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4 Important Tools For Navigating Everyday Life

By on March 20, 2018 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments
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by Olivia Weil,
Contributing Writer,

“We are not Human Beings having a Spiritual experience.  We are Spiritual Beings having a Human experience.”


We are not here to be perfect enlightened beings, we are here to experience.

Fear, grief, pain, loss. Happiness, joy, confidence, strength. Fear, sadness, insecurity, suffering. Courage, passion, expression, love. The ebbs and flows of emotions we witness day to day (or even moment to moment)–as spiritual beings having this human experience–can feel overwhelming, and too much to bear at times. Fortunately, there are tools in our spiritual tool kits that can help us to realign and recalibrate any time we are in a state of being we don’t prefer.

Using this four step process, we can come back to the present moment, the Eternal Now–the only moment we really ever have. Last blog post, we talked about three superpowers we have (1) the breath (2) intention and (3) intuition. These are core personal powers we can use daily. Employing these tools, along with the four-step process, can help to alleviate stress or emotional burdens we encounter throughout daily life.

4 Important Tools For Navigating Everyday Life

So what are they?

The four-step process I’ve created for Walking the Beauty Way is to (1) surrender (2) ask for help (3) trust the universe and (4) choose love. I use this four-step process any time I am feeling out of alignment with my true nature or experiencing a state of Being which I don’t prefer, such as fear, frustration, sadness, insecurity, or the like. My intention and hope by sharing these tools is that you too may utilize this same four-step process any time you are feeling overwhelmed or overburdened as well.

1. Surrender

The term “surrender” gets somewhat of a bad rap because some tend to associate a negative connotation with the word. All surrender really means here is to accept or become aware. What we resist, persists, and so surrendering and accepting in the moment can be a helpful practice and is the first step in the four-step process of Walking the Beauty Way.

In applying this first step of Surrendering, we can use tools such as detachment, non-attachment, observation and witnessing. What I mean by this is to accept what is happening, bringing the experiencing into your awareness and shedding light on what is coming up for you in the moment. You can also explore the “why”, but too much exploration of “why is this happening to me?” or “I thought I already processed this issue” or “this isn’t fair” or what have you, simply perpetuates the state of being that you don’t prefer, because your continued attention to that state only draws more of that like-energy back towards you. (So that can be an unhelpful and sometimes vicious cycle).

After bringing these feelings and the situation into your awareness, consciously choose to surrender and accept what is happening for you in that moment. Honoring the underlying wound, and witnessing yourself in non-judgment as you explore the theme that is revealing itself to you can also be helpful. In this stage of surrender, the keys to applying this practice are detachment, non-attachment, and observation.

In other words, to effectively apply this stage of Surrendering, Be the Witness. Detach (as much as possible) from the feelings you are feeling, then stay in Observer consciousness witnessing what is coming up for you and what is happening around you. So much like you are detached when you notice it is raining outside, apply the same thinking when feelings you don’t prefer arise for you. Detach from them, stay in this place of non-attachment, and merely notice and witness what is going on.

And so that’s the first step: Surrender.

1. Ask for Help

The second step is to ask for help. And by this I mean asking for help from the Universe, Spirit, your guides, angels, your higher Self–it doesn’t really matter what label you place on these guides, but for now we’ll say the Universe or your higher Self. Nevertheless, you must (I repeat, must) affirmatively ask. This is because the Universal Law of Free Will will never be broken. So without asking, we cannot receive help.

Many people who come to me have unconscious blocks related to receiving. This is a common theme and one prevalent in the collective unconscious. For one reason or another, some of our conditioning–whether that be feelings of unworthiness, competition, pride, confidence or whatever else–prevents us from mustering up the courage to ask and to stand in truth, saying what needs to be said when it needs to be said.

Asking for help can be a simple call to action through the use of affirmation and intention. By affirmatively sending your call for help out to the Universe, you are placing an order on the menu of the universe, much like you were in a restaurant placing your food order with a waiter. Opening up a dialogue with the Universe or your higher self is one of the most efficient and harmonizing ways to set things in to motion.

By way of example, if you are in a state of being which you don’t prefer, after you surrender and put the first stage into practice, place your order on the menu of the Universe. You can say to the Universe or your Higher Self:

“Dear Universe, these feelings of [insert feelings, i.e. fear and insecurity], are overwhelming and too much for me to bear right now. Thank you for your help in shedding what no longer serves me, in releasing and renewing, and in mulching these negative emotions that are too heavy and too burdensome for me to process myself. Knowing that the Law of Free Will will not be broken, I affirmatively am setting my intention to receive help from you now. Thank you for your guidance.”

That’s one example, but it doesn’t have to be something that complicated. You can simply ask for help and say it in whatever terms you feel most comfortable. There’s really not a wrong way to do it. The important parts are that you ask, and that the ask is affirmative and in present tense.

1. Trust the Universe

After Surrendering first and Asking for Help second, the third step is to trust in the Universe.

This is probably the simplistic step logistically and yet one of the hardest in terms of actually applying.

Once you place your order on the menu of the Universe, trust yourself and trust in the Universe. Some people find it helpful when I give them this example:

When ordering something online like at an online retail shop for example, you place your order and you receive an email confirmation. After receiving an email confirmation (but before you receive your items), do you go to the mailbox every single minute of the day for days on end until it arrives? No. Once you receive the email confirmation after placing your order, you go about your day and you do other things, and when a thought arises such as “my order hasn’t come yet,” you remind yourself you received the email order confirmation and you have a deep knowing within yourself that in a day or two, your items are arriving.

The same holds true when you place your personal order on the menu of the Universe. Once you do, sit back, breathe, trust yourself and trust in the Universe, and allow yourself to receive. Questioning yourself–or allowing lower vibrations such as doubts, questions, etc. to arise–only creates more blocks to receiving the order the Universe is working so hard to fulfill on your behalf.

1. Choose Love

So in any given situation, you’ve now surrendered, asked for help, trusted in the universe and placed your order, and now you can choose love. This is the fourth and final step.

When we are in a state of being we don’t prefer, we can use that state of being, to change the channel so to speak–to change our vibration and our frequency–back to a state of being which we do prefer. Love and gratitude are the easiest vehicles through which we can do this.

When we choose love, we are returning to our true eternal nature, and we are consciously making the choice to realign with a higher frequency. Love and gratitude are amongst the highest vibrations there are, and so when we choose to return to love and see beauty in the things around us, we step into the infinite flow of the universe where all things we do prefer — love, harmony, bliss, happiness, abundance, prosperity — are more readily and easily available to us.

We can choose love in a number of ways, such as connecting with nature, refocusing on the breath, going out and following our highest passion, by doing something we really love to do. Perhaps this is a yoga class, spending time with a friend we love seeing, calling someone who makes us feel good, reading a book we love, etc. Essentially, we choose love by following that formula we chatted about in an earlier blog post: by following our highest passion, to the best of our ability. When we follow our bliss, amazing things become possible. We then begin to vibrate at our true unique energy signature, synchronicities become more available to us, and all good things more readily flow to and through us.

Choosing love can help us realign and renew more quickly than we know. And at that point, we can breath even deeper, trusting that the order we placed on the menu of the universe is being fulfilled.

In munay,


About the author: Olivia Weil plays the roles of a NY lawyer turned shamanic energy medicine practitioner, soul alchemy coach, plant-based nutritionist, and writer. She holds post-graduate certification from Cornell University in plant-based nutrition and was trained traditionally by the Four Winds Society and shamans of the old–the indigenous medicine peoples of the high Andes. She has an international healing practice which combines ancient wisdom with modern science. To connect with her, she can be reached at

Image: Pixabay

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