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A Spiritual Reset

By on August 2, 2017 in Spiritual Awakening
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A Spiritual Reset

by Robert Stewart
Contributing Writer,

Our most recent article (A History of Our Universe) presented an amazing, higher dimensional view of our universal narrative, as heard through a channeling of the Sirian Elders group consciousness. The last beat of their message was, “We bring forth these ancient stories because it will be easier for you to understand your process of ascension as humanity raises its frequency, as it has done many times before in prior spirals of time. Understand that while knowledge does not always become wisdom, you cannot achieve wisdom without knowledge.”


Wisdom and knowledge. Perhaps, the two elements that, in tandem, make it possible to become aware of our multi-dimensional selves. But even as we work through the process of ascension, those wishing to remain locked in the control of 3-D dualities fight for their own survival. There is nothing new here. The numbing, daily bombardment of news from the “War on Terror” can make us oblivious to the fact that blood has been shed in the name of religion on this world for thousands of years.

Going back as far as Akhenaten, an Egyptian pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty, who attempted to abandon traditional worship of the Egyptian gods in favor of a monotheism centered on the Aten, “a solar deity above mere gods.” Upon Akhenaten’s death, or murder, in 1336 B.C. the Egyptian priests virtually wiped their pharaoh’s name from the historical records. His monuments were dismantled and hidden, his statues were destroyed and his name was eliminated from the king’s lists… completely lost to history until the discovery of his lost city at Amarna in the late 19th century, followed by the excavation of his tomb in 1907.

The incessant holy wars, crusades and persecutions from before the time of the Christ, on through the Middle Ages, and into the present are far too numerous and painful to recall. However, they were all brought into focus by a surprising message that served as a powerful postscript to the Sirian Elders universal lesson mentioned above. A message delivered from the highest realm, given in the spirit of complete unconditional love. As always, use your discernment and try to sense if the information in the words resonate for you or jar your cosmic memory.

“I am Sananda. You have known me by many names and in many physical forms throughout the spirals of time, on this consciousness known as Earth. My appearance on your world has hastened the acceleration of many ages of man, and on many occasions has raised the frequency of humanity. Yet, my message has often been diluted, forgotten and even caused great destruction among my children because of the dualities of the third dimension.

My mission in every physical incarnation is to serve as the Messenger of Light, to act as the direct conduit for the highest of universal energies from The Creator to every aspect of His experience. To the Sirians, I am Sananda, but on Atlantis, I was known as Horlet, The Master, the Sun of a Cycle, advanced beyond men. You have known me as Jesus, The Christed One, as Akhenaten, Gautama Buddha and Mohammed. The Hopi revere me as Maasaw, the Guardian of Earth. Yes, in every incarnation I have delivered the same message of love and light.

It is the duality of this 3D realm that has placed so many of you in a box…a box that separates you from your brothers and sisters and keeps you in fear. If for just a moment, you could climb out of your box, you would realize that all is of the One and that in fact, the boxes are an illusion that prevents you from seeing your truths. This is also expressed in the words of your famous Hindu saint, Sri Ramakrisha who said “I have found that it is the same God toward whom all are directing their steps, though along different paths”

The messages from the Sirian Elders have brought you the wonders of ancient knowledge and universal laws, so you may begin to remember. There is much more to your existence than you could have possibly imagined, and within the spirals of Earth time there are many opportunities for you to reconnect with the higher aspects of who you truly are. To comprehend this, you must release much of what your society has ingrained in your minds and understand that the light of The Creator connects all beings and all time throughout the universe.

For instance, Islam has been portrayed as a religion of war. Yet, in my incarnation as Mohammed my mission was to bring peace to the world. All men and women are blood brothers and sisters, whose love and respect can only flourish if that is how humans regard one another.

As well, in my incarnation as Jesus, it is said that I was crucified and died on the cross, only to be resurrected on the third day. Some of your historians have said that Jesus did not die, but recovered from his wounds and lived out the rest of his physical life in France and Britain with his wife, Mary Magdalene. Each being is free to choose the plot that resonates as their truth, but in a universe where an infinite number of timelines play out in the same now, would your belief either way change the message of love and light that was implanted? Does it really matter?

The Hopi believe the consciousness of your Mother Earth will soon ascend into a complete fifth dimensional consciousness – a Fifth World – and that Maasaw will return to guide them. This construct, a spiritual reset, is one in the same for all humans who wish it be so, but a physical return of Maasaw, Jesus or any other prophet is not necessary. It is simply a growing consciousness of unconditional love across your world that will initiate the transformation you seek… and when that moment arrives, Earth and her people will again glow in the pure light of the creator. I am Sananda. As it once was, so it shall be.”

Robert Stewart
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