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The Top 3 Reasons To Know Your Soul Mission

By on June 17, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening

by Heather,
Contributing Writer,

The live to work, work to live struggle is an issue that a majority of humans must deal with. From the moment we enter the workforce we engage in the rat race; the non enjoyable matrix that puts us in a circle of debt, stress, and misery. How does this change and what happens to our lives when it does? The answer is simple really.

The minute we flip the proverbial switch to discover and engage in our soul mission a whole new world opens up for us.

Listed below are the top 3 reasons and explanations on why we should be living our soul mission and how doing so will enhance our lives.

1. Personal Ascension

No matter if one is fully aware of it yet or not, we are all incarnate here now to ascend. The Grand Awakening is upon us. One of the biggest keys to our own personal ascension is figuring out and actively partaking in our soul mission. As we get to a certain stage in our spiritual journey we will no longer be able to stand being involved in that which is not in alignment with us. Our soul mission is just that, the perfectly aligned vibrational match to our soul. It is what our soul was created for; it is how we were designed. Upon discovering and working with our soul mission our souls begin a new level of development. We become exactly who we are supposed to be, we gain massive amounts of knowledge, and fully remember our oneness with source. The more we learn and remember, the closer we become, and that is exactly what ascension is.

2. Fulfillment

Most of us know the feeling; our alarm goes off Monday morning and as we are waking up our stomach begins to turn thinking about what’s ahead of us for the week. It can be the most absolutely horrendous feeling to seem forced going someplace almost every day that drains us, depletes us, and brings us down. It is a constant and continuous daily battle. When we are able to stand up to fear and societal expectations, leave that nonsense existence in the past and begin “work” in our soul mission we no longer have to deal with those awful daily feelings. Work is no longer work, it’s our passion. What was once considered a necessity now becomes an enjoyable process. We become happy, joyful, and fulfilled; partaking in exactly what we were created to do. Waking up pleased, excited, and motivated every day is a glorious experience that existing within our soul mission provides.

3. Humanity

One of the most impressive things that happen when we work with our soul mission is that it doesn’t just benefit us, it benefits all of humanity. Lightworkers, as we all are, have an intense drive to help humanity. One of the most influential ways we do this is by helping ourselves in our soul mission. As each of us, one by one, ring the bell to fulfillment it aligns even more universal support for others to engage in their own soul mission. As more and more of the collective as a whole levels up it creates an almost magnetic like pull for the rest of humanity to awaken and ascend. By doing what is best for you, you are doing what is best for humanity also.

Love, Light, and Meows

The Lyran Initiative

About the author: Discovering your soul mission can be done by connecting with your higher self. If you would like assistance in connecting with your higher self and discovering your soul mission offers multiple ways to help. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to us at

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