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This is What The Aurora Borealis Looks Like in Real Time

By on April 16, 2015 in Science
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This is What The Aurora Borealis Looks Like in Real Time in5d in 5d

This is not a time-lapse. Photographer Kwon O Chul shows what aurora borealis looks like in real-time in this jaw-dropping video filmed in Yellowknife, Canada. What an incredible phenomenon to experience in-person. Video was shot on a Nikon D4, at ISO 6400, 24mm f/1.4G lens at f/2.0 or f/1.4.

An aurora (astralis in the south and borealis in the north) is a natural light display in the sky particularly in the high latitude (Arctic and Antarctic) regions, caused by the collision of energetic charged particles with atoms in the high altitude atmosphere (thermosphere). The charged particles originate in the magnetosphere and solar wind and, on Earth, are directed by the Earth’s magnetic field into the atmosphere.


In5D Addendum

Here’s another amazing shot of the Aurora Borealis:

Videographer’s comment:

“Two Lands – Greenland | Iceland” is the result of a very brief 10 day shoot I did for Panasonic. The video is a compilation of some of the footage I shot while there. Some of the other shots are in lockdown by the client so I used what I could to create this video. I spent 4 days shooting in Iceland and 6 days shooting in Greenland. Greenland locations include the Kangerlussuaq, Ilulissat, Ilimanaq, Ilulissat Ice Fjord, Russell Glacier, Greenland Icecap, and Disko Bay. Iceland locations include the South Coast, Snæfellsnes Peninsula, Kirkjufell, and Grundarfjörður.  All footage was shot in super high resolution 4K Ultra HD.

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