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Transition To Light As Co-Creators

By on August 31, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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Transition To Light As Co-Creators

by Angel V. Ornedo Jr.,
Contributing Writer,In5D.com


With love-light we raise to higher consciousness Earth Gaia, the major purpose of a 5D being taking birth as a human living being. We do the reverse as forgetting took hold, creating profits from the resources of Earth and sweat of humanity, with ego running the show for self-aggrandizement further pulling the planet to lower dimensions from where it has fallen after a major collision. Earth has regrouped, reconsolidated and almost a sphere these million linear years. It is a living sentient being. NOW a stream of light from the heavens, the Central Sun opens our hearts and minds to truth, fully overflowing the land. Some of us have dedicated our lives to a purpose of livelihood creation to uplift forsaken lives and some are helping nature thru planet restoration, refilling mined-overlogged areas, plant trees destroyed and make the planet alive. I just did those two purposes in my lifetime, nature restoration and livelihood creation, for reasons I know now. For the last 70 years I forgot. We came to Earth with a real purpose, those are some of the individual purposes from whence we came. You have yours!

The last 50 years we see unconditional love, absorbed by humans, lost in a million years of manipulation by Archons, back dropped by wars, chaos and terrorism to show humans Earth is still controlled by the dark. Our collective consciousness is stronger with Source as darkness are thrown out.

Our responsibility, another purpose is to educate our children of what Christ, Source Consciousness is all about, love, light and righteousness. Teach the values of goodness, love of nature, environment and neighbors. Sananda says the literal meaning of Christ is a state of being, goodness and a focus on NOW. With this knowledge, we open the eyes of children at their early learning years and assure their generation are educated in “schools of love and goodness” parallel to our system of how to make a living. Inculcate discipline on their ways of ‘growth’ to be better humans, of the completeness of good values of mind body spirit complex, (MBS). We teach them how to pray, how to love with light and raise the consciousness of Mother Earth to a higher vibrational frequency, a dictum which should be explained and emphasized. Teach the essence of love, not falling in love for body, sex and our physical bodies. Let the LOVE consciousness of Christ filter to our children, a fast way of transition to light.


Many industrialists or perpetrators are so greedy they make tons of money with livelihood provision and the restoration of resources destroyed only an adjunct. Each one of us has a purpose why we volunteered to live on Earth, different for everyone. You will know what you volunteered to do in this life the moment you are in introspection, meditation and analyses. Realize that you are here to raise Earth to a higher consciousness and reintegrate all your spirit bodies with that of your spirit at the fifth-sixth dimensions (5D-6D). Sixth is co-creation, vibrational frequency dimension, a beautiful sight to aspire for after the fifth we understand as ‘heaven’. The truth is we still have a long way to reach our goal of ONENESS with ALL THAT IS. That is our ultimate purpose, ONENESS WITH SOURCE. It is how you lived, a life of love of everything, life of light and a desire to join the collective consciousness of humanity in5D.

Source laid out training parameters with choice or free will. Had you taken the dark course, still a flicker of light is there for you to aspire for SOURCE gave you to aspire despite your choice of the dark! One gauge is acting as perpetrator and the other as a victim and how you act for the highest good is the paramount measure of acceptance by Source. Readiness for transfer to higher consciousness is the key, halfway is return to third dimension of trials, our lives in transition. Aspire, think and act for the highest good.


Teachings passed on to us by false mentors, priests, pastors and ancestors are unwieldy and spineless. The divine fragment of light from Source resides within our mobile shell, a soul-divine spirit accumulating experience within every ‘shell’. The soul-spirit is not coming back again, it is within us. We live life, learn to reach, to activate our soul and work with our own light within and never leave it to ‘controlling’ others, the dark negatives at fourth dimension using human dummies to do their dark deeds controlling humans. Majority of us love the amenities of third dimension (3D) of five senses and ego tainted material desires, the basic tools of Cabal. We forgot our purpose of living. NOW, everything seems different in life as intense energies passing thru our sun’s portals from various light sources are overflowing us. That is where learning and analyses come in, how to absorb these intense energies to transmute, cleanse and activate our mind body soul-spirit (MBS) complex. We realize that it is not the satisfaction of the body that we desire but the training and preparation of our soul to higher frequency is important. Spiritual guides, higher self-intuition, inspiration and our readings from “Channels” of truth provide us the knowledge we need. Think, beware of being utilized as a link by darkness, a costly mistake. Always rely on your higher self and there will be no mistake, no traps laid down by darkness as free will prevails. No darkness can overwhelm free will, a law of the Source.


Our journey is to reach the fifth-sixth dimension (5D-6D), a long way to the twelfth dimension (12thD) or even higher in terms of space and time, but without this limitation, it can be really short as we are not subject to time and space. Be ONE with Source can be a short distance. A million years for humans are only a moment for spirit beings. Pleiadians, Arcturians, and Higher Beings have been observing us for thousands, million years – a moment of their joy watching and assisting those who call them. Our planet’s desire, GAIA, as living sentient being will graduate to the eighth dimension, a full pledge brilliant star that creates planets, allowing herself to be our living playground in the process. Intense energies prepare us, heal and cleanse our beings. Jupiter is ahead of Earth as it is now gaseous in form and has several moons that can harbor life, like Europa and IO, both temperate climatic conditions, like us says our scientific society and NASA. Earth, Venus and Mars must have had living beings like us humans but must have graduated to the spirit world as they turned barren, desert like conditions, subjected to intense heat and energies on their own paths. That is transition to light of planets to living suns and stars. Their desire is common on beings!!

The truth is we plan to colonize Europa and IO since the 1970’s. ‘COLONIZE” is the Archons-Anunnaki ways, the dark reptilians who colonized Earth, made implants, clones of humans, humanoids without souls as perpetrators, made us slaves, miners, house-help and proclaimed themselves GODS, father, known gods like Yahweh and Jehovah or whatever you call them, made royalty of tyrants and made themselves kings and queens a copycat of the slave concept they know at humanity’s expense. They happen to be advance in learning as we are today. We are source of light energy of the dark thru soul recycling or false reincarnation as these negative dark beings are cast out by Source to fathomless pits but are still provided with a flicker of light to hold on. They lost their source of light energy but still Source gave them a little light to hold on.

We are fragments of light, with beautiful spirits trained to be Co-Creator of the universe, transferors of knowledge to other 3D worlds. We cannot afford to lose that single opportunity, a purpose given us by All That Is! We cannot assist the dark self-destruct the planet to extinction. We will not colonize moons and planets but share and transfer KNOWLEDGE we have learned. Realize that sharing of knowledge and experience will also be a full-time path of completion to the spiritual dimensions. Upon awakening to truth and light, you will know that deep within you, information is there for picking when needed without channel or guide as they are all within you, the light within your heart and mind embedded within every cell of your body and your living spirit. Imagine they are all within you and you are reminded of knowledge as the Central Sun overflows us thru Christ pure white light absorbed by our light being, our very soul, now activated at your will. Think, analyze, feel intense light and heat every moment?


Transition from carbon bodies, our human shells, the mobile vehicle that we use to light crystalline bodies is happening for many of us. Light foods from fruits, vegetables and exercise accelerate transition as those are what Source provided us at creation. They are ‘photosynthesis’ food. People with dreams for country, the world, humanity like creating better righteous world of love-light and abundance for all are manifested faster than you think. NOW, a new purpose engulfed us, myself as Christ opened our eyes Source creations, the universal beauty, experience and thoughts to humanity. Again, it is up for us to find ways to change the world, starting from ourselves. Surrender mind, body, and spirit to your higher self and start your ways of thinking, visualizing, acting, doing the best and the highest good for Earth and humanity. Nothing else matters but the highest good of all, inside yourselves, the fragment of light within, and outside, that of the multi-universe, as we are ONE. Remember from within so without, from above so is below, the key words are simple-think of the highest good of all!!

Unconditional love, unconditional forgiveness and acceptance of all our 3D experiences on the planet should still be our norm but preparation to higher consciousness is NOW required, otherwise you turn out a lost sheep.

Transition to light and goodness is happening as Christ pours His pure white light to humanity and Earth fully absorbed by many. Christ is a “State of Being” an adjective representing goodness. Imitation is one thing, but we should live our own lives as All That Is made it that way for each and every human being is born with a unique purpose. We are all trained for an assignment thru an evolutionary process in the thought of All That Is, for a higher purpose in the multi-universes, the expanding-retracting Creation, preparing us to graduate as Co-Creators of ever expanding universes and multi-universes.

That is the beauty of transition, you are allowed to teach at third dimension world from fifth/sixth dimensions and SOURCE made it that way for perfection when you are made CO-CREATORS of other worlds. Do not be surprised, we are always ONE with SOURCE.


Angel V. Ornedo Jr.

About the author: Angel shares love- light and unity consciousness., a corporate man providing livelihood while healing Earth in his little ways. Link with him at aornedojr@gmail.com and visit “Knowing the Infinite Creator” by Angel Ornedo Jr.at Xlibris.com, Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.

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