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UFO’s And The Bible Code – Humanity Awakening – A Message From The Council Of 12

By on November 10, 2017 in Extraterrestrials
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UFO’s And The Bible Code – Humanity Awakening – A Message From The Council Of 12

by Paranormal Now,
Contributing Writer,

What have several passages from the bible, Chinese creation myths, the phoenix lights, the Rendlesham forest incident, UFO sightings in Kent, and a 1950s sighting in a stadium in Florence Italy have in common. The answer is a connection to the awakening of humanity and an extra terrestrial council of 12, a seemingly enlightened group of beings that have been protecting planet earth for centuries, whilst helping us to advance spiritually.

Throughout 2017 we have been broadcasting a series of live streams on YouTube to connect with the spirit world, using several inter trans-communication devices or as their more commonly known as Ghost Boxes, devices that use the manipulation of radio signals and other such audio input to give direct spirit communication.

When conducting these live streams we were expecting to get responses from loved ones connected with either the investigation team or those watching at home. Instead we have consistently over 8 sessions, received information of a profound nature coming from beings that claim to be representatives of  an extra terrestrial Council of 12.

The video below is taken from our Now Investigations 6 live streams where after receiving several communications from these beings we set out with the intent to contact them directly. As up until this point it was unclear who we were speaking with. It was during this live stream that they identified themselves through the device.

Here is a brief summary of some of the things they have told us during this particular session.

There are ET’s on earth that mean harm, they were from the Orion system, take human form and have worked in the dark for centuries manipulating human development.

Our religious texts have been manipulated by man over time and should be treated as code, even if the events are factual in nature, the essence of such passages of Acts 2, the story of Jericho and Ezekiel’s wheel can act as a guide for the awakening of humanity, to be understood when we reach the level of consciousness that enables us to look beyond the manipulation.

UFO sightings worldwide are connected, and generally these encounters are harmless.

The Council of 12 along with other alien species and institutions were around during the early ages of man, which corroborates the work of other researchers such as Delores Cannon, and David Icke.

The Annunaki are real and may reference the agents of Orion that have infiltrated Planet earth. On several occasions, the responses mention a being named Anu, who acts as a false God, and could even be the God referenced in parts of the bible, who holds power over planet earth.

There is a real world meaning to the Ark of the Covenant in today’s society which would be beneficial to mankind.

The awakening process has been attempted many times on Planet earth and has essentially failed due to numerous reasons, mostly because of the numbers of people that are spiritually in tune at any point in time. At this point we are further along as a race than we have been for some time. As more of humanity are awake than have been before.

The 8th of May 2018 will be a significant date in relation to the September 23rd astrological alignment, and the US eclipse of August 2017.  But this is not the end of the world as some have claimed more like a energetic transformation.

The threat of the illuminate and New World Order is real, and something that humanity needs to resist.

Pope Francis aims to instigate a one world religion.

Some of these claims seem unbelievable in terms of conventional thinking, and we have always said that these claims are the opinion of the consciousness we are communicating with, but is there something to it? Well this is why we have made this documentary in order to get the opinions of a potential audience. What we can say with some conviction however is that communication with these beings has been something that has been with us for some time, as many members of our investigation team have had personal experience with these beings, through meditation, dreams and other forms of communication.

All these beings have asked of us, is that we share the experience of communicating with them and their message for humanity, that though our world is tyranny, there is so much love, and human beings are infinitely more brilliant and powerful than we ever could have realised, and if ever there was a time to tap into that power, that love, and that connection to the universe it is now.

The pictures attached to this article were taken from a recent Paranormal Investigation in South Wales, in a pub that has no connection to Extra terrestrial contact, in a 5th story window raised about 5 foot from the floor, the reflection seen in the window is not that of what was in the room, or the outside, but appears to show several figures, one of which appears very similar to that of an alien Grey.

Is this evidence of the Paranormal you decide, your feedback is very welcome to our ongoing research and if this article/video resonates with you then please do share with your friends who would enjoy it.

About  the Author: Paranormal Now is an investigation team based in South Wales, headed by long term investigator and Medium Richard Oliver, along with Medium and development coach Jared Walters, Sam Pritchard Spiritual healer and Martin Mildon, ITC specialist and developing medium, amongst others. Paranormal Now is dedicated to research and understanding all aspects of the spiritual and Paranormal, along with being a free port of call for those having Paranormal experiences in their home. Check out our youtube channel at and website at You can also like us on Facebook at



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