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SURRENDER! It’s Time To Fully Trust And Let Go

By on March 12, 2019 in Spiritual Awakening
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SURRENDER! It's Time To Fully Trust And Let Go

by Rosie Neal,
Contributing Writer, In5D.com

Sometimes we make magnificent plans but everything that can happen, happens to prevent the journey. That special job, university, trip, family gatherings, breakups and sometimes even illnesses ect.

We get all excited and then at the last minute (((boom))) something happens out of left field that stops it. You become disappointed, you grieve it. You may even become angry. You try to force your will, because you think you know what’s best, but what you need to know, is to just stop for a moment.

Stop all the thinking, trying to manipulate that moment.

Stop using your will to force it through.

Just take a deep breath and breathe.

Gently take a step back and a 1/2 step to the left and take another look. Look closely to the right and the left. There is something there that you need to see. Something that is greater than you is taking over.

It is clear, from a higher place, that you can’t see from where you are standing or you have become distracted and that the direction that you are going is not for your highest good. Trouble is lurking ahead that could bring you great failure, pain or harm, so surrender and just breathe and wait.

You are being guided to something much better, to a journey that will bring you that of the greatest joy, laughter and success… even more than you can understand in this moment so just trust the process.

Take a step back and look to the right and left and see what is there that you overlooked. Then very softly take a step in that direction. You are being guided to your destiny. Just say thank you and see the gift being placed before you!

Don’t get so wrapped up with the distractions and dramas of life and your own will, thinking you know everything that you missed that vital step where source is redirecting you to that of your greatest potential and success. When this happens, know there are no accidents. 

Sometimes, that of the greatest of accidents are those that lead you to the most beautiful and magnificent locations. We each have our own compass and it exists in the heart center. Learn to use it. If it feels uncomfortable it is telling you to stop, sometimes it is screaming and barrier after barrier is being brought forth to block you!

Breathe and take a moment and redirect. You keep trying to navigate and move blindly by way of default because you can’t see the overall greater perspective from where you are standing. It is time to fully trust and let go and let god guide.

There have been so many times you became fearful and have prayed for guidance, but when guidance came, you could not recognize it because of all the distractions that was before you. And sometimes that distraction is you thinking you know what’s best. Your will not that of divine guidance. It’s now time to start paying attention.

When all the blockages start to come up, stop, breathe, rebalance, and realign, then quietly move in another direction as the route forward is not where you need to be in this moment.

Learn to recognize and use your compass. ??

With the Deepest of Love ALWAYS in ALL WAYS

~ Rosie Neal

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