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Top 40 Dream Symbols, Interpretations, And Their Metaphysical Meanings

Top 40 Dream Symbols, Interpretations, And Their Meanings in5d in 5d

by Gregg Prescott, M.S.

Dreams are how we process whatever is going on in the subconscious mind. Everybody dreams but unfortunately, we forget 90% of our dreams. You may want to consider keeping a dream journal and a pen next to your bed to record your dreams when you awaken.

If your dreams are overall very positive or even futuristic, then this generally tells you that you’ve done your “inner work” to resolve any current issues.

If your dreams are overall very negative, then this is a sign that there are issues that need to be addressed in your life. Consider this a blessing because these dreams are giving you the opportunity to resolve these issues.

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If you’re having nightmares on a regular basis, check to see how much television you’re watching on any given day. Never fall asleep watching TV!

For those who love horror flicks, these will often be stored in your subconscious mind and will be replayed in some bizarre fashion within your dreams.

We often have repetitive themes within our dreams, such as having the ability to fly or being chased by someone or something. There’s a reason why these dreams keep occurring and it’s up to you to find out why.

The following are the Top 40 dream symbols and their metaphysical meanings in alphabetical order. Please keep in mind that each dream symbol could have dozens of variants and alternative meanings. In this article, we’ll cover the most common dream symbols and the most common meanings.


Age – To see yourself young in a dream may represent lost opportunities in your life. To see yourself as older than your current age may suggest possible health issues. To see older people in your dreams generally denotes good luck.

Apocalypse – To see an end of the world type scenario or an apocalypse may represent stress or the feeling of being vulnerable. These types of dreams may also represent dramatic changes within yourself and possible new beginnings.

Baby – Seeing a baby in your dreams often represents new beginnings and innocence or purity. A baby in your dreams may also be a prophetic dream of an impending romance. to see a baby talking means that you need to listen to your inner child.

Being chased – If you’re being chased in your dreams, then most likely, you are avoiding a situation in your waking life. It may have something to do with responsibility or a perceived failure in your life. There may be a situation in your life where you feel disadvantaged. This may also represent a traumatic childhood event or current concern. How you react in your dream will often represent how you would react in your waking life as well. Are you trying to run away from something or someone that you should confront?

Can’t talk, yell or scream – Most often, we try to scream for “HELP!” in these dreams but nothing is heard from our mouths. If you had these types of dreams, then you may be afraid your opinions or voice isn’t being heard in some particular area of your life.

Death – If you’ve dreamed about the death of a loved one, it may signify that you haven’t come to terms with this person’s death. If you dream of your own death, you may be questioning your own mortality.

Driving – When dreaming about driving, try to remember as many details about the car as possible, because the car is YOU. The car will show you how you’re navigating through life.

Driving and can’t see anything – Once again the car is YOU (see above). In this scenario, your life path is somewhat foggy. You may be currently lacking ambition or direction in your own life. Even if you feel like you’re on the right path, something else may be popping up in the near future that may sway you in a new direction and life path.

Elevator – If the elevator is going down, then this generally is viewed as something negative and may be reflected in your current life as a loss of social status, wealth, job, friends, etc.. If the elevator is going up, then it may represent a promotion at work or good fortune in some other area of your life.

In terms of metaphysics, an elevator descending may represent incarnating to this planet while a rising elevator may represent ascending or moving into a new dimension.

Exams – Taking tests or exams may relate to either work or school anxieties. They could even represent difficulties within your relationship if you feel like you’re constantly being judged.

Additionally, exam dreams may suggest a fear of failure in some area of your life or an unfulfilled obligation.

If you dream of cheating on an exam, then you’re not being honest with yourself in some area of your life.

Falling – Dreams of falling often represent a loss of control in some area of your life.

Flying – Being able to enjoyably fly in your dreams typically represents freedom from earthly restraints. It can also mean that you’ve risen above a challenge or have overcome something that once bothered you. If flying brings fear in your dream, it may represent an imminent challenge in your everyday life or the inability to take the next step of progression in some fashion.

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Metaphysically speaking, dreams of flying may be symbolic of connecting to your higher self and/or being a “free spirit”.

Food – Dreams about food typically represent a hunger for knowledge. Have you been researching something recently that you find fascinating? Food may also represent how you feel in your relationship. Is the food enjoyable or do you detest it?

Gate – A gate is either a barrier or an entrance. Seeing a gate in your dreams signifies either new beginnings and the end to something significant in your waking hours. Is the gate locked? Are you able to pass through the gate? Your answer will tell you there are either challenges/obstacles ahead or everything will be “smooth sailing” as opportunities present themselves.

Metaphysically, a gate may represent a portal to another dimension of consciousness or the transition from the physical to the spiritual realms.

Giants – Seeing a giant or giants in your dreams signify insurmountable struggles in your waking hours. If you overcome the giant, then success is on the way.

Guns – To see a gun in your dreams usually represents the need for protection and/or anxiety about something in your waking hours. Guns represent masculinity and aggression. In Freudian psychology, the gun represents the male genitalia and the firing of it is an act of sexual gratification.

Hair – If your head is full of healthy, lustrous hair, then this is typically a sign of virility while balding, losing hair, or split ends are signs of insecurity of possible libido issues.

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Hands – Your left hand symbolizes the feminine and receptive qualities we all have and your right hand represents the masculine and projective qualities in us. If you injure your hand in your dream, then this may be related to ego issues. It may also mean that someone else will have success doing whatever it is you were supposed to do. If your hands seem really small, then this may reflect insecurities. If you can’t see your hands in your dream, then this may reflect being out of control about something in your waking hours. If your hands are dirty, then you may have jealousy issues. If your hands are clean, then you most likely are experiencing satisfaction in your life.

Houses – Dreams of houses and car typically represent YOU, even if you’re in the car or home. To dream of going back to your childhood home is to dream of time traveling back to a time and place when life was much simpler.

Illness – Experiencing illness in a dream is your subconscious mind telling you about something that you might not be aware of in your waking hours. It could also represent a lack of spiritual clarity. It may also represent feeling abandonment and having no one to care for you.

Insects – Dreaming of insects generally means you’re experiencing an unpleasant feeling in your waking hours. Insects may also represent some sort of struggle you’re experiencing in your waking hours, but is manifested as an insect for a metaphor in your dreams.

Ladder – Similar to climbing up or down steps (see Steps/Staircases), ladders represent a desire to reach higher levels in any given area of your life.

Metaphysically, ladders may represent a DNA activation or a hidden desire for one as the ladders strands of our DNA.

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Lateness – Being late in your dream suggests that you may be apprehensive about some eminent change in your life. You may also feel overwhelmed or hesitant about an upcoming event.

Metaphysically, our true spirit lives without time, so feeling late is time-related and keeping you grounded to this 3rd dimensional reality.

Lottery – Dreaming about winning the lottery represents your desire to be free from financial and material issues.

Metaphysically, winning, or even playing the lottery represents your reliance on fate or destiny.

Magic – Magic dreams represent unexpected changes, power and creativity. To see someone performing magic means that good fortune will come to you.

Money – Dreams about a lack of money can be manifestations of low self worth. Dreaming of having lots of money symbolize power and control.

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Mountains – If you’re climbing mountain, then you may be facing a challenge or obstacle in your life. To climb to the top of a mountain represents overcoming an obstacle.

Nudity – Seeing yourself publicly naked in a dream often refers to concerns about how others may perceive you or showing your true self to others. It may also reflect insecurities or being vulnerable and possibly exposed for who you truly are. If you’re flaunting your naked body, this may reflect a desire to be recognized. It might also represent blatant sexual urges.

Paralysis / Immobility – If you dream about being immobile or paralyzed, then this typically represents being trapped within a relationship or job. You may also feel like you’re unable to express yourself to others in ways they’ll understand.

Metaphysically, immobility . paralysis represents a withdrawal from the external world and a desire to “go within”.

Romance – Dreams of romance reflect your relationship desires or current status. Romance also reflects being content in life. If you feel negatively about a particular dream, it may be reflecting that which you fear within yourself.

Running in slow motion – Dreams of running in slow motion often represent self-confidence or self-esteem issues. Are there any hardships or obstacles in your waking hours? It may also reflect feeling anxious about something in real life.

School – In general a building or a vehicle usually represents YOU, even if you’re in it. Additionally, if you’re an adult in a school setting, you may be trying to understand yourself. If you’re dreaming about the first day of school, regardless of your age, you may have concerns about fitting in or how you’re performing in any given area of your life.

Sex – Dreams of sex typically represent a desire for closeness or intimacy. It can also represent a desire to gain power over others. to dream of having sex with your partner denotes stability, affection, harmony, teamwork, fulfillment, and adoration for that person.

Steps / Staircases – Climbing up or down stairs generally indicates either an increase or reduction in finances or stature. Going down steps may also mean misfortune.

Metaphysically, steps may represent ascension or moving to your next level of spiritual progression if you’re going up a staircase. If you’re going down a staircase, this may represent incarnation.

Teeth – Being cognizant of your teeth in a dream may reflect your concerns over the aging process, especially if you’re losing your teeth. The loss of teeth may reflect the feeling of being unattractive or anxiety about a specific situation in your life.

Trapped – Being trapped in a dream may symbolize a feeling of being confined and restricted in your job, career, health, or a personal relationship. This may have something to do with a decision that you made, or are about to make.

UFO – If you see a UFO in your dream, this represents a desire to find your life’s purpose and meaning. It also shows a thirst to dive into the unknown in new areas of your waking hours.

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Vehicles – Vehicles and houses typically represent YOU. Is the vehicle out of control? Are you trying to escape a situation in your waking life? Are you feeling overwhelmed? If so, then this may reflect issues in your everyday life. It may also suggest that you are not taking responsibility for your own actions in some area of your life. Being a passenger in a car may represent a loss of control in any given situation or possibly the fear of being controlled by someone.

Water – Water may represent many things, depending on the situation.

If you’re drowning in your dream, then chances are, you’re feeling overwhelmed.

If you’re enjoying the ocean, or watching a calm beach, then your subconscious mind is telling you that something is bringing you inner peace. If the water is rough, then you may be suppressing something within your subconscious mind.

If your dream involves flooding, then you’re probably overwhelmed about something in your waking hours.

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Weather – Pay attention to the weather in your dreams because it will show you your overall mood and emotion. For example, if its foggy, then you may feel confused about something in your waking hours. Rain signifies that you may be depressed about something or it may be symbolic of cleansing anew. Sunny, blue skies indicate happiness and that everything is under control.

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Dreams give us a glimpse into our subconscious and present the opportunity to work out issues that are repressed. This is why there are really no bad dreams, just opportunities to grow and understand yourself.

Many times, we end up facing our fears through dream interpretation and analysis. Once our fears are conquered, we find that our dreams become much more positive and sometimes, futuristic because the subconscious mind no longer needs to process those fears.

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You may also want to pay attention to which side of your body is being affected in your dreams.  For example, if you somehow injure your right foot, the right side of your body represents issues that are going on in your current life while the left hand side represents your past life or lives.

Sending you all infinite LOVE and Light!


Gregg Prescott, M.S.Gregg Prescott, M.S. is the founder and editor of In5D and Zentasia.  He co-owns In5D Club with his beautiful wife, Ali. You can find every episode of “The BIGGER Picture with Gregg Prescott” on Bitchute while all of his In5D Radio shows are on the In5D Youtube channel. He is a visionary, author, a transformational speaker, and promotes spiritual, metaphysical and esoteric conferences in the United States through In5dEvents.  Please like and follow In5D on Gab,  In5D TelegramIn5D Bitchute, Instagram, TikTok, Rumble, Twitter, and  In5D on Facebook!/

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