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5 Ways To Fuel Your Ascension

By on May 24, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening with 0 Comments

5 Ways To Fuel Your Ascension

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by Autumn Shelley,
Contributing Writer,

The fastest way to light up your Ascension path is to understand, accept and embrace a few ideas about Truth.


5 Ways To Fuel Your Ascension

1. It’s not a Destination

As we wake up, we begin to realize that everyone is on a path. Just as there are many ways to reach a destination, there is a multitude of roads leading to Truth. It doesn’t mean someone else is wrong, it doesn’t mean they are ‘lost’. It does mean they took a different route to get here. As we move closer to our collective Truth, we begin to recognize that it is comprised of innumerable individual Truths.

2. Truth is Ever-Changing

Merriam-Webster defines Truth as a “transcendent or fundamental spiritual reality”. This does not mean it is static or rigid. In fact, quite the opposite. In its purest form, many would argue that Truth is in fact, fluid and ever-changing. Once we accept that any Truth can have various forms and multiple meanings, we begin to understand the nature of what is happening to us collectively. Concepts like “We are One”, “I AM”, “Love/Light”, yes, even “I am Groot” are all different ways of saying the same thing. If one resonates more than another, embrace it for what it is, your truth.

3. Resonance

Many individuals waking up right now come from cultural backgrounds that indoctrinated them with a distinct fear of resonance. The phrase “if it feels good, do it” was twisted out of context to serve as a warning of immorality and unworthiness. However, in order to change our thinking, sometimes we have to change our definitions. Resonance is nothing more than Intuition. Many of us can recall times when we ‘just knew’ or wished we had ‘listened to our gut’. Intuition (resonance) is the soul’s way of communicating with our mind/body complex. It’s a cosmic billboard that points us in the direction we are intended to go.

4. Truth and Intuition

Truth and Intuition are closely aligned. When we think of Intuition as our soul’s way of guiding us, our Truth emerges as a natural progression. We realize our passions, follow our purpose and move into our Ascension. We find ourselves in an incredible bio-feedback loop of love and bliss that enlightens the very path we travel.


5. Know Your Truth

In its various forms, Truth can be simple or complex, profound or delightfully transparent, but it will always resonate. Coming to know your own Truth is the catalyst that fuels the Ascension experience. It is the vibration of love that is our birthright. Once we are able to recognize and embrace our Truth, we prepare room for the Soul and physical body to merge.

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When we seek Resonance and allow Intuition to be our guide, Truth sparks from within the Light body, from within the individual. This divine spark, Soul, fuels our Ascension and makes way for the next evolutionary leap of human consciousness.


About the author: Autumn Shelley is blessed with a gypsy spirit and a seeker’s soul. Her quest for Truth has led her to amazing people and incredible insights. After navigating her own Awakening in 2012, she’s committed to helping bring other Light Warriors into their Purpose. The time for sleep is over. The Shift has begun. Connect with her on the blog: 1Truth1Love1Light at, Facebook and Twitter @autumnshelley

Image: Pixabay

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