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3 Key Things To Avoid During Ascension

By on September 13, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

3 Key Things To Avoid During Ascension

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by Kelly Ashley,
Contributing Writer,

If there is one thing that is definitely lacking in the content I see on spiritual awakening, it’s what to avoid. I’ve seen people transform their entire awakening simply by implementing the strategies of avoiding things that are DETRIMENTAL to your awakening experience.


Unfortunately, it is little known information, and there is truly nothing I’ve found that can improve the experience of your awakening as much as I’ve found avoiding these key things can. How do I know? Because I learned the HARD way. I don’t want you to go through that, because it’s totally unnecessary, so I hope that this article will explain all that you need to know.

You see, when I went through my emergence (a spiritual awakening that hits crisis level) I had such a desire to keep moving through, that I began healing myself ALL THE TIME. I’m an intuitive healer, so I would spend large parts of the day healing whatever emotional triggers had come up. This meant I spent a lot of time doing energy work, reflecting on my feelings and being in altered psychic states. Then in the evenings I would either do more healing on myself or I would go into meditative states leading to spiritual visions or astral travel that sometimes spanned over two hours. But things were continuing to get worse. I was healing more than I ever had, but the emotions just kept coming up so thick and fast and overwhelmingly that I couldn’t get a handle on it at all. It was completely out of control. This made me want to spend more time in vision communicating with my guides, asking for more information, and begging to be led in the right direction. I used crystals and oils and incense to ground me, but they either overpowered me or did nothing at all!

The emotional triggering had already taken up my whole day, now it was seeping into night mares or nightly anxiety which stopped me from sleeping. To top it off, I was beginning to have psychic sensations in inappropriate situations. For example, I’d go for a massage to chill out and realize that someone was talking to me. Or if I tried to ignore spiritual contact, I’d begin to see faces emerge during social situations or hear chatter in my head. Now, nightly I’d be awoken by spirit talking to me, or I’d toss and turn seeing symbols I didn’t understand or sensing presences in my bedroom. It was just too much. I was completely and utterly exhausted (and kinda terrified) in every sense of the word.

I realize now that I was unintentionally ungrounding myself. Doing energy healing work was super charging my energy and opening me up even more – so more powerful emotion from deeper recesses was being purged to the surface at an even greater speed. Without grounding in place to level it out, it all kind of spilled up to the top in one big soupy mess. I didn’t know where to start. Being in a meditative state for long periods of time was actually ENCOURAGING the kundalini up my spine even faster. So it would hit against more blocks, which raised more emotional issues, which needed more healing, which ungrounded me further… and so the cycle continued until spirit broke me out of it.

Much like prevention is better than cure, one of my top grounding recommendations would actually be to prevent ungrounding, rather than cure it later. We are so incredibly charged with energy that it can take quite some time for us to ‘come back down’.

The moral of the story is, don’t do things that are going to: 
• Charge your energy
• Stimulate your kundalini
• Or alter your energetic or psychic state


3 Key Things To Avoid During Ascension

Those are the 3 rules – and to be honest, they may not apply to absolutely everyone here. There may be those of you who can actually use crystals or oils or meditation without becoming too ungrounded, but given that most of us here are in a very delicate state similar to what I was, I say avoid it, at least for now. When you find yourself more grounded, you can carefully test and investigate to see how your energy responds.

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With that in mind, let’s take a look at what to avoid for now (and why).

  • Energy healing – whether you are giving or receiving any form of energy healing, it generally opens you up (both emotionally AND energetically). Avoid intuitive healing, energy healing or modalities and alternative methods (if you have to use anything at all, EFT Tapping is a good choice – don’t worry, I’ll be covering more on EFT later). Doing energy healing at these first two stages will charge your energy, which will open you up further, which will intensify the emotional triggering. The emotions will get WORSE. We want slow and steady, so this is not a good idea.
  • Spiritual practices – Spiritual practices also tend to charge our energies. Many are very energetically stimulating (even if they feel calming to your body) and a lot of spiritual practices actually ENCOURAGE Kundalini to rise up the spine. This includes things like meditation, yoga, mediumship, intuitive training or purposely instigating astral travel. Be careful too, many well-meaning practitioners or teachers will tell you that they know you will be fine, or that their method is safe. Tread carefully and take responsibility for your own well being. If they haven’t been through it, they likely won’t realize how incredibly sensitive and explosive our energies can be and could unintentionally make it worse.
  • Things that alter your psychic or energetic state – Be careful with the likes of incense, essential oils and crystals. These are all wonderful and enjoyable things that I still enjoy now, but many of them (even designed for the purpose of grounding) can be ungrounding. You might also find due to your energetic sensitivity that many items with strong energetic resonance can leave you with a sort of imprint or weird vibe that can be hard to clear.

Please note that I am not advocating that you never use these things ever – just don’t use them for the purpose of grounding. During days or times when you know you are steady and grounded, you can test them out and see how you feel.

So, to sum up: things that charge your energy, stimulate your kundalini or alter your energetic or psychic state will make your spiritual awakening signs or symptoms worse.

Once in that seriously ungrounded state, there is nothing that can ground you as fully as simply avoiding these triggers in the first place. Prevention is definitely better than cure!

For more guidance like this to help you fully ground yourself and tackle the most challenging signs and symptoms of awakening, check out our FREE course in the bio below.

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