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A Report On Personal And Planetary Shift From The Dreamers Conference in Finland – Part One

By on May 22, 2016 in Spiritual Awakening

A Report On Personal And Planetary Shift From The Dreamers Conference in Finland - Part One

by Michelle Walling, CHLC
Contributing writer,

On May 12 to May 15, 2016, I was a speaker at the most amazing conference in Finland called the Dreamer’s Conference. The most wonderful magical connections were made and some massive shifts occurred for me. I will share my personal interpretation of what occurred in this article series. From my own “first contact” to my long awaited full understanding of how the shift into the fifth dimensional New Earth will happen, I am truly walking in another time and place than when I left the United States.

Planning for the trip to Finland

In the beginning, the planning stages for going to Europe by myself were interesting. I really wanted to fly by the seat of my pants, however transportation and hotel prices quickly rise as you wait. I felt more at ease knowing I had a place to stay and everything was laid out. Looking back, I cancelled half of my hotel reservations (without penalty) and was able to make new plans without much of an extra cost. I learned a really good lesson in giving up control of every minute detail. Only the flight from the USA, the first London hotel, and the Finland hotel were constant, and everything else ended up changing.

When I was invited to speak at this conference, I honestly had to question the validity of everything. Fear kicked in and I wondered if this would be my last trip, ever. At the time, there wasn’t any information on the other speakers yet and the website had almost no information at all. I had no idea of the caliber of information that would be presented or who the organizer Janne Granlund was. I began to exchange emails with Janne and got some validation of some of the speakers, which was a very interesting mix of shamans and indigenous people, scientists, UFO researchers and contactees from all over the world.

I asked my higher self for confirmation and got a resounding “yes”, you must go to this! I put total faith and trust in this and organized a London meetup right before I went to Finland. I wanted to travel to Paris as well, and I asked my higher self if I should go. I got a “no”. I wanted to go back to Paris anyway, so I organized a meetup at the same time I organized London.

While the London meetup began filling up very quickly, the Paris meetup was not. The ratio was 10 tickets in London to 1 ticket in Paris. Paris was going to cost 3 times as much for me to go, due to the hotel and meeting room. After about a month of advertising, I asked my higher self if I should cancel the meetup and I got a huge “yes”. I informed the 4 people that had made a reservation that we were canceling and refunded their money. I had to suddenly inform my guest speaker and translator, Marc Gray that I would not be attending. Marc was a little confused but was very kind about it. The London meetup ended up being awesome and I loved meeting everyone in person.

A few days before the trip, I had to add my passport information on the airline website. I don’t know how this happened, but I ran across something on the internet that talked about expiration dates on your passport needing to be 3-6 months PAST THE DATE OF RETURN HOME. This is one of the most absurd things I have heard of. It varies with each country as to how many months your passport must be valid. I began to check each one starting with England. That was no problem, your passport only had to be valid through the length of your stay. My passport was expiring in August 2016 so that was great.

Then I checked Finland. This was the real reason for going overseas and my heart skipped a beat as I read that they required 3 months and I had a mere FOUR DAYS grace to spare. If the conference had been a mere four days into the future I would not have been able to attend. At least I knew I could go to London and Helsinki. Paris, on the other hand was six months out past the return date!! I would not have been able to go to Paris and a lot of people would have been disappointed. I share this with you because I wanted to show how I did not pay attention the first time with a “no”, don’t go to Paris, but I did pay attention right away when I got an emphatic message to cancel.

My first flight to London from Tampa went well, although I did not get too much sleep. I really wonder why we can’t all have a fully reclining seat. Not only that, but when the person in front of you in coach reclines their seat back, your tray table is right in your face. I had no power outlet so my cell and my laptop lasted until they were gone and I was left to reading or sleeping in an upright position. My body did not like being up in the clouds moving that fast for 8 hours. I noticed one very strange thing about the flight. When we took off, the flight attendant had us close our window shades, every one of them. It wasn’t dark yet, and she said to keep them closed the whole flight!!

My curiosity brought me to peeking outside of the plane a few hours into the trip. I do not know how high we were flying, but I could see the wing of the plane and I noticed that some of the stars were BELOW the wing of the plane. Very clearly, they bent downward along the horizon and I was a bit confused by this. I hope someone can explain this to me. Maybe it was an illusion because of the curved windows in the plane.

The flight from London to Helsinki had an interesting start. After leaving the gate, a man somehow fell in the isle and hit his head. He was hurt pretty bad and the flight attendants rushed very quickly to his side due to the panicked reaction of the passengers. I couldn’t see what had happened or assist from where I was. It was serious enough to have to go back to the gate for an armed guard assist off the plane with the paramedics, due to Border Patrol safety measures. The poor old guy must have been terrified. I am still trying to figure out the significance of this happening on this flight. Maybe it averted another problem down the road. It made the flight 4.5 hours instead of 3.5, but interestingly enough, the flight back to London after the conference was 30 minutes early to return.

Another thing I noticed is that my ears never changed pressure on the ascent. I always “pop” the pressure in my ears with gum, swallowing, etc. and I specifically noticed that they didn’t change at all. It did change on the decent into HEL (the code for the airport in Helsinki).

The Hotel Korpilampi was away from the airport about twenty-five minutes and was surrounded by beautiful trees, green grass, and a lake. It was the perfect spot to ground, share ceremonies, and commune with twelve awesome speakers whom I have much respect and love for. The speakers were:

Scott Lemriel has been in contact with the Galactic Alliance for the past 55 years. He is the author of two books, The Seres Agenda and The Emerald Doorway: Three Mystic Crystals. His website is:

Ted Mahr is a show host of Out of this World Radio and Television. See He is a psychic and has been in touch with the other side for the last 22 years.

Michiko Hayashi is the Global Director of the Emoto Peace Project in Tokyo, Japan. Michiko spreads the love and gratitude work of Dr. Emoto through the children’s version of his Messages from Water, as well as the distribution of anti-cancer “Angel Water” to the children of Fukushima. See

Emmanuel Itier is a French spiritual film director based in California. He is the producer/director of two award winning films called “Femme” and “The Invocation.”

Vernon Masayezva is a Hopi Indian tribal chairman and elder. His friend, Jerry Honowa, is a Hopi Indian elder who was diagnosed with cancer right before the conference and was unable to attend. Both live in Arizona, USA, and know Hopi Indian prophecies for humanity’s future.

Professor Gerald Pollack is considered one of the world’s most famous water scientists. Based at the University of Washington in Seattle, USA, his book, The Fourth Phase of Water, is a groundbreaking book on the fourth phase of water, in addition to being solid, liquid, and vapor Professor Pollack has found that water has memory. HERE is the Amazon link to his book.

Ervin Laszlo is one of the world’s most famous scientists. His book, A New Map of Reality: The Worldview of Twenty-first Century Science, will be published soon. His website is

Emma Louise Hansen is a passionate philosopher of life, writer, free thinker, visionary, nurse, and seeker for holy love and peace for all living souls. Since she was a young girl, she has had contact with civilizations from other realms and dimensions. She has a gift of communicating with the elements of water, air, soil, and fire, and with the source of our higher selves. She lives in Trondheim, Norway, and is in the process of writing a book of wisdom. Her website is

Tetsu Shiratori is a famous Japanese actor and film director. His latest films include “Sosei (Revival)” and “INORI (Prayer) – Conversation with Something Great.” After being diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer in 2007, Tetsu decided to practice every possible holistic medicine including homeopathy, hado reading, Chi treatment, and more. He also experienced the power of prayer; his friends and families gathered to pray for his health, which significantly enhanced his physical wellbeing. Within a year, he was free of cancer.

Nikolay Oorzhak is a shaman from Tuva, Siberia and shred traditional shamanism, prophecy, and ceremony.

Michelle Walling is an expert of starseeds, vibrational resonance, and the ascension of human consciousness, as well as DNA activation and healing. She is a holistic life coach, webmaster, contributing writer for She is also the hostess of the Cosmic Awakening Show. Visit

Heikki Kulju is a Finnish UFO researcher and spoke about the Roswell case and a recent interesting case in Finland.

The adventure begins

The first two days of the conference were spent in private discussion in a round table format. All of the conference was recorded on film, including this part, and will be released after editing has been completed. Everyone got to know each other, ate 2-3 meals a day together, and shared their experience and laughter (as well as a few tears along the way).

Every single person there made an impact on my understanding and progress. It was interesting that we had a “round table” discussion (the legend of King Arthur), with 12 people. One of these days was Friday the 13th, the day that King Phillip IV ordered many of the founding members of the Knights Templar to be arrested and held for the inquisition, where they were later found guilty of ridiculous charges and executed. As many of you may know, I was a Knight Templar in many past lifetimes. This Friday the 13th, however, proved to be the luckiest day of my life as I ventured out at 2:22 am to the lake to look for UFO’s. Although I did not physically see a UFO, first contact with my star family began for me that night. I had been attempting to make contact with my starship and family for five years. This profound shift in my consciousness would lead me to the next level of understanding who I am, why I am here, and my role in Earth’s ascension. I will cover what unfolded in part two of this series.

The roundtable discussion was created by the conference organizer Janne to be a way that this panel would tell about their experiences briefly and be able to marry prophecy, scientific research, extraterrestrial contact, supernatural phenomenon, shaman knowledge, Hopi knowledge, and holistic topics together. I did not know this would happen, but I became a part of the questioner panel, getting the ball rolling on various topics. I enjoyed watching the dynamics between everyone tremendously. I have to say that although the format was loosely organized, the result was very satisfactory in getting everyone’s participation. There were a few other people who were not speaking at the public conference that joined in as well, including Finnish ET contactees Andreas Heikkila and Kalevi Riikonen, (Kalevi joined us on day two and was invited at the last minute), UFO researcher and well known Finnish architect Tapani Koilula, numerologist, healer, and reader Annina Kyrklund, and cameraman Orion Meyers from Bend, Oregon.

I was so completely in the moment of what was happening that I didn’t take the best notes. I know that YouTube will have all of the details. I am sharing my recollection for sake of the personal story that will continue to unfold. There were a few synchronicities for me right off the bat. First of all, I have the 3 stars of Orion’s belt on my face in the form of moles, so that I would have a recognition. I also have 3 small red moles in the exact pattern on top of my right thigh just in case I didn’t see it on my face. After asking myself why they were there, I thought I had contact in Orion but later decided it was the way “out” to go back home, as well as the birthplace for new things. For the cameraman/newly discovered friend Orion to have the same name was quite synchronistic for me.

There was a water theme everywhere!

Image of a water crystal after playing Edelweiss, courtesy of

Image of a water crystal after playing Edelweiss, courtesy of

This truly was not completely planned, although some of the people attending were obviously involved with the study of water. Almost everyone had something to say about water, and the fact that the hotel had a lake was pretty cool. There were some obvious water themes already set up in alignment by having Professor Pollack and Michiko Hayashi from the late Dr. Emoto’s water studies.

In case you haven’t heard of Dr. Masaru Emoto, he summarized that water holds memory based on the frequency of the water itself and its programming. For instance, he studied the ice crystals of water in clean reservoirs and compared them to polluted water reservoirs. The polluted water would not be able to form beautiful snowflake like patterns when frozen. Hi research branched off into many directions including trying many other pristine waters where the snowflakes became symmetrical, sparkling, and beautifully defined.

Another part of Dr. Emoto’s work showed that hateful words would form distorted ice crystals while words such as compassion, love, gratitude, and forgiveness formed the most perfect crystals. Different things like singing and the effect on food left in jars with words taped to the outside of the jar were presented to the world. Eventually Dr. Emoto proved that water contaminated by radiation could be healed and cleansed within minutes with a method of positive programming through the test methods they tried. An overall conclusion is that water that is not resonating in harmony with its surroundings could not create a beautifully organized crystal. When this theory is applied to the human body and the Earth’s body, which are mostly water, conclusions can occur which coincide with metaphysical and spiritual practices which bring a person back into harmony with the earth and others. This is just a short summary of Dr. Emoto’s work, but I was already familiar with it and it has been shared widely on the website as well as on many other websites.

Here is a short video on Dr. Emoto’s work.

Here is one of the In5d articles: Dr Masaru Emoto On Human Consciousness And Water

Image of Siberian Shaman Nikolay courtesy of Emmanuel Itier

Image of Siberian Shaman Nikolay courtesy of Emmanuel Itier

The power and sacredness of ceremony was shared, and each ceremony involved water. The Siberian shaman Nikolay did a water/fire/earth/sky ceremony. On the last evening, Emma did a water ceremony by the lake as well. The Hopi Vernon shared the battle of life and death scenario over the fight for the last water aquifer they have left, and also explained how they can make it rain on their corn and crops with prayer and ceremony, and have been praying for water many generations.

Janne described a paranormal healing experience he had from tall shimmering water-like beings. The theme of water continued with each individual, and it became obvious to many of us that water was love, water was energy, water was vibration, water carried information (like the Akashic records) and water was basically life itself (I am in the process of uncovering whether this is planetary, solar system, universal, etc).

When Professor Pollack described his understanding of the fourth phase of water, the wheels in my head began clicking into place. The door swung open to a whole new understanding of a phase of water that is called Liquid Crystal, and is created with the influx of light (he mentioned infrared light was the most powerful). I finally had some scientific research to tie various teachings from the Pleiadians and others about our bodies becoming liquid light. Hearing this great man speak and being able to share my feelings with him in my presentations was an immense pleasure. I felt like I knew him from some other time for sure  (I think we all did!)!

Here is a TED talk on the fourth phase of water by Professor Pollack.

Scientist Ervin Lazlo confirmed that everything is energy, vibrating at a certain frequency. In my opinion, he is one of the coolest scientists that merge metaphysics and quantum mechanics with his understanding of what the universe is, time, etc. and I couldn’t begin to share this in this short article. Hopefully the YouTube will give you enough information when it comes out to see how cool he really is. Check out his website here.

Ships of protection and implants

Scott and Ted assured us that there were three ships above the hotel providing a dome of protection around the property. Scott also provided a toning of the word “HU” that would help with balancing. Ted talked about what is wrong with unawakened humans on this planet and even the awakened humans that are not controlling their behavior. They both discussed the fact that we all are susceptible to etheric implants and these are the mechanisms of control for us. Ted also mentioned that he is planning to visit the inner earth city to meet with Adama, and this should be occurring around the time of this article being released.  I can’t wait to hear what that was like.

Scott shared about his early contact with the beings of Seres, and how they took him on the ship to prepare him to help out with the implant removal process of humans that are in power positions on the planet. Scott has much to share on his mission and I suggest reading the book The Seres Agenda for more information about this. Right before I left the last day, Scott was looking for someone to give his book to, but they had already left. I was the fortunate recipient of that book. I’m about ¼ of the way though, and Scott told me that the important revisions are at the end of the book. I look forward to interviewing Scott about this book when I am finished. The YouTube videos will have more information as well about implants and the beings of light who are here to assist us.

Looking back on the first two days of round table discussion, I had the thought of many people watching the unfolding of a “test” session from afar. These tests are occurring all over the planet to see if we are ready to become galactic ambassadors. How would people on Earth be able to gather together to share their own experiences? How would they treat one another, and would they be able to work together in peace? How would conflicts be resolved? I think we all did a great job, even the ones who didn’t speak much, as they were there as observers for their particular star family.

The Public Lectures

The attendance for the public lectures was small, but when I see something like this, I know that everyone who attended was meant to be there. The messages will be shared on the internet and will reach more people than could have attended in person. I hope one day we will be able to give back to Janne what he put out to gather all of us together in the best interest of planet Earth.

Many of the presenters shared the same experiences as the first few days of introduction, as days one and two seemed to be practice for the public lectures. I won’t repeat much of that here.

I think it was Ted who reminded us that Einstein, Nostradamus, and J.F. Kennedy were in attendance in spirit. Scott’s spirit/lightbeing/ET friends were also there, of course, as were many others. I wasn’t nervous about speaking in front of people at the public lecture, nor even to the camera. However, I was a bit giddy about all of the beings who were listening on the other side!

Ervin Lazlow confirmed my beliefs by quoting Einstein in saying that you cannot solve problems in the consciousness that created it. He summarized what we are going through with few words, but very powerfully explained that there are vibrational rules for this shift or bifurcation that we are all experiencing. You will either be able to gain access to the free energy of the universe or you will die out. You will only be able to survive if you are coherent with the systems or beings around you. In a nutshell, he said that you have to act “super coherent” to survive. I love that. We will all be supermen and superwomen!

With the help of a Russian translator, Nikolay was able to share information on shamanism and how he became a shaman. It truly was uplifting to be in his presence and more info will be on the video about his message.

Emmanuel shared the trailer to his powerful movie, Femme, which knocked many of us off our seats. The great thing about his movies is that he is making them available online. I highly recommend viewing the movie online at This film highlights the divine feminine and is for men as well as women, as it shows how we have been programmed to suppress the feminine within. Sharon Stone is one of those goddesses that brings everything to light and to life! Emmanuel is also working on a Shaman documentary and is considering a documentary about water.

Vernon shared the Hopi prophecy, as drawn on the prophecy rock that shows the progression to the fifth world and said that we are at the 11th hour, in fact we may be at midnight. He also explained that fighting for water on his land has taken all of his energy, to the point where he almost did not attend the conference. He was so grateful that he did attend, for he re-gained all of his energy and hope, and can say with confidence that we are indeed going to make it to the fifth world soon. He was excited to return to his people to share the experiences he had.

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Michiko shared more about Dr. Emoto’s work, along with a tearful video with Dr. Emoto. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the place (more water!). She also shared how Ho’oponopono can be used to program your water with the highest vibration of love, gratitude, and forgiveness. Of course she shared so much more but this was the most important message I got out of her work. Michiko also works with the Emoto Peace Project to distribute free books to children about Dr. Emoto’s work. I hope to support this project through doing an interview with Michiko soon.

Related article: Ho’oponopono Hawaain Code Of Forgiveness

Emma Louis Hansen and I realized on the first day that we are from the same ship. Meaning that we are currently having another lifetime on a starship and we sent a fractal of our soul here to walk into our bodies in order to assist with Earth’s ascension. At the conference, she shared a vision that she had, and although the date or time may be different, we both feel like it symbolizes what could occur. In part 2, I will share Emma’s vision and will be focusing on many things that Emma and I downloaded during the time in Finland. There were others from our ship there as well, but I haven’t asked their permission to share who they are.

Emma also confirmed the Hopi prophecy and shared a lifetime as a Hopi daughter who left her earthly life to become one with water. In that lifetime, she jumped into the river and her soul merged with water for a very long time. This was a preface for the understanding of the importance of water and its properties in this lifetime. Emma also realized the profound understanding that one of the Hopi elders that was to come to the conference (but couldn’t come because of an illness) was her father in that lifetime! More to come from Emma about that in interviews and documentaries we plan to do together.

Tetsu rounded out the final public presentations with his amazing story of how he healed his inoperable brain cancer. His focus was sharing the power of prayer and how it has been shown to make miracles occur. He shared two of his amazing films Inori and Sosei in full, however they won’t be on the conference YouTube. They may be available on the internet soon though. This film group is most certainly in tough with the power we have as humans to change everything in our reality.

Returning to London and beyond

The water theme continued after my return to London. I came across an article here from Crow777 that said that it is likely that space is actually water! Here is the video from that article:

I was also led to a reminder of a statement in Barbara Marciniak from Earth: Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library– “Earth is on the crux of an identity crisis. There have been summits and meetings by environmental organizations that act as if Band-Aids will fix things in time. No. There is no fixing the dam as the bricks crack, crumble, and fall. What is this dam? It is all of the ideas, structures, and belief systems that hold the waters of consciousness together. You are made from water, dear friends.”

There were so many synchronicities that I cannot possibly share them all, but a last cool synchronicity for me was this page, which shows Janne’s description of the conference “Dreamers of the New Dawn”. Not many people know this, but my first name is Dawn and I know that was no accident when my dad named me after one of his favorite girlfriends. My mom didn’t take too much to it and began calling me by my middle name Michelle. I, of course, had heard the word dawn used many times to describe what we are headed for, but it was especially meaningful for me that Janne had this on the website. Also, the poster that Janne created for the conference featured a water sunset.

Overall, besides the connection with water, everyone contributed to the understanding that the most powerful energies are that of love, forgiveness, and gratitude, and we can emanate this to others through the water in our bodies. Many of us shared that it begins with self. Self love, self forgiveness, and gratitude to your body for allowing you to visit the Earth in a vehicle. Grounding with Earth is very beneficial in healing energies that may keep you from being super coherent. Awareness of your thoughts and actions are crucial if you want to contribute to the overall consciousness that you carry in your body’s water.

I will share how my understandings of the information shared at this conference ties in with ascension with science behind it, and expand on Extraterrestrial help including my close tie with Emma in Part 2 of this series, coming soon. The purpose of Part 1 was to give you a very short summary of who was in Finland and what we have to look forward to with the video presentations coming out on YouTube. I wish I had taken better notes for you, but I know I wasn’t there as a reporter this time. I had a much bigger role to play energetically and will continue my work with many from this group. I will be doing a series of videos in accompaniment to share what others’ personal experiences of the conference were and what has transpired in their lives since then.

Be sure to visit meet up with me out on the road in Bastrop, TX in May or Phoenix, AZ in June for more personal information on how this all relates to my understanding of ascension (see for dates and reservations). I am also going to try to attend Ted’s upcoming Galactic Wisdom Conference (Scott and Michiko will also be there) June 10-12 to see what kind of magic will happen there. After experiencing the Finland conference and then the Global BEM Conference in Bastrop, TX, May 28-29, Contact in The Desert in Joshua Tree, Ca June 3-6, and Ted’s conference in Washington State, who knows what will happen!

Stay tuned for Part 2 – Finland Dreamers and The Three Waves of Light

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