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What Does Intuitive Mean?

By on October 7, 2015 in Spiritual Awakening
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What Does Intuitive Mean?

by Estee Taschereau

What does intuitive mean? It used to be seen as the fortune reader in a tent at the carnival, set in a mystical atmosphere. Many tools were used to used to bring those intuitive insights into awareness, ranging from tarot and crystal balls to clairvoyant or psychic readings.

Thirty years ago we experienced a shift in our use of the word intuition. Greater emphasis was placed on our own abilities, though limitations still existed. Women were thought to have the intuitive or gut level feelings, but little credibility was placed on their insights. Men were not given such an illogical outlet, but those same abilities could be woven in to business savvy or the ability to create ingenious inventions.

Still the question remains. What is intuition? How can we describe with any exact meaning such an esoteric concept? The dictionary tells us that intuition is beyond our conscious thought. This answer doesn’t tell us much at all. A better way to describe intuition might be awareness without evidence, or the ability to see or feel without actually being a part of an event.

Intuition by itself has little value. In order to gain from our intuitive insights we have to assign some meaning to those perceptions. The challenge begins at this point. How do we interpret our visions? How do we give meaning to what we see? This question has carried forward since the beginning of time.

Philosophers have invested entire lifetimes to interpret the meaning of everything in life since the beginning of time. This seems to be the most noble of professions, for we are seekers, finding great satisfaction in finding understanding.

Intuition is still not always accepted, and it is difficult to measure. We have signs, seeing something hidden within our visual perceptions. Our advancements in science has shown us that what we see is only a sliver of what exists. There is a world contained in something as simple as a drop of water, yet our perception of water is usually confined to that quenching drink or the waves crashing onto the shore.

The intuitive meaning of any of our life experiences is a combination of both event and interpretation. Much of our intuitive awareness is internal, and often overlooked in our awareness. There are times when intuitive perceptions are taken global, shared with the world around us. Those insights give more credibility to intuitive meaning. Regardless of its form or scope, there is one common result, and that is the expansion of our thought and awareness.


About the author: Of the many philosophies in the world today, how do you find what is the right direction? Many tools exist to help us gather and weave our own personal knowledge and wisdom, ranging from individual intuitive sessions to classes and books. There are many directions we can take, and every step can contain intuitive meaning. For more articles on spirituality and direction visit

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