to go through phases where I utilized these techniques and still use some of them. This is for those that are currently working through their journeys where these techniques can be a big help. A lot of this can be used on other people too if you decide to do healing sessions for others.

There’s a lot of information here, so you may want to save the link and revisit this from time to time as you are guided to.

Yes/No Confirmation System

I’ve shared this before but feel it’s important to include here as well. The first thing I recommend doing is figuring out a yes and no confirmation system that works for you. This will help tremendously and is a good start to developing your intuition from there.

There have been 3 main ways to accomplish this for myself and what I have come across:

1.) Pendulum/Dowsing

Dowsing with a Pendulum is very comprehensive. You can simply use a pendulum for yes and no answers or you can go into it deeper. It’s a complete healing modality that just about anyone can use to successfully self heal and heal others, as well as get information & guidance. I wish I had explored further into it for self healing when I first started working with energy. I have worked with the book “Dowsing Beyond Duality” that I found great, however, there are many books available so I’d recommend looking at them and getting whichever one calls to you. The other dowing book I’ve heard from others that is good is “Pendulum Healing: Circling The Square Of Life To Improve Health, Wealth, Relationships, And Self-Expression.” If your spiritual gifts haven’t manifested much yet and you aren’t good at visualization, then I’d recommend dowsing even more as a way for you to start making noticeable progress on your own.

You can also look up examples of pendulum charts. With charts you can go even deeper and it’s quicker to find what and where something is to clear on you. You can have charts with all the organs in the body listed, other charts with all the bones, all the energy fields, chakras, and so on. There’s also numbered ones you can utilize and letter ones. So it’s possible to get messages from guides/higher self/spirit one letter at a time that way. Most of the book in “Dowsing Beyond Duality” are specific chart examples to use.

If you can’t afford to buy a pendulum then look up resources on how to make your own. If you want to skip books, then there is plenty of articles online and videos on YouTube that show you what to do for free. So feel free to explore.

Some example searches to use: “How to clear a pendulum” “How to program a pendulum” “How to use a pendulum” “How to learn dowsing”

That is enough to get you started and you should be able to branch out from there.

2.) Muscle Testing

Muscle testing is another great way to get confirmations. Search online “Self muscle testing techniques” and a bunch of articles, videos, and pictures come up. You can practice different ones until you find one you are comfortable with. I use this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ypKUST0azUQ

3.) Yes/No System with Higher Self & Guides

Getting a system down with guides took me awhile to figure out. I would keep coming back to it every couple of months and try again until something worked out for me.

You should start by tuning into your energy then put intent on connecting to your guides/higher self of love and light. Then ask them “Please give me a sensation for a yes answer” and “Please give me a sensation for a no answer.” Play around with that and see what happens and if you can feel a certain area on your body. For me I generally do not get sensations or strong sensations for no answers. If I don’t feel anything, then I take that as a no answer.

At first I tried the forehead 3rd eye spot, the spot between the eyebrows and up a tiny bit. Then I would ask please give me a sensation to the right side of that for a yes and the left side for no. That spot didn’t work for me, but I’m finding now my higher self is using it a little bit. What worked for me is on the top of my head. I can ask questions or ask for confirmation and if I get strong tingles on the top of my head and especially a bit towards the right side then that is a yes for me. I can usually feel it strongly through the hair on my head when the tingles happen.

You can request certain spots too, maybe the back of your hand or so on. You can be more general and say “Give me a yes/confirmation feeling/sensation on the right side of my body somewhere” and then see if you get anything that way too.

Aside from sensations you can work out other methods unique to you as well. Maybe you hear a sound in the room you are in or the light flickers, something like that. I believe it was in the book The Ascension Papers, by Zingdad that he shares a method he used as a kid. When he was a kid he found a rock and would throw the rock up and when it landed on one side, he knew that was a yes answer from his guide and if it landed on the other side it was a no answer. You can make up something unique like that with some object or a coin. So if you try some methods and they don’t work, then create your own! Follow your intuition on what you feel will be best, then test and play with it.

Clearing With Guides & Higher Self

You can sit with your eyes closed and visualize/hold intention while you say each of what is listed. The wording I have used before is something similar to this “My guides of love and light, higher Self, and Archangel Rafael, please clear me of all lower vibrational energies… implants, interferences, & attacks. Clear or transmute any old energy that is ready for healing. Clear my chakras (visualize the main chakras and energy going into each that they clear), my liver chakra, side chakras, and auric field. Please also clear/heal my negative thoughts, negative emotions, fears, doubts, and judgements. Lastly cut/dissolve all incoming and outgoing energetic cords.” You can visualize a color energy of your choice and visualize each thing as you say it. If working with Archangel Rafael you may want to visualize an emerald color flame. The Violet Flame is always a good one as well, but you can use whatever resonates. You can use whatever wording or variation you want & make it a lot shorter. After you do that enough times you can set up a short cut with a keyword of your choice the includes all of what is mentioned here. I would normally do it the longer way just so I can visualize each thing along the way.

The example is with Archangel Rafael, but you can leave out Archangels/Ascended Masters if you don’t resonate with that. If you want to figure out which one would be best to call in you can use the yes/no confirmation methods and ask that way.

Connecting & Bringing In Energy

I shared an article in 2018 that goes over one method: https://in5d.com/meditation-technique-connect-below-and-above/

With that method to start with you may just want to connect to our own sun and not worry about the other stars listed there. That method is the infinity loop type of connection.

The other one is similar and I use this one more. That is feeling/bringing my own soul/light/power down from the 9th chakra and down through all the other chakras out the feet and connect to the crystal core of the earth. Then bring the energy back up through the feet and up into the body and put intention that it goes through the kundalini tube and spine. After the kundalini tube/spine the energy connects to Source. So there’s a complete circuit/loop that way. When doing that I also fill my entire auric field and the room/space I’m in with that light.

When bringing in other galactic energies or other stars I’d recommend asking your higher self or guides to bring it in for you to filter it down. That way you aren’t going out to those places and putting your energy out there unnecessarily.

Connecting To Guides & Soul/Star Family + Heart Space

Unless you have progressed to a certain point where you feel comfortable traveling out to visit beings, then I’d highly suggest you GO WITHIN to communicate with higher dimensional beings.

Ideally I suggest you learn how to get into your sacred heart space. Learning and doing this will change your life. It’s an incredible experience and continues to be incredible. There are various heart space guided meditations on YouTube. When I first got into my heart space it was from reading and following along with the techniques given in one of Drunvalo’s books. The book is called “Living in the Heart: How to Enter into the Sacred Space within the Heart” by Drunvalo Melchizedek.

Once you get into your heart space, then you invite and connect to your guides and star family inside that space.

Alternatively what I’ve done is invite them into my room, but my entire room is a sacred space with my energy expanded within it. If I want to use a star energy then I will visualize that star within my space and bring the energy down through my chakras that way. Again it’s coming inward and I’m not traveling out to it first. This of course is just my suggestion, so I’d recommend trusting your own intuition as the best approach to use.

Main Areas To Work On

-Chakras (I would suggest starting with the 7 main ones plus the liver chakra, then learn the others after you get those down) -Energy Meridians -Auric Field -Emotional, Spiritual, Mental, & Physical Bodies -Organs

Those are going to be the main areas to clear. If you get further into those pendulum books recommended above it will also give you resources on how to clear past lives, trapt emotions, soul fragmentations, soul contracts, akashic record work, and more. Often times you don’t really have to go really deep into something in order to clear it. You can do it on your own with intention. So if there is past life or some other energy and you try a few things on your own without knowing all the details, it can usually still be cleared up. I will give a couple techniques below though.

Visualization Techniques & Various Healing Methods


For Chakras you can visualize them as their colors (or however you wish to) and then spin them counterclockwise to clear out the energy in them. Then when you are done you can spin them the other way and add energy back into them. You can also use a vortex and spin it or come up with your own method.

Sometimes I’ll use a vacuum with a long hose and clear energy out that way and visualize all through the hose that there is violet flame energy to transmute it.

When you do clear energy out of a chakra or some other place, you can visualize that energy going all the way outside your auric field and you can stick it inside a big thick ball of violet flame energy to transmute it. Or you can see it go into a box or geometric shape, Whatever you wish. When all is finished I will generally ask my guides to bring that energy into a star so it can be transmuted there.

Entity Attacks, Cords, Attachments, & Possessions

With possessions, entity attachments/attacks, and cord attachments the main spots that I’ve found are the main chakras, side chakras, liver chakra, and auric field. Implants I’ve found in other areas though, so you may have to spend more time narrowing down where implants are.

If you are dealing with an attachment/attack type of energy or a device then you can use dark gray energy to surround that energy then move it out. Another method is to bring in liquid mercury type of energy and fill that space with it first to short out the energy. This is like electricity being shorted out. Then you can have an easier time moving it out. With implants/devices it’s good to short them out and stop them first. I’ve also frozen them with success. So you can use the ice energy to freeze/disable them, then move them out. Lastly with devices and implants you can try using energy to dissolve them then move the energy out.

For cord cutting you can visualize cords and then see a big sword, scissors, or knife cut them. Ask that all cords between you and others be cut and put intention to send the others love, light, forgiveness, and gratitude. You can ask your guides or Archangel Michael to cut cords for you too.

If you want to get into cutting cords between relationships with people, even ones from other lifetimes and so on then there’s a good article on in5d with a technique to do that. It’s this one: https://in5d.com/cutting-past-and-present-cords-in-relationships/

I’d recommend doing a cord cutting anytime you work with someone else whether you are giving or receiving a session. This is just a good routine to have and helps a lot.

I noticed that most of my being attacked experiences always resulted in me learning something and ending up growing stronger. That was partly my motivation for working so hard, learning so much, and devoting myself to my spiritual healing journey. I wanted to get to a high enough vibration and learn enough so that I wouldn’t have to experience those attacks any further. Then I was at a point I experienced so much of that myself that I was qualified to help others as I learned a lot of the techniques I’m sharing in this article. A lot of that for me was also working consistently on moving from victim to creator consciousness.

Emotional Healing

Water energy can be really good for assisting with emotional clearing. You could be going through emotional purging, clearing emotional body, working with stuck emotions, or feeling emotional energy released from the chakras, or another place in your fields/body. You can visualize water energy to help heal and transmute the energy. Calling in the dolphins, whales, and/or mermaids can also help. Alternately the violet flame energy is great for emotional healing too.

Auric Field

With the auric field and various bodies/fields you can bring in whatever energy you are comfortable with to surround/fill those areas to transmute and heal. Visualizing holes in your auric field being repaired/stitched/healed is also great. Visualize your auric field being whole, healthy, and smooth with no cracks, tears, or holes.


Forgiveness is amazing way to heal and let go of traumas. It is one that I have personally found to take several attempts over a period of time to forgive someone or something that took place. And sometimes longer or just as long to forgive myself. You can come up with phrases of your own and use that as a technique. Something like “I forgive so and so for all they have done and I am grateful for the experience, I release this to love and light.” If you were the victim in the situation you may want to say something else like “I forgive myself for feeling powerless.” Those are examples but you have to figure out what works for you. If you search forgiveness meditations on YouTube there are some you can try as well.

I’ve found that forgiveness can take time as you grow and move on with your life. Your perception of the situation can evolve over time and when you get in a really good place, you can see that the incident or whatever happened is what lead you to where you are. So you can then be at a place that you can forgive, release, and be thankful for the experience as you did grow/learn from it. It’s part of the process of moving from victim consciousness to creator consciousness and understanding that you are, and have always been the creator of your life. Some of those experiences may have happened, JUST SO that we do end up learning about forgiveness and how to forgive others and ourselves.

Negative Energy & Shadow Work

I will share a bit about what has worked for me with shadow work, but I’d suggest researching a lot about it to get a really good understanding. Search “Shadow Work” in the search bar here on www.in5d.com and you will find a lot of great info. Some of the techniques/visualizations I have used for clearing negative energy also can be used when doing shadow work to assist.

Writing can be a great way to release negative energy, emotions, and even without realizing it, it can help you release past life issues and so on. If I didn’t know where the energy was but felt it heavily, then I’d try writing as a way to release it. Often times it helped a lot, just by writing the negative things I was feeling in that moment. I had filled up many notebooks of just negative dark crap through the first phase of my awakening. Toward the end of 2018 I sort of wrote a biography for myself starting from when I was young and going through all of the negative events in my life to release them fully and heal from them. It wasn’t easy and it took a lot of work but it was a great way to confront and release a lot of the negative energies still being held by those events/memories. With writing you also have the option of taking what you physically wrote and burning it in a real fire. I did that with a few of my notebooks and that helped a lot too.

Drawing & art can do the same type of release as writing. Physical exercise has always been another way for me to release negative energy and old energies. I like to visualize and feel negative smoke/black type of energy coming out of me and being transmuted when I exercise.

After I had released negative energy, sometimes it would take an additional step. That’s when I would use those visualization techniques to picture negative black energy coming off of me and going out of me into a box or into a fire or whatever. At one point I would visualize it all pouring into a crystal bowl and then visualizing that my guides took the bowl away to transmute it for me.

Guides can help you transmute energy and I have had various ones help me do that. In fact when you are doing most of the methods in this article you can trust your guides are there assisting you, so you are not alone. Saint Germain and Archangel Zadkiel are ones you can call in and ask them to help you transmute energy when going through purging phases. Your other guides can assist too, so ask and you can notice a big difference.

Past Life Healing

Past lives can be stuck in various energy centers and parts of your body. If you locate them you can clear them that way without having to know anything about them. I will share one other technique that helped me along the way too. I would visualize myself going into my heart space and then stepping into a portal to view my past lives. At this point I would visualize a hallway with doors on both sides or a road with various doors/gates/portals on each side. Each door or gateway on the sides represents a life. So I would travel down them and any that weren’t radiating with good colored energy, I would know needed healing sent to them. I would see the progression often as gray colored energy coming off it for that life needing some healing, then purple energy for needing a lot more energy, and black energy for needing even more healing sent to it. So any doors/portals I would see with those energies I would stand in front of them and then just send/channel healing energy and transmutation to them. If your gifts are developed you can step through the doorways if you want to learn more about the life, but a lot of those negative ones aren’t fun to explore. We’ve all been through and done some horrendous stuff in past lives for the experiences, so it can be pretty depressing having that come back up more than it has to. I would try just sending the energy to the doorways and see if that works first, as it often did when I would do it that way.

Akashic Records

There’s a lot of information on the Akashic Records online and available in books, so I’m not going to go into a lot of depth about it. I understand the records as a vibrational/dimensional space that contains the all the knowledge of past, present, and future information. Soul contracts can be held there and various other work can be done. I’ve used it mostly for 3 reasons: clear/heal a past life, reintegrate knowledge/abilities from another lifetime, & change soul contracts. To me there are two ways to access the records as well. You can go into the actual akashic records where there will be helper beings in there that can assist you with information you are looking for and the work you are doing. Then there’s a way to just access your own copy of your records because we each carry a copy of all of ours.

Most of the time I would just access my own by going into my heart space and visualizing myself entering a library in there that was my akashic records. If I was clearing a past life or reintegrating knowledge from a past life I would visualize the book that was needed coming off the shelf and floating to me and landing in front of me. Then I would put my hand(s) on the book and either put intent to clear that life or to reintegrate knowledge from that life as a download. Just by visualizing and working with intention you can work your way through it, even if you don’t consciously get any information about the life or what all was integrated. Just use your confirmation system to make sure you accomplished what you wanted. Most of the time that I did work with the records I was working in session with someone else that was guiding me, but I did work through my own records several times as well with success. And again, even if I wasn’t getting much information I just went through it with visualization and intention.

As mentioned above you can search Akashic Records meditations on YouTube and there will be some guided ones you can try too. That may be more enjoyable to do it that way and see what comes of it.

Soul Shard Retrieval

There are many ways to do soul shard retrievals, but I’m just going to share an easy one you can do with visualization and intention to pull back several shards at once by yourself.

First you get into a meditative state, call in your guides and higher self. Put an entire thick wall around you that is transmutation energy. I recommend the violet flame. From there you can visualize and feel yourself as a bright star. When you are ready, put intention that you magnetically pull any soul shard pieces that are ready to be returned, to you with a good energetic push. You may want to take deep breaths while doing it to help give it an extra push. Put intention and visualize from there that those shards are transmuted through the violet flame energy first, then they merge with you as a star and come back into your being. If you can feel energy you will feel the difference when they come back. Afterwards you can check in with your confirmation method of how many came back. Try to remember to always transmute them first, because sometimes those shards are stuck in places that are not pleasant and you could be reintegrating them with a lot of negative junk.

I’ve gone through phases where some abilities are strong then they fade and others come up. When my vision/3rd eye has been strong I’ve gone into my heart space then would picture myself going into a crystal cave and see a white glowing piece of my consciousness on an alter there. Then I would go up to it and transmute it and then see it reintegrate with me. I’ve done this through various other lifetimes and found pieces in places around the earth from other lives too. I revisited Atlantis once and pulled a piece of consciousness back and there was another piece in a different cave in the ocean. I did various visualizations and things like that to retrieve consciousness pieces.

Energy Types

It’s great to use various colors of energy and you can figure out which one is best through your confirmation system and what I’ll mention in the next section. I’ve used a lot of different energies from the violet flame energy, emerald flame energy, star energies, golden divine energy, universal love and compassion pink energy, archangel energy, Pleiadian energy, water energy, diamond/rainbow energy, plasma energy, liquid light energy, and I use my own master healing frequencies that I have available to me. Whatever energy that needs to come in will often come in so you can just trust that. Again using the color system will be the best bet to see what is best at that time.

Cellular Healing

When/if you do cellular healing you can find old or negative energy being held within the cells. The physical body and cells can hold old memories as well that want to be healed. After you clear those energies out you can add back in positive energies and reprogram them. Say for example the liver is holding past life negative emotional energy or energy of addiction if you were an addict of some kind. Then you can either clear that energy out, if appropriate, then add energy back in or you can transmute it and shift the frequency up. Either way you will want to bring in positive healing energy then you can add or transmute it up to love, compassion, trust, wisdom, and joy. You can pick whatever comes to you. Then from that cell you can spread it to the rest of the cells by putting intention it spreads through the morphogenetic fields.

Reprogramming Thought Patterns

If you are dealing with a lot of negative thought patterns and loops then you can program those thoughts too. When you have risen your awareness up to a level you can catch these thoughts and loops when they are running, then you can intentionally stop them. At first I was starting to notice these in myself and would notice that they would make me spiral downward to a really negative state pretty quickly. Once I noticed them and stopped it, then I’d reprogram them. This is often saying the opposite of the negative loop in a positive way. If your thought is “I’m not good enough” then you can start saying “I am great! I am more than enough!”

Using the I AM statements and affirmations can help greatly with reprogramming negative thoughts and overall health issues too. What I often see people mention online and all over the place are constantly saying “I have PTSD” “I have ADD” “I have ADHD” the “I have” and the “I suffer from” are very common starts to these thoughts/phrases. Our thoughts create our reality. If you are someone who does this, then I’d suggest to start paying attention to how often you are telling others these things and how often in your own thoughts they are repeating. Every single time you say that you have something or suffer from something, then you are reinforcing that reality to be true. If you can notice these, stop them, and then start the statements such as “I am healthy” “I can focus” “I am powerful” “I am healed” “I am happy” and so on and you start repeating these instead, you are going to notice a big change over time. It can take some consistency over time, but it does work. This does help a lot with being/feeling targeted and attacked too. Since entity attacks are something I have experienced, I would use this for that too. Saying “I am sovereign, I am powerful, I am divine, I am love, I am light, I am protected, I am clear, I am healed” and so on. You can make your own, but that also helps reprogram that reality to help the situation.


Sometimes it takes playing with the energies a bit and trying a few methods before something clears. Repeating your intention over and over while doing the process helps greatly. If you know something is in your solar plexus chakra that needs clearing and you aren’t able to get confirmation it is clear, then keep repeating “Clear my solar plexus chakra” while bringing in different colors and trying things. You should get a confirmation it is clear shortly if you continue to visualize and hold your intention. If not then you can explore deeper and see what intuitively comes to you.

Healing/Clearing Through Process of Elimination

Process of elimination is how you can start doing these self healing techniques right away after you get a yes/no answer system down. Even advanced/skilled healers still use process of elimination when figuring out what is going on that needs clearing.

After you get your Yes/No confirmation system down, then you use that system to start checking your energies.

So it can go something like this:

“Is there anything I need to heal/clear at this time?” YES

“Is it in my auric field?” NO

“Is it one or more of my chakras?” YES

Then you ask about each chakra or chakras if multiple and figure out which ones need support/clearing/healing at this time.

Say for example it’s your heart chakra. Then you can go from there:

“Do I need to know what it is to clear the heart chakra?” NO

So then from there you bring in an energy of your choice and clear it with some of the visualizations above or just with your own intention.

If you do that and don’t have success then ask some other questions such as:

“Do I need to bring in a certain energy or color?” YES

“Should I bring in green energy?” YES

Then you bring in green energy and clear it with that. Then ask if it is clear and you get a yes and are done.

You can use process of elimination for finding something in your body too:

“Is what I need to clear in the lower half of my body?” NO

“Is it somewhere above my neck” YES

“Is it the back of my head?” NO

“Is it my brain?” YES

Then run healing energy through your brain and do various things until you get that it is cleared/healed.

I think that’s enough for you to get the picture of process of elimination. If you have to, you can have a list of your organs and go down the list of them to see what one needs cleared if you ask the question “Do any of my organs need healing/clearing?” or if you have a list or chart of them written out and use a pendulum… you can say which one of the organs do I need to clear and the pendulum will point to it.

You will often be surprised how often your process of elimination is more on the shorter side than longer side, because by using these methods you are also tapping into your own intuition and developing it. If you are asking about which chakra, see if one pops into your head right away and check that one. As your gifts develop you can start to get the answers really quickly and start to have a feeling or knowing, then just use the yes/no method of your choice to confirm that for you.

Protection Techniques

– One of the best protection methods is to bring your own light/divinity into your space and expand that all around you. Create a field of unconditional love. State you are powerful and that nothing is allowed to enter and cannot enter your space that is not of the highest vibration of love and light.

-You can surround yourself with gold light and ask Archangel Michael to protect you on all sides.

-Utilizing sacred geometry and geometry. You can visualize you are inside metatron’s cube or have the flower of life pattern all the way around you. You can visualize yourself inside a golden pyramid of energy that nothing negative can penetrate or enter. You can use whatever shape you wish.

-Mirrors. You can put up a mirror all around you with the shiny side facing out. Put it outside of your auric field and fill your auric field with pink love/compassion energy. Put a layer of gold energy on the outside of the mirror and another layer of violet flame over the gold energy. That way anything that comes to you is going to be transmuted and reflected back. Entities/discarnate souls often run away when seeing their own reflection.

-With mirrors I have used one step further where I do the method above, then additionally add a mirror layer all on the outside of the room I’m in. Then fill the entire room with my own higher light/energy and love. Say the space is a sacred space that nothing negative can enter.

-Create your own. Part of the fun of energy work is that you can create whatever you want. So get creative with how you want to protect your space and own your creation, believe in it. Then see how things go and if that doesn’t work then create another one.

-You can also request that several of your guides work together at the same time to protect your space. Sometimes guides will switch out with each other instead of staying as a team to work together. So request that your guardian/protector guides work together at the same time to keep your energies and fields protected.

Raising your own vibration and doing your own regular clearings can be the best protection. If you do that regular clearing with your guides/higher self mentioned near the beginning of this article you should notice a big difference. From my experience, it often takes time for some attachment or something negative to build and get worse. If you do regular clearings you can clear those things without even really noticing them yet.

Do whatever works for you to raise your vibration. Listen to or play music, dance, do art, meditate, watch a funny show/movie, and so on. Whatever brings you joy and raises your vibration up, try to do it. You can visualize yourself walking up stairs and each stair your vibration increases further. Ask your higher self and guides to help you raise your vibration. Do visualizations with your higher self/soul energy where you merge/step into that energy and feel your energy be much more powerful and a higher vibration. Use a lot of white and gold light, or whatever is your favorite. Getting in nature and doing physical exercise can increase your vibration a lot too.


I hope that this can help some of you that are trying to learn and do a lot of your own clearing/healing. Please make all of these things your own and play around with them however you want to. That’s part of the fun is coming up with your own creations!

Love & Light


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