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5 Easy Tips To Reduce Negativity On Your Facebook Feed

By on October 29, 2016 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

5 Easy Tips To Reduce Negativity On Your Facebook Feed

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by Andrea Schulman,
Contributing Writer,

Would you like to reduce negativity on your Facebook feed so you can scroll in peace?


If you are trying to raise your vibration, you may have noticed that your Facebook feed can be a real landmine.

It usually happens like this: You’re having a great day, but then in a moment of boredom you open up your feed on your phone or computer and you start scrolling through.

BAM! Something pisses you off, hurts your feelings or sends you into some other kind of vibrational tailspin. Perhaps it’s an annoying rant, a graphic image or an opinion that violates your morals and values.

I’ve squandered many a good mood on Facebook over the years this way. After all, it’s hard to stay happy when you are inundated with negativity.

For this reason, a few years back, I decided that cleaning up my Facebook feed was a good idea. It became my mission to reduce negativity and amplify positivity while scrolling.

Rather than going about the traditional way of just deleting people and hoping for the best (which is often ineffective at making a significant shift in the quality of one’s feed), I’ve been doing some different things that have been working well for me.


Thanks to the Law of Attraction, today I’ve managed to work out a pretty nice Facebook feed for myself that is generally very enjoyable to scroll through. Sure, some negative posts still pop up once in awhile, however the positive posts now WAY outweigh the negative ones.

5 Easy Tips To Reduce Negativity On Your Facebook Feed

Here’s what I’ve done to reduce negativity on my Facebook feed. Try it out for yourself and see how it works!

1. Ignore the trolls.

Hopefully, if you are already a student of the Law of Attraction, you realize already that getting into debates with hostile people on Facebook isn’t helping you at all.

What we give our attention to expands in our reality. So, if someone in your feed throws down the rope to provoke you, avoid picking it up. Getting into a tug of war with someone on Facebook guarantees that more trolls will be there to annoy you in the future.

Let it go. If someone wants to be ignorant, rude or hostile, that’s their choice. The only control you have in a situation like this is how you react, so react as if it’s a non-issue, and it will become one.

Remember, trolls only hang around where they know they can get into a fight. If you’ve made the decision to rise above, they will float right out of your existence.

2. Customize your preferences regularly.

Facebook has changed a lot over the years, and one of my FAVORITE changes has been your ability to customize what you view in your feed.

Have a Facebook friend you don’t want to “unfriend” but who posts a bunch of negative and annoying crap on her feed? “Unfollow” her. You’ll stay friends, but you’ll no longer be dragged down by her posts.

Keep seeing ads for something that bothers or offends you? Use the “Hide Ad” feature by clicking at the top right of the post in your feed. If the page sponsoring the adds truly unnerves you, take it one step further and on the next screen and select “Hide all ads from _____.”

See an upsetting image or article a friend posts? Do the same thing as above, but this time select “Hide Post.”

Over time, these simple features have eliminated a vast amount of annoying, depressing and infuriating posts from my feed. Facebook wants to keep you on Facebook as much as possible, so it will tailor your feed based on the preferences you express. Take advantage of this!

3. Follow pages and people who regularly post positive feedback.

In addition to eliminating the negative clutter, it’s also a great idea to AMPLIFY the positive posts on your feed.

Follow people and pages who regularly post positive and uplifting things. The more you pay attention to positive posts, the more of them will show up. Jump start the process by adding a few more positive follows to the mix.

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Of course, my goal is to post only positive content on Raise Your Vibration Today, so feel free to follow me!

If you really find a page or person inspiring, use the “follow first” option to ensure you see what they are posting as soon as you log in. Below is an infographic to help you with this option.

5 Easy Tips To Reduce Negativity On Your Facebook Feed

4. Scroll past negative posts without attending to them.

Now, you can do all of this and still see a negative post here or there, and that’s ok! A few upsetting posts here or there won’t drag you down when the majority of your feed is positive.

However, when something negative pops up, do yourself a favor and just. scroll. past.

If you read the first few words and you get a knot in your stomach, move on. If you come across an image that is violent or disturbing, move on. There’s no sense on clicking on it, reading through it, or discussing it with other people. Just move on.

Avoid dwelling on posts that aggravate your nerves. Again, what you attend to expands with the Law of Attraction. Dwell only on what makes you feel good.


5. Practice what you preach.

Lastly, and more importantly, is to make sure that your posts are just as positive as the posts you want to see on Facebook.

Be kind, use positive language, and stick to topics you feel good about. Feeling angry? Probably not a good time to post. Feeling good? Knock yourself out!

I hope you’ve enjoyed these 5 tips to reduce negativity on your Facebook feed. Of course, if you have any other suggestions, chime in below in the comments and let me know!

XO, Andrea

(Law of Attraction coach & educator)

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About the author:
Andrea Schulman is a former high school psychology teacher and the creator of Raise Your Vibration Today, which provides free and easy Law of Attraction techniques. She will be available for group educational seminars and webinars starting in the summer of 2015.

Image: Pixabay

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