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What If We Had Cities Of Light?

By on December 1, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening

What If We Had Cities Of Light?

by Rainbow Ra,
Guest Writer In5D.com

But what am I? 

An infant crying in the night: 

An infant crying for the light: 

And with no language but a cry. 

Tennyson/In Memoriam 

Would we notice an appreciable difference in our lives if we could access cities of light? How could we acquire these for our world? 

Our City of Light 

On December 3, 2012 at 6:00 a.m., my husband interrupted my morning meditations. As it is an unwritten rule that we not disturb one another during our meditations, I thought it must be important. He beckoned me to the kitchen window. Southeast of our home was an astonishing cluster of lights, at or slightly above ground level, where no lights had been before. It was large enough for a small city! I recall being able to distinguish individual lights. There was a tremendous glow surrounding the area from a mixture of warm and cool white lights. We glanced out the window periodically as we got ready for work. Forty-five minutes after we first observed it, not a light shone from the site. Only the occasional, years-old, yard lights of the countryside lit up the dark. 

We puzzled what it could be. It seemed too large to be a group of farmers working their fields. We didn’t think a new wind turbine site was there either. Time has shown that it was neither of these. We haven’t witnessed anything of this nature since then. 


I did many internet searches and found a plausible explanation. Genii Townsend wrote the book, Something’s Coming. She has had contact with an etheric city of light over Sedona. The Sedona city of light is one of fourteen throughout the earth. Mrs. Townsend describes them as “universal cities of light, love and healing.” These can heal us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. After I read Something’s Coming, I developed a high degree of hope that these cities would begin revealing themselves quite soon as our world is in sore need of healing.

Another source, GOF Planetary City of Light Project believes there is a group of more than forty cities rather than just fourteen. Their website speaks of a process to birth further cities of light. Each may have sister cities in countries around the world as well as in various star systems.

Yet a third resource, Star Soundings, lists twenty-two cities to “be filled with hope, love, peace and acceptance for all peoples”. Sarasota, Florida, the home base of In5D is included in this group. All three sources have noted cities of light for not only healing and worldwide peace, but also featuring art, music, teaching and alternative healing.

Another View

Nearly three years after we were granted the gift of seeing our city of light, another member of our family was given a view. One morning, our son mentioned the beautiful lights that fascinated him during the night. He described red and purple lights and a great brilliance of light above our home. He thought it was from our Christmas lights. We had no exterior holiday lights hung yet!

Our Future

As none of the lists I’ve seen mention our area as a city of light location, I’d like to think that they could literally be anywhere that has high vibrations. Additionally, I wonder if the initial city we viewed has since grown and expanded.

I’ve pondered, what can we do to hasten this marvel, this literal heaven on earth, New Jerusalem? How can we manifest such tremendous opportunity to bring us more fully into the fifth dimensional experience? If we try with 3-D methods, we may feel as if we are “an infant crying for the light”, “with no language but a cry.” Genii Townsend tells us, “The Imagination is the pathway to the Christ Consciousness.” Could we use our imagination to bring public access and disclosure of the cities of light?

According to Gregg Braden, if we purposely induce the feeling of having acquired a certain desire, it is more likely to appear. Could we feel how we might feel as if we already had them? Let us imagine, feel in our hearts and shine our lights. “Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid.” (Matthew 5:14) Bring it on!


About the author: Rainbow Ra is a Mystic removing the veil separating us from true reality, thread by thread, one question at a time!

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