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Weaponized Hive Minds

By on July 15, 2018 in Exiting The Matrix

by Mike Diaz,
Contributing Writer,

Have you heard that your mind is more powerful than you give it credit? It is true. Your mind literally has the power to manifest stuff into your life like people, jobs, scenarios, and objects. Imagine what can be accomplished with a hive mind (aka hive mentality) or HM for short. A Hive Mind is a collective of people that power a source by supporting a specific energy or frequency through their own free will and attention. Hive minds are everywhere, especially with the prevalence of mobile technology. HMs can influence your behavior and thoughts, drain your energy, cause anxiety, panic, overwhelm your emotional system, and basically pull you off your life path. I know, it sounds crazy, let’s review.

If you haven’t noticed by now, let me say most of the world is trying to sell you something, mostly lies. They say you need a, b, c in order to achieve x, y, and z. You ever notice that almost everything for sale is a shortcut for something in life. Don’t buy shortcuts. Hives sell you a vibration, frequency, image, or doctrine. You end up losing your personal power and become engrossed in the hive mentality or vibe. Hive Minds are a vibration or frequency powered by a collective of people through their free will and attention. I’ll talk more about that later in the article. Hive members typically share common characteristics like attitudes or opinions that reinforce hive norms and behaviors. Bees are the perfect example of those that belong to a hive. Bees have certain objectives like collect food, supplies, and protect the queen and hive. Bees share the same objective, vibe, and mentality for their hive. They act as one, operate as one, and will self-sacrifice for the sake of the hive. Again, HMs can make you do crazy stuff. Lately I have seen more Weaponized Hive Minds (WHM). Hives become weaponized when they operate in low vibration activity in the name of high vibration objectives, for example, treating a human being poorly or bullying them because they do not fit societal norms. WHMs justify poor treatment towards a human in order to fulfill the objective of the hive. WHM energy often contradicts our own person values upon self-reflection. Go within for your answers and clear that which does not serve you.

To avoid giving up your free will to a hive you must know your self. Know and understand what you are doing with your energy and attention moment to moment. Mindfulness is our best weapon against giving up our power. Massive amounts of human energy are gobbled up by electronics and artificial intelligence (AI) through electronics. How and why? Control, confusion, and conflama (conflict and drama) keep people of the world programmed, divided and distracted. Free Will has a lot to do with it. Free Will is about your choice of what exists in your reality. Your field of awareness permits a lot to exist. You only need to be made aware of evil. Movies and TV shows are an example of free will abuse. If you use your awareness to watch a show about cannibalism, horror or gore, you are allowing your energy, awareness, and free will to energize these concepts. Entertainment is one of the ways mass consciousness is used to keep negativity alive. What, don’t remember reading that in the Terms and Conditions?

It may seem far-fetched, but I stand by the old adage “energy flows where your attention goes.” Did you ever notice how you feel drained after certain activities, movies, electronics and certain apps? HMs can be used for good, for example, meditation groups that concentrate on world peace or yoga communities. Other HMs exists like Beyoncé Knowles’ “Bey hive.” Beyoncé’s followers are known for attacking folks that wrong Yoncé in any way. Sports fans are another example of hive minds. Politics, religions, musical artists, celebrities, and even localities can have hive mentalities. That is why it is important to know who you are as a person. Be authentic, kind, empathic and live with enthusiasm and intention while operating at the highest vibration possible. Protect your energy. Live by a set of personal beliefs and values. Periods of self-reflection are helpful and a time to take self-inventory of what occupies your attention and energy.

Hive mentalities began to run amok when the world was introduced to the Television and later expanded with the Internet. TV had such a profound impact on us because suddenly we were able to see how other people live. Human living was demonstrated on the TV and this gave people visual impressions. Suddenly TV owners were being fed “programs” with new information. Creepy right? It is easy to fall prey to a hive mentality, but what exactly is a hive mentality? Hive Minds have a specific vibration. This vibration infiltrates the energetic body and influences actions. A great example is when you drink alcohol and act crazy. That is not the booze. Alcohol actually depresses the central nervous system and lowers your vibration, which opens up your chakra system to the lower realms. That’s why they call alcohol “spirits”. Skip the booze if you can. If you enjoy drinking, make sure you drink in places that are familiar and feel safe.

The human body is an open energy system, which means your energy system interacts with the world around you freely and openly like a giant antennae. The human body is a bioengineered machine with an advanced navigation system. The navigation system works through your FEELINGS, not your THOUGHTS. Thoughts and feelings are two very different things. Thoughts are just thoughts. Filter your thoughts; do not accept them as yours at first. Analyze and criticize the thought when it appears. This takes practice. Allow yourself to let go of thoughts. Feelings are where the gold is in life. Follow the yellow brick road to your feelings. Feelings are your intuition in full effect. You connect with feelings through your awareness.

The body’s normal state is calm and unreactive. Neutral. External stimuli from your world can cause the body to feel and sense frequencies and vibrations. That is why it is important to remain mindful and present in each moment in time. The best example of the body’s navigation system at work is when you meet someone for the first time but get a bad feeling. Ever happen to you? Did you ever wonder why you had that bad feeling? It was your internal navigation system! Our bodies help us navigate the world by detecting risks and obstacles long before the eyes or mind. The higher self is on 24/7/365 duty to keep us out of harm’s way. Your higher self and/or guides send you messages or signals in your reality, which need to be interpreted by you. We often do not receive the message because we are too stressed out, closed off, confused, disconnected, distracted, emotionally overwhelmed, or burned out. It is important to keep yourself grounded. Know yourself. Keep a journal. If you stand for nothing then you will fall for everything out there.

Hives use energy from the collective consciousness provided by your attention to fuel itself to remain alive. To me, it looks like it’s own energy system that is a soul suck. The Hive extracts soul energy from you to fuel its objective. A provocative but good example of WHM programming can be demonstrated with mentioning Donald Trump. The name brings out much animosity in people. It’s a great example because a single trigger causes strong, almost irrational emotional responses. If you pay attention closely, you can almost see the vibration in their actions or behavior. Common characteristics of weaponized hives include: low vibration, cyclical negative thoughts or actions, and may even manifest in your physical appearance, for example trying to look like a Kardashian. No joke. The Kardashians are not evil, but they gobble up a lot of consciousness through their work. Think of all those silicone lips that would’ve never happened if it weren’t for them. I mean no offense to anyone, but the idea came from somewhere, right? Try to practice being true to your inner self and to your heart. Cultivate a relationship within.

Your free will and awareness are two powerful tools that are often taken advantage of by the negative. There are many entities, agendas, and evils out there that want your energy and attention for a reason. Do not give your awareness so freely. To prevent manipulations you must know yourself. If you are caught in a hive, disconnect from everything you think you know and go within to heal. Give yourself time and space. Healing does not happen overnight. If you see negativity in the world, send it love and white light for transmutation. Ask you spirit guides for guidance, assistance, and wisdom throughout the day. You can help the collective consciousness by cleaning up your awareness and thoughts. Ward off negativity by not allowing it in your existence. My awareness of WHMs helped me develop a deeper sense and understanding of Free Will. The world before you is what you consent to unless you inform the Universe otherwise. Free Will has a caveat. As long as you’re aware of something (good or evil) you will it into existence. It will continue to survive until you clean up your awareness.

In life, everything is energy. Thoughts are energy. Actions create energy. Do not look at people and judge their actions. When you are in judgment, you are out of love. Aim to understand people and their motivations. Feel their vibration. Attempt to learn empathy and try to understand others. Spread love wherever you go. Transmute negativity with love and the power of your intention. Heal your woes with love. Our soul is housed in the human body, which is an open energy system. Use this knowledge to your advantage. Protect your body and your energy system. Participate in activities that give you life, not exhaust you and your spirit. Learn to discern the information and illusion before you. Try not to use your eyes all of the time, rely on and develop your other senses. Disconnect from your electronics, go within often, and journal regularly with pen and paper. Review the music you’re listening or exposed to, which also carries a vibration. Start to discern the world around you. You will begin to see hives, traps, and lies in every direction. Do not buy into it. Reclaim your energy. Reclaim your power. Fuel your life with love through mindful-awareness.

Humbly serving the collective,

Mike Diaz

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